‘Sheriff of Wall Street’ Says ‘People Are Right’ About System Being Rigged, But…

‘Sheriff of Wall Street’ Says ‘People Are Right’ About System Being Rigged, But…

This election year has exposed widespread voter anger directed at Wall Street, and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara agrees that “to an extent, people are right about the system being rigged.”

“I think people have a right…given the track record of this office and other offices of exposing fraud, to be worried about that,” Bharara told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

That track record of rooting out fraud has earned Bharara the nickname “Sheriff of Wall Street,” but he has also set his sights on the corruption plaguing New York’s state capital. Since taking office, he’s prosecuted cases against more than a dozen state officeholders.

“We have found that corruption is rife in a lot of institutions in New York and throughout New York. That’s true in the legislature,” he said. “It’s also the case that there’s corruption, we believe, in the executive branches as well. And we’ll ferret it out wherever we find it.”

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  1. mike Drouin says:

    to say the system is rigged , is a nicer way of saying its corrupt !!! That’s why our Political leaders want ” Political correctness ” , It waters down the TRUTH . What happened to cause the Crises of 08 , was the Banksters executed THE INTENTIONAL TORT OF CONVERSION !!! Conversion is a nicer word for THEFT !!! They took your personal property ( note ) and used it for their personal use in converting it to Securities certificates to make obscene profits , without your knowledge and permission . The Residential Mortgage you were led to believe you were in , wasn’t even funded by the entity you made the Mortgage contract with !!! It was ” table funded ” by Investors through an investment Bank who held a secret lien to a contract , with terms , that you would have never agreed to !!! this is a violation of Federal Law , State Law , And Contract Law , and is subjest to RESCISSION , under the Truth In Lending Act ( TILA )

  2. Randall Stephens says:

    Mary Jo White set a high bar? I think not!

    “In an interview in 2005, she took credit for establishing a practice that many believe has ensured no Wall Street prosecutions in the wake of the crisis: ‘the first deferred prosecution agreement involving a major company.'”


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