Report of Referee: Former ‘Foreclosure King’ David Stern Could be Disbarred for Foreclosure Fraud

WFLA News Channel 8

‘Foreclosure King’ could be disbarred for foreclosure fraud

South Florida attorney David J. Stern may be known as the mortgage industry’s “foreclosure king,” but he may soon lose his authority to practice law in Florida.

Stern’s empire shut down in 2010, after employees went public with allegations that they were given cars, jewelry and even houses in exchange for falsifying and forging documents. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Stern’s largest clients, canceled contracts with the David J. Stern law firm.

Years after the Florida Bar started investigating Stern, it wants to disbar him. This week, Judge Nancy Perez agreed. In her report, she said Stern, “created chaos on the courts of the state of Florida, prejudicing the whole system as a whole.”

Perez’s recommendation for disbarment still needs to be approved by the Florida Supreme Court, and Stern could appeal.

During the housing downturn, many lenders turned to Stern’s law firm to handle foreclosures because he took houses away from homeowners quickly.

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7 Responses to “Report of Referee: Former ‘Foreclosure King’ David Stern Could be Disbarred for Foreclosure Fraud”
  1. pissedoff says:

    He should not only be disbared but put in jail for life like Burnie Madoff. Fraud is Fraud and their should be no statuits of limitations on all fraud, that is the only way you will stop fraud .

  2. same doer for bull shit joker says:

    frozen all his properties by greediness as banker and shut down his firm and throw him into prison for ten years for his regret and devil’s action as same as criminal activity + zombie foreclosures court judge should not only disbar his license but also a lot of fines too

  3. leapfrog says:

    Why isn’t this horrible man in jail?

    • neidermeyer says:

      Because he’s a lawyer and he is being “judged” by another lawyer (the judge) on a woefully small number of complaints relative to the damage he’s done by the legal version of the AFL-CIO , “the bar” which exists to protect scum like Stern… Disbarment will be touted as some great disgrace and penalty for Stern as he cruises the Caribbean on his yacht with naked 18 year old Dominican prostitutes sunning themselves on the forward decks.

      The bar is the problem ,, without that layer of protection he would be in prison right now and not about to lose what is to him now a meaningless license.

    • j Alonzo says:

      Every one reading and watching this video, is wondering the very same thing. Where are the criminal charges? This guy committed countless felonies of forgery and fraud on the courts. If you add them up it would be life in prison, yet their is no mention of any criminal charges AT ALL!! If a home owner gets caught doing one thing wrong, by just fling ONE false document the judge and states attorneys office would prosecute that Sheeple to make an example of them. The judge made a comment on how he put the whole legal system in shambles, but not one word of criminal charges. Our whole system is bought and controlled. We are the Sheeple they build prisons for and make false wars for in the name of oil and lithium control. Freddie and Fannie should be ordered to give all those homes back! They new what was being done, but they too are to big to fail!

      • pissedoff says:

        Freddie and Fannie are niece and nephew of old uncle Sam! Government Sponcered means that thats where all the politicians invested all of our money in their names and letting the judges along with banker’s in on the game. Thats why the judges do what they do because it’s their investments at stake!

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