Florida Led Nation in Foreclosures in April

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Florida Led Nation in Foreclosures in April

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida had the nation’s highest foreclosure rate in April, even though it was lower than the same time last year.

The research firm RealtyTrac reported last week that Florida’s April foreclosure rate was the highest in the nation, despite being down 9 percent from April 2012.

RealtyTrac says one in 400 Florida homes had a foreclosure filing in April.

Among U.S. metro areas with populations of more than 200,000 people, 11 of the 20 cities with the highest foreclosure rates were in Florida.

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  1. Wendell howard says:

    Victims of Nationstar scam (and Ocwen)? Join us on Facebook at Nationstar Mortgage Victims. Power in numbers!

  2. Mystify says:

    Welcome to florid uh land of the renters….I am sure china, Europe and other foreigners will love the beach front property since they are the only ones that can afford it. Thanks banksters for stealing my home and my retirement, hope you sleep well at night for what you did to the USA

  3. Mike Drouin says:

    Round two of litigation is starting in our case . First round was in US District Court District of N H . Case # 1:11-CV-00596-JL , Droun v AHMSI now known a Okwen . This case was thrown out but not before a Fraudulent Assignment of Mortgage , from a California Corp , was found to be ” VOID ” one interesting thing should be brought to our attention about this Void Assignment , Its notary was in Duval Florida ???
    This created a Cloud on the Title of our home and we were unable to legally sell our home back in 2011 to resolve these matters and have been stripped of the equity we worked so hard to create Because of this dragged out litigation ?!?! We are disgusted to say the least !!!

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