The Daily Show: Tim Geithner’s Extended Interview On Bank Bailouts w/ John Stewart


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  1. dc says:

    That man talks a lot of shit,it makes zero sense at all and he is passionate about it and thats scary.Very little of his argument has any merit and he skipped over the reality of what went down therefor he should be dragged into the town square and stoned along with 80% of all wall street,lawyers and judges,how freakin fun would that be?They have that plan for you and me soon so we best get our asses organized and stop this now or suck it up.

  2. Ray Shelton says:

    Ray Shelton, on June 12, 2014 at 5:13 pm said:
    Dear Elizabeth Warren, Senators and Congressmen, President Obama.
    American homeowners need protection from US Bank, SN servicing and their third parties. Did their attorneys Andrew Braaksma supervised by Paul Mckenna out of Coral Gables Florida knowingly submit forged documents to the Federal and State courts? Have they committed the crime of Uttering Forgery ? Are they just another law firm like the dis barred David Sterns, the “foreclosure King? It is clear that small Fines, the OCC, nor law enforcement have yet to stop the forgeries and falsified document being submitted to our courts by US Bank and their attorneys. A few judges will not go against the banks bad behavior but many Judges know the truth now and things are changing. We believe that serious interstate crimes have be violated and law enforcement needs to intervene, arrest and prosecute the attorneys and the bank officials who may be committing the crimes. Then you will see an end to the rape and fraud on our American Courts and families.
    However…We can end this mess very quickly…We need state and national laws that simply says that no family / home owner can ever have their home taken and no Family can be evicted from their home until the home owner gets the final price that the bank legitimately auctioned the home for. Home owner should always have the last right of refusal no matter when an auction or sale takes place.
    Set up rules to guarantee emergency low cost funding for the buy back by the home owner at rates that are mandated to help the home owner not put them in a harness of heavy interest. That only creates a guaranteed payment failure that is nothing more then hard labor payment servitude doomed for failure. Bankers have made slaves of the American Poor and Middle Class and that must change. Why should overseas countries, foreign companies and corporations buy our homes. They are taking in some cases a fortune in hard work, equity and deposits. Stop putting families on the street. Leaders of America and law Enforcement, Please defend and fight for justice for the American Families

    • Mike Drouin says:

      I just sent my US Senator and Attorney Generals office a complaint with supporting evidence and the response I got was . ” sorry things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped ” ??? I’m talking blatant Fraud upon two Courts in my State and an assignment that was ruled on as ” VOID ” by a Federal Court Judge , is now being used as the legal assignment by the foreclosing entity ????
      What the hell is going on ??? What the hell happened to our right to due process ???

      Our hard earned investments are being gambled away at the largest Casino in the northern hemisphere located on Wall St called the NYSE . What Geithner did when he bailed out the Banks was to keep the Casino up and running and they are betting away our retirement funds , the equity of our homes , our children’s Inheritance , and the response of the Powers created for our protection…. Sorry things aren’t turning out the way you hoped ???? GOD HELP US !!

  3. ldynps says:

    63 million mortgages…not 10 million…BIG DIFFERENCE!

  4. JS says:

    WOW! John Stewart did an incredibly great job showing what a slick SOB Geithner is. Still Geithner does a good job sticking to his script, carefully made to look like he is a hero. With slick bastards like Geithner you really have to listen to every word to catch the deceit. Here’s one even John Stewart seems to have missed. At about 7:45 into the second segment, when challenged by John Stewart as to why the banks were given direct relief but homeowners weren’t, SOB Geithner tips his hand. He says the banks were saved because, if you “let it burn” it would have been much worse for “RESPONSIBLE homeowners.” By this he is inferring, backhandedly, that all those homeowners facing foreclosure, and/or underwater on their mortgages were IRRESPONSIBLE homeowners, ie should not be helped.

    This is similar to Geithner’s ill-chosen words on the Charlie Rose show, during a horrible interview in which Charlie all but helped Geithner spew his BS. This interview was during the period when the banks had to freeze their foreclosures because they were caught committing wide-scale fraud in their foreclosure documents. When asked about the freeze, Geithner said that the banks had voluntarily frozen their foreclosures to make absolutely sure that anyone who could afford to “SIT IN THEIR HOMES” could do so. Hmmmm… what strange wording…not “live in their homes” or “keep their homes”. In my mind only a heartless SOB like TG would use this unnatural wording. It’s a slip up, an indication that he doesn’t really give a damn about these homeowners, and the best he could allow was for them to “SIT” rather than live in or keep their homes. Subtle, but tell-tale. Furthermore, instead of castigating the banks for committing widespread fraud, he makes it sound like freezing foreclosures was a magnanimous act on their part to be fair to homeowners. This BS is not so subtle!

    Finally, we know for certain that Geithner is dishonest when he claims in the interview that he wanted to help homeowners but they couldn’t get better legislation passed, because SIGTARP Neil Barofsky approached Geithner saying that the HAMP program was failing, and Barofsky quotes TG as saying that the program was a success because it was “foaming the runway for the banks.” In other words, in Geithner eyes the program was a success because it was spreading out the foreclosures, allowing the banks to spread out the losses when they incur when marking down the value of the homes on their books when foreclosures are completed. Geithner never intended for HAMP to help homeowners. In fact, if you look into the details in HAMP guidelines you will find that it MANDATES that a modification provide the bank with a better cash flow than foreclosure, which means that homeowners who were not substantially underwater; those with substantial equity; those who were the least likely to re-default, were categorically excluded. In the 1930’s the HOLC offered direct relief to troubled homeowners, even knocking on their doors, literally, to directly offer them lower interest loans, and the historic statistics support the obvious. Homeowners with equity, the very same homeowners categorically excluded from HAMP, were the least likely to re-default.

    Geithner is a heartless and despicable human being working for the sole benefit of the banks, without a bit of empathy for millions of suffering Americans!

  5. Mystify says:

    The bankers only bailed themselves out! The little people were never affected and the only thing that was crashing were the banks. Geithner is a liar!

  6. Sea Scholars says:

    stinky….TG only knows stinky…the logic stinks to high heaven…but that’s his line and he’s sticking to it…don’t confuse him with the FACTS. OMG, what a hoot THAT interview was!

  7. Mike Drouin says:

    Thank you Jon Stewart , that was awesome ! let me expand a little further if I can … So the Banks set up people for Failure which crashed the economy and the best thing for this Administration to do was to bail out those who caused the problem for the sake of protecting the whole economy ???But doing this made the Banks Larger and stronger and financially Slaughtered American families and put them in the streets ?
    So I guess that explains why all the Homeowners that are now facing Foreclosure , That are not under water and having their equity stripped from them who are in Courts fighting to expose the Fraudulent Assignments that are being created because the Securitizations Failed as matter of Law ,are having their Constitutional Rights to a fair trial , Violated because the Judges have adopted the same view as Geithner ???????
    So I guess my only question is ,Where is the Liberty and Justice for ALL??????????

  8. TG says:

    I love Jon Stewart! Thanks for posting this.

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