Foreclosure: A Humanitarian Crisis – Attorney James “Randy” Ackley and The Illusion of Standing

Foreclosure: A Humanitarian Crisis – Attorney James “Randy” Ackley and The Illusion of Standing

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James “Randy” Ackley appeared on the Neil Garfield Radio Show.  The show was a fascinating discussion about banks’ creating the illusion of standing when a bank is unable to demonstrate they have the right to foreclose.

Neil and Randy addressed why the courts were allowing loan servicers to present evidence that was hearsay, often fraudulent and did not comply with the rules of evidence. Ackley stated that, “The court is allowing evidence to be introduced that would not be admitted in any other type of case.” The discussion brought up the fact that courts are making erroneous presumptions in favor of the banks despite the fact that there is now a public record of banks fabricating evidence, robosigning documents, false notarizations and bank employees testifying under oath about facts they know nothing about.

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  1. Bruce R Nelson says:

    I am 77, dissabled vet who knows for a fact that OCWEN/HSBC/AHMSI have zero standing re their ability to persuade Fed Judge Anna Brown, Portland, OR. AHMSI “PROVED” they had no standing when I sued AHMSI (pro se) before Judge Horner, Presiding Circut Ct Judge, Polk County, Oregon. Late 12/2008 AHMSI Attorney appeared before Judge Horner to state AHMSI claim to foreclose on 580 Riverview Dr NW, Salem, OR. Afet about 40 minutes of Shills argument Judge Horner asked her if she had the lawful note with her to present standing. Shill stated she did not have said document (nor any other TILA required proof of standing). At that Judge Horner declared hearing over and he then instructed me to prepare orders removing AHMSI from title records and naming me as sole legal owner of said property. All of this is a matter of record in Polk County Court Rercords. The house was then recorded in my name as sole unebcumbered owner. For a year I improved the property to tune of some $59k but out of the blue AHMSI, mow owned by OCWEN/HSBC (two corps with serious fraud and legal charges and HSBC being charged by FBI for laundering South American Drug Cartel money (profits from cocane sales in USA!) They filed against me in Oregon Federal CT and apparently conned Judge Anna Brown Fed Ct Judge into believing OCWEN/HSBC/AHMSI had legal standing but apparently Judge Brown decided they need not prove standing and awarded my home (right at the time AAG had appraised the property and was prepared to reverse mortgage a sum of appro $300k (based on their appraisel of $349K). Judge Brown dismissed me with prejudice thereby forbiding me to appeal or even enter her courtroom. I HEREBY ATTEST ABD SWEAR THAT THE FORGOING IS TRUE. Just in case a miracle comes to this 77yr old senior and justice somehow appears before I pass on this life.

    I complained to CFPB the idiocy of naming OCWEN )the fraudster service company based in central Florida as “Ombudsman” to settle the several billion $ CFPB judgement for us poor slobs who are victims of this gigantic fraud on American citizens. I met all of Ocwens requirements approx 2 yrs ago and they decided I had no authority even though I produced all documents proving I in fact do have authority. They since refused to communicate with me for over a year. I complained again to Mr. Cordry CFPB more recent and finally I hear from OCWEN )Mari Esqval, Ombusperson) which had to be becauxe CFPB finallyy rocked Ocwens boat. Its been about a month since Ocwen assured me they were “looking into the matter” but not before they sent me another letter saying they have lost or misplaced all of my records and now demand thatI reproduce all of that (which for me is now impossible). Nonethe less Maria said she would be in toucn with me in 40 days (which is now expiring.

    I retain absolutely no hope that I will ever recover anything from this horrendous miscarriage of justice for which Judge Anna Brown was complicent (allegedly. I have no money, thanks to OCWEN and have no way to address my grievance other than through opportunities presented by internet sights such as this.

    I have just been listing to a rebroadcast of a West Palm Radio show hosted by randy re the very sunject of proof of standing. I just wish it would salvage my arse.


    Bruce r Nelson
    26 C Pinetop Cir
    Banner Elk, NC 29604

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