Foreclosure Trial Transcript… I OBJECT!

21· · · · · · · ·MR. WEIDNER:· Across the state, we are
22· ·hauled in.· When I say “we”, defendants.· I’m sure
23· ·there’s been a trail of defendants all day long.· And
24· ·when we’re here ready to go, we demand justice, just as
25· ·if the plaintiff were here.· How many times have you had
·1· ·defendants come in and say, Your Honor, we need time or
·2· ·whatever, and the Court says, no, the legislature says
·3· ·we go forward?
·4· · · · · · · ·So, here we are ready to go.· And the fact
·5· ·of the matter is that continuing only grants Plaintiff
·6· ·assistance.· And that’s the fundamental unfairness that
·7· ·exists.
·8· · · · · · · ·THE COURT:· Well, I’ve heard, but I’m going
·9· ·to grant the continuance.

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4 Responses to “Foreclosure Trial Transcript… I OBJECT!”
  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Matt is correct. The ‘unfairness’ in the court system is out of control! From reading this transcript it’s almost like the Judge is preparing the Plaintiff’s own strategy for them! It is outrageous. Putting Matt’s objection on the record…really!? does that do any good at all? They just smoothe over the problems with Plaintiffs but boy, do they ever dig deep into the wounds of the defendants!

  2. Rob Harrington says:

    Pam Bondi’s link in regards to her so called letter to the Court seems to be “broken” or “page not found.” How can the Judges view the link to assess the information she provides? Is this incompetence by her IT department or is this by willful design? Or maybe after several attempts, I am just not writing in the link properly onto my Browser… (I doubt this.) Just asking…. ?

  3. papergate says:

    It would be helpful if Matt fixed his site so we could print/save and read his transcript – too much garbage on the page that blocks pertinent data from his website . . . maybe you can convey this to him.

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