Foreclosure Fraud is Still Rampant. In Fact, it is More Brazen Than Ever!

Foreclosure Crimes

Full details to come in the next few days on how to steal someone’s (a disabled vet) home…



This tops anything we have seen on an individual case to date.

Beyond egregious.



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  1. Tusense96761 says:

    Well what can the American people expect when we have a congress and a senate and a the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General in all 50 states that have allowed a man with stolen identity , stolen social security number that he is currently using that belong to a dead man , Harrison Bounel and a forged birth certificate and a forged Selective Service Card to act as our president in not one election serving four years but two elections. What if this man claiming to be Barack Obama 2 was put into the office of president to help the Greedy Bankers owners of the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockerfellers, Goldman Sacs , Morgans who also own Citbank, Chase Bank, Bank Of America and nine or so other big Banking Jews to rape America of our homes, property , retirement , our wealth . All Obama’s actions including the multi billion dollar bailout not one cent going to the homeowners. And the government still allows the fraud to continue. All congress seems to be concerned about is destroying the best medical community in the world with Obamacare, and allowing the illegal Mexicans to steal our jobs and wanting to make it legal with their not stop pushing of the immigration bill. Let’s not forget how Obama bribed the states with stimulus money in 46 of the 50 to change public education K-12 and put in a Agenda 21 socialists education indocturnation curriculium called Common Core. It is an unamerican dumbing down curriculium that continues to exist and is hurting our young people, the future of this country, with everyday it proceeds. This also includes sex instruction for our kindergartens . They also have plans to legalize pedophila. Is that why they want to teach our five year old how to perform sex acts? This same government has done nothing about our fraud elections that have been fraudulent since the year 2000. You didn’t actually believe Obama was elected , did you? And what about our CIA run Television News? Who runs the CIA ? The Federal Reserve? Who runs the FBI, NSA , Homeland Security? The Jews at the Federal Reserve and they also are running Wall Street and the Pentagon. Americans need to stop giving these Banksters a cent of their money. They are doing this in the EU and most countries in the world except for Iran, Syria , the Ukraine although they are trying to. Iceland has kicked them out in a non violent movement using Pots and Pans. Ireland is in the process, Spain, France ,Italy and England are working on throwing the Jewish bankers out of their countries – a peoples movement not the government. Egypt was successful. We can be too.

  2. Mike Drouin says:

    Want to hear something Ironic , Our case was in the Federal Court House in NH against WELLS FARGO and my wife and I visited the Court house to file some papers . Being in construction I marveled at the workmanship that went into that building so we ventured down a few hallways and came across a six foot long three foot high portrait of a late 1800’s train with multiple flatbed cars all carrying the red Stagecoach belonging to none other than WELLS FARGO ? I looked at my wife and said ” you can’t be serious ? who are we fighting here ??? “

  3. Tom Heinrich says:

    Here’s a chilling message to the foreclosure mills and their clients the Banksters…

    California U.S. District Judge Troy L. Nunley sentenced Steven K. Zinnel to more than 17 years in prison. ordered him to pay a $500,000 fine and ordered he forfeit assets worth over $2.8 million.

    The Judge cited Zinnel’s repeated lies in several different courts.

    Was Zinnel involved in foreclosing on peoples homes ?

    Nope. He was involved an a nasty divorce and was hiding assets and the truth from the courts, both crimes.

    How did he get caught ? He caught himself !!!

    His crimes were discovered after he called the FBI and asked the bureau to investigate his ex-wife !!! They did, and HIM too.

    His sentencing just happened, however the couple split up in 1999 !

    But he’s not the ONLY one being prosecuted and found guilty !!!

    Zinnel’s co-defendant is attorney Derian Eidson, who will be sentenced later this month for her role in facilitating his crimes.

    Applying Judge Nunley’s standards, it may take a while but eventually the banks committing this same type of fraud AND their attorneys, should suffer a similar fate…eventually.

    It’s up to us to help it along.

    Get the proof and submit it to the courts and law’s the only way THEY’LL find out.

    AN IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: Homeland Security has a dossier on everyone. Information is shared freely. Those of you who remember the House Unamerican Activities Committee back in the 50’s and 60’s know the stink created by the government tracking the behavior of just a small group of Americans. Now that has been expanded to cover virtually everyone, and it includes tracking where you go and where you are, what you say on the phone and what you type on your computer. They don’t do it on Everybody, just who they’re interested in – but CAN go back and pull that on YOU, too.

    Just remember to smile when you drive through an intersection with cameras.

    Welcome to the NEW ‘Freedom.’

    Just realize there is enough proof out there now to dissolve and dismantle the international banking system and imprison all those insiders, if someone would wish to do so.

    It all takes time.

    We’ll see, but this is far from over – FAR !

    Oh, and the Banksters and their attorneys LOVE this website ! Thanks Michael for giving us a place to share the knowledge and become more informed and organized, and to let them know what WE know…’s been said this website is the major source of hearing “OH OH” emanating from the offices of these certain banks and their law firms.

  4. leapfrog says:

    Here is some cheery news from our local crime log that I hope you will enjoy: “3:54 p.m. Deputies were dispatched to a report of trespassing on Pedro Hill Road in Pilot Hill. A 40-year-old male victim said a man and woman allegedly came to his residence to take pictures of the house for the bank. The victim asked them to leave and they continued to take pictures. Deputies contacted one of the suspects via telephone and the suspect allegedly admitted to being told to leave and continuing to take pictures of the house. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest form.”

    Hope the bankster’s lackey was arrested. Too bad I don’t know the outcome. Our county is beginning to catch on to the scumbag banksters’ tactics. There was a case in court with robo-signing, where Chase produced two “originals”. Judge was smart enough to throw it out. Don’t know the outcome of that one either, though.

  5. Deadly Clear says:

    Maybe these were not mortgages to begin with. Consider the fact that Sheila Bair calls them NTMs (nontraditional mortgages) in her book Bull By the Horns; consider the fact that the entire securitization scheme is patented in the USTPO as if to make it legal; consider the fact that these patents were created in the 1990s-present; consider the fact the patents indicate that the Fannie 1003 loan application (that every originator used) was committed/pledged/sold to the investment banks without disclosure of the securities and BEFORE the borrower signed the documents. Doesn’t this appear to be more of a securities transaction where the borrower was unwittingly participating with his collateral, credit score and promise to pay; and, where the borrower had no notice or discretion as to where his application was sold and apparently it wasn’t to the originator/pretender lender?

  6. al says:

    you should see the court filings from fraudclosure mill douglas clark zahm……

  7. j. Alonzo says:

    Our politicians and judges know this! They dont care! If a regular Joe files just one of those documents. He or she will be raped and pillaged to the full extent of the law and made an example of. The banks and their attorneys clearly have Cart Blanch treatment and our laws
    dont apply to them. When they get busted they get suspended or fined, but the fraud is never undone! The states attorney or does investigate and charge them and return the home back to the home owner. NOOOOOOOO!!! Way!!!! We are worse Mexico!

  8. Alabama John says:

    Its a felony to record a false document. Those forclosing know this and will not record a fraudulent document against you. Check your courthouse and see what is recorded if anything and if so, (probably not anything), who signed it and press charges and sue.
    Record your suit. You can file a simple suit yourself at the courthouse and it is very little cost.
    The form to fill out is on the internet.
    Main thing is fight back, don’t just complain. Like any company, they go after the easy ones first.

    • kathleen Romano says:

      Last summer we went to the local court house and found a robo signed document against our property. What is strange it has the wrong lot number and the property measurements are not right it also has the wrong deed number. We saw an attorney yesterday here in Pennsylvania and were told we do not have a case . The bank (citimortgage will end up with our home) It also is signed by M.Mathews who claimed to be vice president of MERS. This is fraud, but the attorney felt we have no case!

      • GuyFawkesLives says:

        What the hell do you care if an attorney thinks you have no case? File it yourself. Attorneys aren’t Gods. Attorneys aren’t always correct. Research the laws, research procedure, research the rules and go for it!

  9. David Charles says:

    Its a huge bunch of BS but the only way to stop it is with very big numbers of people coming together and make them stop,make them follow the laws,and reconvey those loans that have blatant fraud in them and there is many.I am fighting Wells Fargo at this very minute and it is amazing how they dont even try to hide the fraud at all.After sending a QWR they send me their version of the closing docs and they are nothing like mine.They even claim to have paid my 2nd and I paid it 2 months prior to that loan and have the checks to prove it,they could care less.They have dif dates of notary then the day of signing,That isnt even getting to the fake securitization in some bankrupt trust with void assignments 5 years past the cut-off date and has been revoked from the sec.It is brazen crime but its being allowed by this administration and they are putting the squeeze on the courts.Corrupt loan brokers,escrow,title companies etc and the local gov’s dont care.Foreclose transfer title and reassess the prop tax’s more escrow fees,more loans,and more bs.We need big,big numbers and we need to take to the streets or forget it.

  10. charley rice says:

    For those of you wanting more details — contact the publication that broke this story.

    What I’ve been telling people for the last five years is slowly coming out. Mortgage loans are null and void when fraud is involved by the lender. There is not one valid loan contract in the United States and that’s why Lloyds of London dropped their insurance on 62 million loans in Aug. 2010.

    • GuyFawkesLives says:

      Suzanne Posel is frankly ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Bradburn only survived the Motion to Dismiss. THE JUDGE DID NOT RULE THE BRADBURN CASE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And the lawyer did not “win.” The lawyer survived the Motion to Dismiss.


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