CASE NUMBER: 0:2013cv00464 USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al | Complaint in other Szymoniak Qui Tam Case


Szymoniak v. ACE Securities Corporation et al Has Decisions

Plaintiff: Lynn E Szymoniak
Defendants: ACE Securities Corporation, Ally Financial, Inc., Aurora Loan Services, LLC, Bank of America, BAC Home Loans Servicing, LLP, Banc of America Mortgage Securities, Inc., Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, California Reconveyance Company, Carrington Mortgage Services, Chase Home Finance LLC, Citimortgage Inc, HomEq Servicing Corporation, HSBC Mortgage Services Inc, Litton Loan Servicing LP, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc, Ocwen Loan Servicing, OneWest Bank, Orion Financial Group, Inc., Prommis Solutions, LLC, Securities Connection, Inc., Select Portfolio Services, Inc., Vericrest Financial, Inc., Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, John Doe Corporations, Docx LLC and Lender Processing Services Inc
 USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al Docket #1 Complaint.pdf PDF File 4.7  MB
   USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al Docket #30 Second Amended Complaint.pdf PDF File 1.3  MB
   USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al Docket #4 Motion to Partially unseal part 1 of 2.pdf PDF File 112.9  KB
   USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al Docket #4 Motion to Partially unseal part 2 of 2.pdf PDF File 55.8  KB
   USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al Docket #5 Memorandum in support of Motion to partially unseal case.pdf PDF File 132.0  KB
   USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al Docket #75 Notice of the US that it is not intervening at this time.pdf PDF File 42.2  KB



15 Responses to “CASE NUMBER: 0:2013cv00464 USA vs Ace Sec. Corp. et al | Complaint in other Szymoniak Qui Tam Case”
  1. macy says:

    Is Ms. Syzmoniak’s foundation a ghost foundation?

  2. The note says:

    To bob g.

    Sounds like you work for the corrupt banks. She will win this case on facts as well as excellent evidence.
    Millions of Americans have suffered due to the nature of these securitized trusts which were designed so nobody knows who owns the note.
    Hope you find another site to comment.
    You also cme across a fearful.
    For good reason!

    • Guest says:

      CBS Evening News with … : Foreclosure fraud whistleblower wins $18 million

      • Bob G. says:

        See my posts over on neil garfield’s livinglies site. govt wants inside info before they pay out. and the banks can’t afford to lose this case. So they will “fix it” so they won’t.

        And I’ve filed a NYS qui tam, an IRS whistleblower complaint, and an SEC whistleblower complaint…so i kinda know whereof I speak on this issue.

        how many such actions and complaints have you and “the note” filed? Do tell.

  3. Bob G. says:

    This Qui Tam action will fail.

    The fact that the govt doesn’t want to intervene should say something. Also, there is nothing new in the complaint that wasn’t already publicly known. And the Relator says that she started telling the govies about this in 2009. Yet her complaint is dated June 2011. Shot herself in the foot on that one. So even if there is a trial and a win, the govt can and will say that the Relator is due no reward, because all this stuff was publicly known by the govt beforehand, and even the Relator made it so before filing her suit. Case closed.

  4. macy says:

    4closurefraud Please update so that we can have access to the pdf links

  5. JohnR says:

    Like the others say… the link doesn’t work.

  6. it is not allowing access to the files listed above…

  7. Bekki Watkins says:

    Thank you, Lynn. I admire your dedication.

  8. louise says:

    This link to the documents is not working.

    • Jerry Jurden says:

      Lynn ,

      God bless you for your dedication to getting the Justice for millions of Americans .
      I just happen to be one of those that know that the Banks have tried to Scam the
      life out of American.

      Please keep up the great work for those so much less fortunate than most .

      We all bleed , we all Cry , and we all at one time or another need the support of
      our fellow mankind,

      Jerry Jurden

      • We know these securtys are a fraud, I can show hud 1 forgery this mess started at the closing table. says:

        This is much bigger then lynn understands….. this mess started at the closing table I can show forger on a hud 1 form, and the title company Fidelity who is the owner of the debunk doc-x .. Fidelity is a big , in the government. ..

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