JP Morgan Tries Its Hand at Social Media… Gets Absolutely Lambasted By Angry Americans

Someone at JP Morgan said, “Let’s ask the American public what they’d like to say to one of our top bankers on Twitter.” Turns out that wasn’t such a great idea. The tweets generated from #AskJPM range from funny to down-right nasty. So someone at CNBC said, “Let’s have award-winning actor, Stacy Keach…the voice from American Greed read them verbatim.”


JP Morgan Tries Its Hand at Social Media … Gets Absolutely Lambasted By Angry Americans

Twitter Fail

JP Morgan launched a social media campaign with the hashtag “Ask JPM” the other day.

Given JPM’s criminal behavior and manipulation of markets, Twitter users absolutely lambasted JPM, asking such questions as (via Buzzfeed):

  • “Has the raw cunning of the electricity bid-rigging scheme … been unfairly overshadowed by the scale of the mortgage settlement? “
  • “How do you decide who to foreclose on? Darts or a computer program?”
  • “Every time another person loses their home to an illegal foreclosure, does a bell ring? “
  • “If it came out Jamie Dimon had a propensity for eating Irish children, would you fire him? What if he’s still “a good earner”? “
  • “Why do you think its ok to outright lie, cheat and steal?”
  • “Crime: A) Totally pays, just look at us B) Boy I don’t know C) If a market-maker does it that means it’s not illegal”

And (via the New York Times):

  • “What illegal deals did Jamie Dimon and the other big banks make with Obama at the closed-door meeting on Oct 2, 2013?”
  • “After reading the #AskJPM tweets, is it true that your traders have gone short banksters and long guillotines?”
  • “Do you feel bad about systematically undermining democracy? Do you know what fiduciary duty is?”

And (via the Big Picture):

  • “Quick! You’re locked in a room with no key, a chair, two paper clips, and a lightbulb.  How do you defraud investors?”
  • “When you collapsed the global economy did it interfere with your vacation in the Hamptoms?”


3 Responses to “JP Morgan Tries Its Hand at Social Media… Gets Absolutely Lambasted By Angry Americans”
  1. 1ofthemany says:

    well JP is simply disgusting to the general public as so many entities are these days, well at least for the people that are just somewhat awake IMHO, they (JP) are not thinking at all …history repeating and repeating, stupid devils.

  2. You believe that!!!??? they have already moved on.

  3. katheryn says:

    In the end, they will finally and by their own hands, sink themselves.

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