Foreclosure Tales from The Interwebz: We don’t want to be homeless!!!!!!


Foreclosure Tales from The Interwebz: We don’t want to be homeless!!!!!!

Another story of despair from the Interwebz…

Good afternoon everyone. Me and my family are in a very bad position. We’ve signed 2 contracts on the home we are in. We’ve paid our deposit & a couple of months of rent. Then we get a knock on the door & surprisingly we get served with foreclosure papers I’m new on this site. So now we got pa papers mailed to us stating our home is going to sheriff auction on 6/16/2016 @ 10am. In Rogers County.  Our home is located in Oologah, Ok. The total pay off is $105,000.00 is there anyone on here that can help us? My wife is disabled & we have a 3yr old also. Please anyone know of anyone who can help we don’t want to be homeless!!!!!!

We dont want to move. As well ive got contract for labor/materials on this place for we was supposed to be buying after the first yr. But we moved in oct of last yr & the papers show he stopped paying on this place in may. We didn’t know of this i know there’s a lender out there that can buy for us & we pay back the loan? Its 2.5 acres with 4/2. But auction can get cheaper than whats on the paperwork & we plan on going to the auction ourselves if we cant buy it then we could trying working out something with buyer. For Obama had signed a law in 09′ that even though we are in foreclosure our lease is still legal & can remain till our lease is up but we really want to stay but guess its in gods hands at this time…..

Ive done alot of work to this place plus paid outta pocket for materials.  Im not leaving with out a fight. I stand behind my word personal & business.  Thats why i have 2 contracts on this property other than that ill file a lien either way.



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