Over 48 Million Americans Live in Poverty

Homeless Child

Over 48 Million Americans Live in Poverty

Over 48 million Americans live in poverty, according to a special report by the Census Bureau Thursday. It provides an alternative look at the worst off people in the nation than the official numbers that come out in September.

Government programs such as food stamps do help some people, especially children, but even so 16% of American children are living in poverty, according to the supplemental report.

“These are bad numbers,” said Robert Doar, a fellow of poverty studies at the American Enterprise Institute, a right-leaning think tank in Washington D.C. “We can do better, we’re not doing better and that’s discouraging.”

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The official poverty line was $23,283 last year for a family of four. Today’s Census report — known as the supplemental poverty measure — takes into account living costs in different parts of the country as well as what government benefits people receive.

The supplemental poverty line varies between urban and rural America. For example, the poverty level in major metropolitan levels is $30,000 or even higher in some locations because people have to pay more for food, shelter and transportation.

This more detailed look at poverty reveals an even uglier picture in some states.

California’s official poverty rate was 16% last year. Under the supplemental measure, its poverty rate is 23.4%. In other words, the high cost of living in California outweighs the government benefits poor Californians receive. Florida, New York and 10 other states saw their poverty rates rise between the official and supplemental measures.

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5 Responses to “Over 48 Million Americans Live in Poverty”
  1. disableddad says:

    Nailed it ! I couldn’t have said it better or more accurately. I’m 52. In last 10 yrs I became disabled on job with Fortune 500 employer and still fighting against WC insurer and corrupt Workers Comp judge and system. I eventually had to refinance my home of 23 yrs, at the time, but it was stolen. My equity was more than the loan I refinanced. Yet bank of america managed to fraudulently steal it and leave me homeless and disabled and living in my car. Now I worked as a Biomedical Equipment Tech, making $70K in 2004, a single dad with a son in his first yr of college and I had no debt when I got hurt.
    Now I have lost everything because I couldn’t find an attorney with any balls. I got all the proof in the world. CA Sec of State wouldn’t file charges when the notary lied , wouldn’t provide journal, fraudulent documents, the DA knew and wouldnt pros all to steal my home. They knew I couldn’t pay for an attorney very long even if there was one with the balls. I represented myself with my last $10K and NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO BE HEARD BECA– USE THE JUDGE CORRUPT.
    My son has seen this all happen to me. He has lost all respect of our political and judicial representatives.

  2. Mike Drouin says:

    The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer . Where have we heard that before ? Oh ya , from every form of civilization that ever existed on the planet . Governments form to manage with good intent so that all can enjoy the prosperity and peace with all working for the common good , but what happens is the few that are in positions of power are corrupted by the temptation to make decisions that benefit themselves and entities that provide services that are dependent on by the masses turning people into financial slaves oppressed by those who become heartless hypocrite bastards . Two faced , selling out the GOD givin right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness so that they may live comfortably . It will get a whole lot worse before it gets better . the financial system is in its death spiral so , …………………….

  3. Sandra K says:

    Too disturbing to dwell on. Perhaps if we would have spent money to re-build our infrastructure creating jobs right here instead of lingering in foreign wars, spending $trillions on killing people around the globe, we’d have a better future HERE. We 99% are the pawns in the finance game; even if the 1% lose a gazillion dollars, they’ll still end up way ahead of the rest of us.

  4. Hope the wealthy begin buying ‘stuff’ that we middle class people who have slipped into poverty can no longer buy. If not our economy will implode again. I once attended concerts, nice restaurants, shopped at Macy’s and went to beauty parlors for my hair styles but that is a thing of the past. Like all the other folks my age I eat at Taco Bell because they give Senior citizens free senior drinks with refills and $1 items. They are filled with people, many of which are frail… McDonalds gives Senior coffee and $1 yogurt parfaits. It keeps the body together. Goodwill has the rich folks old hand me downs that even now I can no longer afford. All my laundry and cleaning products come from Dollar Tree, including my reading glasses and toothpaste. I was standing in their check out and watched a very dignified older lady count out pennies to pay for her purchase.
    I don’t make enough to repair my house, which is falling apart or pay utilities and that continues to slip. So yes, pray the rich and Corporations can keep things going or if they and the GOP succeed in getting rid of taxes we can print or borrow more money from China because the rest of us are failing below poverty level after a lifetime of middle class enjoyment. Not because we are lazy but because we are too old to get a job and make too much for food stamps. I stopped cable TV, my newspaper, have not been to doctor in over a year. No meds, dental work or glasses and badly need both. I stopped buying soft drinks and beef products. Can’t afford them.
    Some of us are working low pay part time jobs to supplement. My part time salary last year was cut in half by an auto accident. There are no resources for people like us and frankly the Republicans would cut our SS and Medicare if they could or privatize them until we are without if they succeed in their efforts to deny elderly and minorities their vote.

    Be careful what you wish for Wall Street, you may go begging when poverty reaches the tipping point in our once wealthy nation. Jack and the Beanstalk – Remember killing the goose that generated the golden eggs? Well, that is what the rich are doing all while they are complaining about the poor [lazy] people.

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