Colorado Foreclosure Attorney Turned Whistle-Blower Alleges Fraudclosure Abuses


Colorado attorney turned whistle-blower alleges foreclosure abuses

An attorney turned whistle-blower at Colorado’s second-largest foreclosure law firm has detailed to state investigators a pattern of abuses that stretch beyond the scope of their investigation into alleged overbilling practices.

Susan Hendrick testified at a hearing Thursday that she told the state attorney general’s office about bill-padding she witnessed while a lawyer at Aronowitz & Mecklenburg in Denver, conduct that investigators say needlessly cost homeowners facing foreclosure millions of dollars. She then laid out a number of other alleged abuses she says happened.

The abuses ranged from the padding of attorney hours to allegations that the law firm destroyed evidence that prosecutors were seeking in their investigation into billing practices by foreclosure law firms, according to testimony in Denver District Court.

The hearing before District Judge R. Michael Mullins was to determine whether Hendrick, an associate at Aronowitz since 2007, was a special counsel to the firm in its efforts to clean up the problems she exposed.

Attorney Robert Aronowitz, 65, testified he was “absolutely shocked” by Hendrick’s revelations and that he had hired her as a special counsel to give advice on how to fix the issues she raised in several e-mails.

“I’d never seen anything like (the allegations Hendrick made) in my entire practicing career” that spans nearly 40 years, he testified.

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3 Responses to “Colorado Foreclosure Attorney Turned Whistle-Blower Alleges Fraudclosure Abuses”
  1. David Harrell says:

    Want my *Home* back*

  2. Kudos to her for doing the right thing!!

    We are waiting in Detroit for a massive clean up of professional criminals! They have been at this for OVER 10 years, building a HUGE network of deceit and manipulation.

    One huge circle jerk going on in the D ! I’ve can’t imagine scheming something this diabolical!

    Trott & Trott, Dykema & Gosset, Schneider-man & Sherman, Anthony Dietz, Kwame Kilpatrick, Wayne County Sheriff, Robert Ficano and his girlfriend Jumanna, Benny Napoleon, Kim Worthys office of Wayne County Prosecutors, Sam Riddle, and the list goes on.

    So far, I have uncovered over 100 (including those above) in at least 6 different states!

    All I want for Christmas is an Indictment!

  3. BOBBI SWANN says:

    And we are surprised by this how? It takes a lot of guts to do what this gal is doing as her career will probably ultimately be squashed. Every law firm will be afraid to hire her. I just wonder if this ultimately will be swept under the rug. We all know just how those attorney general investigations go nowhere!

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