Happy 4th of July from 4closureFraud.org


Happy 4th of July!!!



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  1. MeeshaLin says:

    Thank you Rob for sharing and thank you for all you do to help rid fraudulant banksters and those involved. I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I too lost my father, who, like yours served in the military and Vietnam. After he was honorably discharged he devoted his life to upholding the law as a police officer. At time of retirement, my father couldn’t imagine leaving the force. Other officers would joke with him asking when he was going to retire and my father would respond, “One day I’m not going to show up for work and that’s when you’ll know I’ve retired.” One awful day my dad didn’t show up, he suffered a heart attack and a piece of my heart would be forever gone. 2 years later I gave birth to my son, I sold my studio condo and moved to the Sacramento area so I could have a home for my son with his own room and backyard. Little did I know my home would later be stolen by the bank. My son who never met his grandfather knows so much about him from my stories, he said when he grows up he wants to be a Marine and fight for his country. He was almost 6 years old when he and I were standing on the sidewalk at 7am, our belongings stacked next to us staring at the home he grew up in. I knew the sheriff would be there soon and that was one less thing for my son to witness so we headed to a friends house for a place to stay. Ill never forget that morning, even though I explained it all to my son the best way I could. He couldn’t stop asking ‘why’. He’s now 10 and changed his mind about the military he wants to be a lawyer and fight to give back the stolen homes to their rightful owners.

  2. papergate says:

    Thanks for sharing with us your story Rob – it is indeed incredulous that our forefathers have fought and suffered and we with all our brilliance, education and technology cannot manage the lawlessness – however I think the tides are turning and your Dad will be proud of your fight on the soil he protected that bears the weight of your being and soul.

  3. Bill says:

    I also am a veteran, four years in the USAF. However, I have a different outlook on that status. I went in voluntarily, served my time, got paid every month and was mustered out honorably – case closed. I agree however, that if one was injured or suffered as a result of their service there should be some sort of compensation. I have always been a patriot – my home has three flag poles and I formerly had Old Glory up on the tall one in my back yard every day I was home. No more! Since November 8, 2008 I have not flown a flag at my house. Nor will I fly one again until we have a genuine American president! I find it disgusting that the “patriots” in Egypt had the balls to demonstrate with such vigor that the loyal military arose and disposed the universally hated regime and at the same time here in America we are being raped repeatedly and we may whimper a bit but resort to trying to convince the elected jerks that are the problem to come up with a “solution.” The mestizo that is sitting in the seat of the POTUS has successfully implemented a series of measures to destroy America as it existed prior to ’08 and is continuing to do so. By the end of his tenure in 2016, there will be no liberty for our citizens and no constitutional rights left for our benefit. Thank God I’m old and at the end of my existence – I pity those under 40 years of age – they’ll suffer like no other Americans ever have!

  4. Rob Harrington says:

    3rd annual Independence Day Reminder of “Lawful” Property Confiscation in America

    – Independence Day?

    Posted by Rob Harrington July 4, 2010 at 7:00am

    July 4th, 2010 —

    Today, I will remember my father who passed away so recently. He was a retired officer of the United States Air Force. A fervent defender of the Constitution and of fact and law, and an avid student of History, this highly decorated, honest man devoted his entire life to preserving our noble freedoms.

    Last Memorial day in Washington D.C., as my mother and I visited Arlington National Cemetary where he is to be buried with full military honors, 100,000′s of Vietnam veterans were also visting D.C. for “Rolling Thunder” to also pay their respects to fallen brothers and sisters of the Vietnam War. This was the same War my father earned a Bronze Star among many other decorations for valor and dedication while risking his own personal safety and life.

    It was that Sunday I picked out a book in his vast historical library to begin a read for the long, sad trip home back to Florida. Florida is where I have been fighting fraud and for property rights for several long, frustrating years. The book I chose was written about the Vietnam War entitled “The War of the Innocents,” by Charles Bracelen Flood. Published in 1970, Mr Flood foresaw the main reason WHY the South Vietnamese and the U.S. would EVENTUALLY LOSE the war against the Communist Viet Cong. The ex-Army, Harvard graduate keenly observed that the poor Vietnamese peasant farmers were CONSTANTLY having their PROPERTIES SEIZED ILLEGALLY BY A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT AND THEIR CORRUPT, WEALTHY BUSINESS PARTNERS.

    The constant harrassment, removal, and dislocation of the poor, peasant farmers and their families contributed greatly to the lack of support of their corrupt Saigon Government, and indeed the lack of responsibility of its own soldiers and citizens to fight effectively against the Communists.

    In 2010, even an 8 year old being removed from their home due to a questionable foreclosure could draw the same conclusion regarding a corrupt system that aids and abets illegal and fraudulent harrassment, removal and dislocation of too many families who’s unalienable rights are being denied. Today, I will remember the millions of Americans who were defrauded by the Banks and are now being removed from their homes by the very governments who were supposed to protect them. Their protections are DENIED almost daily by the very consumer laws that are NOT being enforced nor upheld.


    Tomorrow, I begin researching “Fraud on the Courts” on forged complaints and so-called “supporting” documents made by so-called “officers of the court” in yet another legal battle on a case already dismissed once before.

    Today, on the morning of the 4th of July, I will miss my father terribly. Today, I weep in utter despair as I write this message to whoever cares to read it. I sincerely question that his whole life was dedicated to being deceived by a collosal lie?

    On July 4th, 2010, this is NOT a happy day for me. Is this really Independence Day in foreclosureland?

    -Rob Harrington

    Co-Founder / National WAMU Homeowners Support Group


    • BobSublime says:

      Thank you, Rob. I honor your father.
      I miss my father too, after 26 years. And thanks for your efforts to expose the frauds now being perpetrated on homeowners by the banks and those legislators and judges who are paid off by them.

    • Fury says:

      rob, i honor your father for his service.
      i send my condolences.

      i honor you for your service in fighting the fraudclosure war, a war that has amassed
      millions of casualties.

  5. Betty Watkins says:

    The rental market is now a very tricky terrain. Fraudsters crawling all over the place. I was talking to a realtor yesterday to see if she could help me find a rental. We started talking and to my surprise, she was utterly unaware of the foreclosure crisis – clueless. The question I ask about a dozen times a day: What is going on?

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