Misapplied Payments: Homeowners File Suit Against Servicer, Trust Over Alleged Breach of Contract


Property owners file suit against financial institutions over alleged breach of contract

SAN FRANCISCO – Martinez property owners have filed suit over their mortgage payments.

John Roemer and Paula Roemer filed a complaint on June 21 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Fay Servicing LLC, U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Bank of America N.A., and Does 1 through 50 alleging breach of contract and other counts.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs allege that Fay Servicing sent them inflated monthly payment demands on behalf of U.S. Bank that they claim were inconsistent with the terms of their loan modification. The plaintiffs holds Fay Servicing LLC, U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Bank of America N.A., and Does 1 through 50 responsible because the defendants allegedly failed to apply plaintiff’s January payment to the loan, resulting in a past due balance in their statement and placing their loan in default.

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12 Responses to “Misapplied Payments: Homeowners File Suit Against Servicer, Trust Over Alleged Breach of Contract”
  1. lvent says:

    I was reading my copy of LIFE MAGAZINE entitled SECRET SOCIETIES which describes the many guises of one vast enterprise.

    The THUGS is one of them who sound like the mobsters of today we have stealing with impunity by FALSIFICATION of everything.

    They’re killers who use force to fraudulently control the lives of others by victimization from behind the scenes.

    They’re gangbanger THUGS who dress up like every entity imaginable to try to discredit & knock off who they target wrongfully by forced subjugation.

    Their criminal objective behind forced drugging is to carry out their mob hits in secret by blaming the victims they create.

    They’re professional THUGS who would barge in on someone to torture them to death & then blame the victim for it.

    They’re no different than the Nazis when they said the victims got killed because they didn’t fight back.

    They had no chance to fight back just like today because they were robbed of everything & felt they had no way to escape the crooks who robbed them.

    That’s why the crooks who robbed the public trust shouldn’t have been bailed out because that empowered them to steal more.

  2. lvent says:

    It’s misappropriation of power which involves money laundering of fraudulent sales.

  3. lvent says:

    They barge in & say you’ve got 45 days to get out which is meant to be traumatizing.

    They don’t give no consideration to what that entails for their victims of their CRIMES.

    I refuse to let them think they did that to me because it’s equity stripping by devaluing what they think of you which isn’t much.

    They want to force you to sell off your belongings by not giving proper notice of their theft because they think your worthless.

    To that I say none of it is worth nothing if I don’t own it so they can have it.

    There’s plenty more where that came from & it’s no longer valuable when you don’t want none of it.

    They think it’s the end of the road for people because they got equity stripped criminally?

    They didn’t fool me that they’re coveting & I’m certainly going to live my life like never before because they’re trying to ruin mine & I’m not going to let them.

    If they want to pretend your dead to steal they’re traitors who won’t have no luck for doing it.

  4. lvent says:

    Their war on people’s minds is criminal because they want no individuality by traumatization.

    Then they say you can’t live in fear but they want to make you defenseless.

    They set you up to fail & then blame the victim for it unjustly which involves WAR CRIMES.

  5. lvent says:

    I’ve heard how they carry out hits & blame the victim they set up.

    That’s why TRADING WITH THE ENEMY is so secretive, it blames the victim & relies on fear to set up the victim by force.

  6. lvent says:

    They’re stealing & dividing people’s ASSETS like they’re dead, by holding them hostage under false duress under false pretenses by false imprisonment because they’re title stealing IDENTITY THIEVES.

    It’s the worst kind of tyranny there is because they pretend to be someone they’re not to steal everything from people right in front of them.

    They want to hide their crimes by forcing dependency on other’s unlawfully which is CRIMINAL TRESSPASS upon our legal rights.

    No one should be giving out death sentences for being smart & they’re doing it by using people without them knowing it.


  7. lvent says:

    It sure seems like FC is some sort of vast fraud for profit scheme that involves espionage of every kind trying to criminally undermine the legal rights of PRO SE defendants for nefarious reasons.

    They’re not only title stripping our equity unlawfully but, they’re trying to ruin the lives of PRO SE defendants while they’re doing it by vigilantism to try & defame their character.

    They’re conveying titles fraudulently by doing so, to try & criminally extort PRO SE defendants identities UNLAWFULLY, to false imprison them, to cover up the crimes of these gangstalkers which is outright treason.

    They’re outright thieves of everything & it’s being done by lying.

    When you’re forced to defend yourself from tyrant dictators that’s IDENTITY THEFT by CRIMINAL EXTORTION.

    You wake up one day broke & homeless because none of the crooks got punished & that’s not enough for them because they want to steal your dignity by trying to devalue your own self worth which is criminally vulgar.

  8. lvent says:

    If I had to do it over, I would never have defended those 2 FC’s myself, PRO SE, just to clarify what I said in my previous comment.


    The meeting was set up by my former FBI AGENT father’s friend DAVE WEIGAND, the CHIEF of POLICE in CRESTWOOD, ILLINOIS, the same town my business property was located in.

    I brought tons of my evidence with me of the MORTGAGE FRAUD & we discussed the FRAUD in the MORTGAGES. I said I couldn’t find one ATTORNEY who would defend my titles from fraud. I said what’s those ATTORNEYS called & they laughed & said those whatchamacallit ATTORNEYS? There were none. To which I said I didn’t know what to do & I had complained with AG MADIGANS OFFICE & I was told there’s fraud in every MORTGAGE & I shouldn’t need no ATTORNEY. The INVESTIGATOR KEVIN O’CONNELL said they’re really busy & to file my complaint & if I don’t hear from them or they won’t take the case to call him & he would see what he could do. He said when I’m done with my own complicated mess to call him because he might want to hire me & he gave me his card which I still have.

    I never filed the complaint because I figured it would take too long.

    The fact of the matter is AG MADIGANS OFFICE said there’s fraud in every MORTGAGE so there should’nt have been no FC’s.

    KEVIN O’CONNELL said there’s fraud wherever there’s lots of money being made & I believe it.

  9. lvent says:

    The state fascists think they have to zombify PRO SE defendants to fraudclose because they think our titles & things mean more to us than our freedom.

    That’s certainly not true for me, I say forget their devisiveness & start fresh because that makes stuff interesting & exciting.

    Defending FC PRO SE bogs people down to that & only that & you don’t realize how much it controls peoples lives until you don’t do it no more.

    I spent more than 5 years defending 2 FC’s myself PRO SE & they’ve taken enough of my freedom to do other things.

    I wouldn’t defend FC & have my freedom stolen from me so they can try & false imprison me to defending their well contrived suits because it’s not worth it.

    Sometimes you just have to start over by doing something new to stop being tormented by them otherwise their tyranny continues on & on which I won’t have no part of their trying to be total control freaks over me.

    They want to be total control freaks because I didn’t just ignore they didn’t have the BILL OF LADING upon the onset of their suits & that’s too bad for them.

    That only makes them control freaks not owners.

    They want to force people to defend their titles & use that to blame them for learning things they never knew & that’s tyranny because who would bother if you knew that’s what they were up to from the start?

    Not me that’s for sure because they’re undignified by doing it in the first place to try & steal mine by forced coercion.

    That’s why I couldn’t be more dignified than to not dignify them by their use of forced coercion.

    In other words, they can have the titles but their not having me be their mind dumb slave to fraudulently convey those to them.

    They don’t like me because I’m not stupid & that’s totalitarianism. They’re trying to immobilize others by forced coercion because we’re not stupid they’re being tyrants to which is dumbfounding in itself to why they’re trying to be so controlling.

    If you told someone what you learned defending 2 FC’s PRO SE they wouldn’t understand what you were trying to explain to them no matter how much you tried so their criminally ridiculous for trying to use that reason to stupify people with by forced coercion.

    There’s simply no honesty with them & I don’t respect their blatant dishonesty whatsoever.

    Do they want PRO SE defendants to fall off the face of the earth for no reason whatsoever other than we’re honest & they weren’t from the beginning in regards to why they won’t produce the docs legitimately in the first place.

    I’m not going to be degraded by them by their dishonesty ever.

    How many honest people do they want removed to hide they’re dishonesty?

    They’re not human in no way for doing that to no one that’s for sure so I’m going to let everyone know how it goes in BRIDGEVIEW COURTHO– USE when I get back here on Thursday.

  10. lvent says:

    The bottom line is they can have everything because my life is worth more.

    I was forced to defend those 2 FC’s myself, PRO SE, in COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS for over 5 years & that nearly ruined my life.

    If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t have done it, however, I look forward to using my many talents & rebuilding my life by not letting the wrongdoings of others ruin things for me.

    I have to go to Bridgview Courthouse on Thursday morning to reconcile some differences I’ve had pending due to the onslaught of FC problems I’ve been forced to endure by no choice of my own.

    Hopefully they understand the hardships I’ve been forced to endure through no fault of my own & they have mercy on me for that.

  11. lvent says:

    I was told I’m going to make you kill yourself & you’re going to be taken out of here IN A BODY BAG.

    Not only is that never going to happen, that’s the face of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION.

    The U.S. STATES ATTORNEY should take note of this, & investigate this situation to which I would fully cooperate in my testimony because I took those threats seriously & I still do.

  12. lvent says:

    I think they should just be honest & tell the people these were fraudulently induced servicing contracts that were leased out.

    That’s the only explanation for the cloud on our titles.

    Under ARTICLE 2 SALES they still have to produce the contract & prove its genuineness to which they can’t possibly do that because they don’t have the original notes, we do.

    Therefore WALL STREET INVESTORS must have fraudulently transferred our titles unlawfully without telling us.

    It’s HUMAN TRAFFICKING by the way it operates.

    That’s why they won’t disclose pertinent facts like proof the original transaction occurred by the BILL OF LADING which is the ORIGINALTRUSTEE’S RECEIPT, because we were never party to it, so they can’t possibly have the proper legal documentation to produce the note under ARTICLE 3 of the UCC.

    I think we’re being targeted by wrongful misjudgment of the facts & in that case it’s best to just leave & not bother fighting over it because nothing is worth getting killed over by them.

    I sure learned lots of things defending 2 FC’s myself, PRO SE, for over the past 5 years which I’m very grateful for.

    I’m stronger than ever in my CATHOLIC faith because of it, therefore I know possessions don’t mean nothing when it comes to your life & GOD the creator looks out for the faithful.

    The prospect of starting over is liberating because I have faith & trust in GOD that there’s good in the world which starts with everyone of us.

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