Happy 4th of July!




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  1. Mike Drouin says:

    Happy Fourth everyone .Too bad the substance of Declaration Of Independence doesn’t mean what it use to . Our forefathers won our Independence from one TYRANT and now we have a Country full of them ?!?!
    I was talking with a guy that had to go through six lawyers and even fired an expert that tried cutting a deal behind his back ?? I’m on my second Lawyer and I’ m no better off , GOD HAVE MERCY !!!

  2. Brookwood Carolina says:

    This is not exactly on topic but it is important. Last Wednesday a local judge upheld an exemption for BANA from payment of a Cost Bond in my foreclosure case. I am asking for a rehearing but you should all be aware that big banks do NOT need to register as a foreign corporation so long as they have authority from the Office of Financial Regulation to conduct business in Florida. I confirmed this with Financial Administrator John Pullen. However, I am going to seek a void order pursuant to F.S. 57.011 since I do not believe that counsel for BANA proved a specific exemption due to “a federal designation ” (I assume this is because BANA is servicer/Plaintiff allegedly foreclosing for FNMA. I did want to alert all of the similarly situated pro se and in propria persona Defendants/Homesteaders in Florida

  3. hammertime says:

    Happy 4th 4closurefraud and everyone else that has been active on the posts and message board. This site has been a great service for us and in exposing the truth of what’s happening to OUR country.

    No matter our individual results we need to tell our stories.

  4. Jim and Charity says:

    Still part of the 5% and 6 1/2 years without payment. The price of liberty is all you have. Happy 4TH of July (not so much). Its been like fighting the tide with a shovel.

    • incognito123 says:

      It’s all in how you look at it, nearing 7 years myself and could not be happier in life or where I am in my case. Don’t let them beat you down, hold your head up high, have fun with it, and go kick their asses in court! Be persistent and NEVER, EVER, EVER give up unless YOU decide you want to move or do something else.

  5. usedkarguy says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: thank you for fighting this war against the banking oligarchies and our Federal Government. Time has exposed the facts that the judiciary, the Treasury, and the Obama Justice Department are colluding with the banksters to perpetrate this fraud on the citizens. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to continue this battle against fraud. We know that our debt-based monetary system is crumbling. Becaused the money is worthless, they are intent on stealing the land and the commodities, as they are the only things of value.
    Six years ago when I made my last payment to Wells Fargo, I was convinced the rule of law would protect me in the court system. HOW WRONG I WAS! The hostility of the judiciary was evidenced immediately. With or without counsel, your appearance before the court is not just resented, but is taken as an affront to the power these judges wield against citizens while ruling for their own self-interests. We know what happened, and so do they. Because they’re on the receiving end of the payment streams from this fraud, they will protect the banks, the law firms who commit fraud on the courts, and the Government agencies who are in place to enforce the laws that were there to protect US!
    It will not be an easy battle. But it must be fought! We are a minority among the populace. 95% of the people threw their keys on the floor and walked away. We are the ones who chose to stand and fight the injustice. Thanks for your comraderie. And thanks to those who seek to make a difference by standing up to these criminals. You are making a difference.
    In Patriotism, Roger Rinaldi

    • incognito123 says:

      Well said!

    • lms53 says:

      how true! there are still some judges though not in our local courts that know what has been done to the average American. Chase recently lost in the federal courts in a class action for “allegedly” and I use that term loosely, leading their customers on with loan modifications( i.e. lost paperwork, stalling the process, breach of contract) should sound familiar to those of us that believed in our government and that they would help us. If you are in this class action and are in foreclosure process, watch out, chase is sending out their attorneys to push you through the process and foreclose on you now so that you will not be entitled to any of the benefits of this class action. the settlement says if the bank forecloses on you before you get the “invitation letter” , the bank will not include you in the settlement. They are up to their usual crookedness, beware!

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