WTF? Chase Program Honored By National Notary Association


“The One Chase Notary program underscores the valuable role Notaries play in consumer protection,” said Tom Heymann, president and CEO of the National Notary Association. “Notaries add trust to a transaction by affirming a signer’s identity and confirming their understanding and intent to sign a document.”


Chase Program Honored By National Notary Association

The National Notary Association (NNA) has announced JPMorgan Chase & Company as the 2014 recipient of its March Fong Eu Achievement Award. The firm is being honored for launching its One Chase Notary Program, taking on the challenge of standardizing Notary Public procedures throughout the firm nationwide, and implementing Notary best practices across all of its business divisions.

The National Notary Association chose to honor JPMorgan Chase because of its groundbreaking program and its recognition of the vital role trusted notarizations play in building consumer confidence. JPMorgan Chase is the first company to receive the coveted annual award, which for more than three decades has been presented to an individual.

The scope of the One Chase Notary Program is vast: The Company employs more than 24,000 Notaries at thousands of branch locations, offices and service centers in 36 states. The One Chase Notary Program is designed to help the firm’s Notaries uphold state laws — which vary by state — and comply with numerous regulatory and corporate legal requirements. In turn, this ensures a more positive customer service experience, and a higher level of consumer protection.

“We created the right standard for our company across the country by sitting down and looking at how we could be more consistent for both our customers and our colleagues,” said Tracey Gilliam, the JPMorgan Chase associate general counsel who led the program’s design and development.

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4 Responses to “WTF? Chase Program Honored By National Notary Association”
  1. Robosigning is forgery. Forgery is a FELONY. Even monkeys understand THAT!!

  2. Boy do I agree with you Incogint123! The enablers are all in self denial. Is this suppose to be PR propaganda?

  3. brady says:

    Lets face facts.

    Our society is infested with liars, cheats, thugs, and thieves; predominantly lawyers; hypocrites who love to feign each other with superficial accomplishments. Its all repulsive BULLSHIT

  4. incognito123 says:

    ANY notary that REALLY cares about good practices really needs to write to the NNA regarding all the frauds committed by various Chase notaries. This is like awarding a “Parent of the Year Award” to a child molester, DISGUSTING!!

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