Wells Fargo Foreclosure ‘Fraud’ Manual on Trial in Federal Court

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Manual on Trial

Wells Fargo just lost the battle to keep its controversial Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Procedure Manual out of federal court.

Wells Fargo is in a federal judge’s hot seat.

America’s largest mortgage servicer just lost the battle to keep its controversial Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Procedure Manual out of federal court in New York.

At a hearing in lower Manhattan on April 8, Judge Allan Gropper admitted the manual into the bankruptcy case of a local homeowner in foreclosure, and he approved a request by his lawyer to be allowed to dig deeper.

Now Wells must produce a witness with knowledge of the manual who can answer lawyer Linda Tirelli’s questions under oath.

Tirelli is alleging that endorsements on the homeowner’s note are “fraudulent in nature.” A note is an IOU to the bank, while a mortgage ties a given property to the loan.

On March 12, The Post broke the news of Tirelli’s allegations in court papers that the 150-page manual, written on Nov. 9, 2011, provides procedures for fabricating foreclosure papers on demand. According to court papers, the manual details “a procedure for processing notes without endorsements and obtaining endorsements and allonges.”

Those are the technical terms for securitized mortgage paperwork proving that the company that’s foreclosing has the right to kick a family out of its home.

More from the NY Post here…

Copy of The Fraudclosure Manual here…



14 Responses to “Wells Fargo Foreclosure ‘Fraud’ Manual on Trial in Federal Court”
  1. Jean Claude Etienne says:

    Since March they took my house , still not receive any letter for me to move out….

  2. shonna rice says:

    It would be Great if we THE PEOPLE could be heard as ONE VOICE, BUT HOW CAN WE ACTUALLY make a difference when its one small voice at a time? I will do whatever it takes, point me in the right direction…Wells Fargo is about to take my home and Carrington is taking my parents home real soon:(

  3. incognito123 says:

    No they didn’t, do your research on this, it comes from your signature on the documents (out of thin air basically)

  4. giglio says:

    Where did Wells Fargo get the money to fund these loans, they borrowed it from the 11th District

  5. Mark says:

    I have been following the news but have these BILLIONS filtered down to someone who has lost their home due to these fraudulent acts? No. Many received 300-500$ for tens of thousands of dollars in damages let alone the hundreds of hours they’ve spent working/dealing with lawyers, servicers and judges only to be told “case for Plaintiff”. If we’re gonna write laws, enforce them. EQUALLY. What do you tell a Armed Forces member who has lost his or her home or is fighting an lawful foreclosure under protection of federal foreclosure laws?? Seriously. It takes likely 5 minutes to make 2 phone calls to have those cases dropped. People and Courts wanna bitch you owe money…..hell yes…..we acknowledge that……we’d love to pay and get on with our lives. But when the truth is many of these entities do not really own these properties and have been building the biggest Ponzi scheme in history for the last 20 years and now have to commit fraud to hide their acts….Plz….go sit in a foreclosure court room for 1 DAY!

    • Mike Drouin says:

      Your absolutely right Mark ! and what does that say for the State of the Union . These banks got away with a tax exempt status through alleged securitization and what a scam that is ! got paid in full , default insurance money taken out on all those Mortgages ….Scammed all the Security investors …got away with not paying millions in recording cost and have polluted the Registry’s of land transfer with Fraudulent documents from sea to shining sea …. and flooded our courts with false documentation only to end up with our home ‘s for resale while financially slaughtering all those in pursuit of the American Dream !! And lets not forget that they were given TARP money from this Administration !?!? I’m ready to puke !!!
      Just remember , GOD is not mocked , whatever a Nation sows , so shall they reap ! The Almighty has heard the Cries of those that are oppressed by the actions of all involved and you won’t escape HIS Judgment !!!

    • incognito123 says:

      Sorry, NOT correct. Where is the PROOF you (or I, or anyone else) were “lent” money. Where did this so-called money come from that was purportedly “lent.” You might accept this, I do not, for I have not seen the proof of this in any of the cases I have researched to date. I will only pay an entity I owe money to, and where they can prove it with REAL admissible evidence, NOT hearsay, which is all I’ve seen any of these criminals bring to court.

    • Mark says:

      Anyone dealing with a new servicer named Caliber Home Loans???? Feel free to contact me. The new snake in the playground.

  6. Mike Drouin says:

    Will somebody please give the Court this information ! This is the Manual being put to use !!! CASE # 1:11-CV-00596-JL US DISTRICT COURT DISTRICTT OF NH , DROUIN VS AHMSI .
    The Assignment of Mortgage used in this case was fabricated by Wells servicer and was exposed by their own Lawyers when they presented documentation to the court which totally contradicted the original assignment .The proof is here !!!!!

    • Mark says:

      What is the judge gonna do with this proof of Fraud? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This is happening everyday in Courts all over the country and nothing is being done. Any ruling against the Banks would bring us into another deeper Recession and that’s not gonna happen.

      • Devildawg says:

        I guess you haven’t been following the news…. several banks have recently been ordered to pay BILLIONS in fines by the US Government for fraud… Bank of America JPMorgan & most recently Wells Fargo. Google it.

      • Incognito123 says:

        Mark, having been fighting for 6 1/2 years now, I understand your statements, BUT, we must persist with actions like this, we have cracked the foundation, now we ALL need to collectively BUST IT WIDE OPEN!! As far as Devildawg comments about Billions in fines, that is pennies for what they have stolen illegally, AND there should be MANY IN JAIL, NOT PAYING FINES TO KEEP OUT OF JAIL. We are all on the right track, just need to keep pushing. I am STRONGLY encouraging ALL to file complaints against ANY AND ALL ATTORNEYS, JUDGES, NOTARIES, CLERKS, DOCUMENT SIGNORS who violate ANY rules, statutes, codes, laws, etc. DO NOT file complaints just because the judge does not rule in your favor, but DO FILE when you can show and document violations of ANY RULES, STATUTE, CODE, etc. WE MUST MAKE THE RECORD CLEAR OF WHAT IS HAPPENING, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME OF THE COMPLAINTS!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike Drouin says:

        I agree that it needs to be a collective response and the complaints filed in the Courts have also been filed with the Justice Department in my State but they are standing down !?!? and they are leaving it up to the Judges to “GOVERN ” from the bench . Our Political Leaders and Justice Department’s know full well the magnitude of what has taken place and in a collective response are allowing the crimes to be committed against American citizens and Families even though they are consenting to calling it an ” AB– USE ” !!!
        There are Some Judges that are ” FAIR ” and when the evidence of these ” CRIMES ” come before them , they rule accordingly . But their are not to many of them .When you see the depth of what has taken place , it makes you sick to your stomach that this could happen in this Country !!! I will say this again , If we don’t take a stand now as a People with one voice , there will not be anything to take a stand for…..

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