Woman Faced Foreclosure Even After On-Time Payments

Woman Faced Foreclosure Even After On-Time Payments

Bank of America approved her for a trial loan modification, which reduced the payment on her Raleigh home from $1030 to $823 – a monthly savings of nearly $200.

After being approved for a permanent modification in April, she got a foreclosure notice in July. Bank of America said she hadn’t been paying her entire mortgage.

After spending months trying to get things straightened out on her own, Wolkomir contacted 5 On Your Side, which got in touch with the bank.



3 Responses to “Woman Faced Foreclosure Even After On-Time Payments”
  1. Mystify says:

    Wake up peeps, it’s all a sham…do you really thing the banksters want to help the middle class! No, get out when you can and save as much as you can….

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    They (BofA) literally got caught with their pants down! I guarantee that if this woman had not had this intervention, she would have lost her home to these bankstas. 23,000 complaints about BofA to the CFPB within 24 months??? Really?! How many does it need to constitute before the bureau does a REAL investigation? Mind you, this bureau was adopted for the sake of the consumers. Yep, another government entity supported by tax dollars that is totally useless…..

    • carol alvey says:

      the exact same thing happened to me that happened to this woman..exactly same thing! i have to be out jan.1st. i never called a news channel, i quess i should have.

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