This is What Happens When Homes are Stolen by Mortgage Servicers


Could Homeownership Be Headed For 50 Percent?

Will the homeownership rate fall below 50 percent?  Not a question most housing industry stakeholders want to think about, but some analysts are speculating that it could happen.  Freddie Mac, in its June edition of Outlook, takes a look at some of those predictions.

The company’s economists start out by reiterating their oft-stated conviction that 2016 will be the best year for housing in a decade.  Despite a generally weak economy they expect housing to “be an engine of growth,” with residential investment providing a direct boost and higher home equity contributing to consumer confidence and leading to higher consumer expenditures.  But they concede that the outlook for homeownership is mixed.

The rate of homeownership has declined precipitously since hitting a peak of 69 percent during the housing bubble. It fell to a 40-year low a few quarters ago and has remained below 64 percent.  Many analysts, Freddie says, expect to see the rate fall even further.

While most do not expect it to fall under 50 percent, Freddie Mac says a number of recent articles, all published in CityScape have set out a range of plausible scenarios where a drop of 20 percentage points in the rate could happen by 2050.

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5 Responses to “This is What Happens When Homes are Stolen by Mortgage Servicers”
  1. believesyou says:

    Bobbi, tenancy is perfect for THEM, but landlords are finding out what it’s like doing “business” with these people. Imagine doing it in a city with rent control where things are so heavily anti-landlord that you easily watch 6 or 9 months pass with no income and then be told by a lawyer you should PAY THEM to move out. The great thing is the post their travails on social media so you can track them like vermin. California is the perfect hell of property ownership. Any clown can turf a homeowner by filing a fake assignment of deed NOD but to get a tenant out can require a jury trial if the tenants asks for it.

    Oh, by the way, I just got a job as a VP at MERS. It doesn’t pay a salary but I have no boss whatsoever and I can work from home.

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    When the market share of buyers begins to be the Millennials then it is more than possible to happen. This Millennial generation does not save, does not plan, overspends, has or takes no responsibility or accountability and in summary, just wants someone else to take care of them! They are the perfect TENANT! But becoming a homeowner for them is just too much work!

    • Al says:

      you missed they are DUMB as hell , socialization is over the computer or phones no more face to face . “Millennials ” would be the dumbest , stupid, dull generation remembered …….

      • mike Drouin says:

        The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the , Avaricious Adventurers to pull their illegal scheme !!! Now they get to sell all the stolen houses to a lazy , and gullibly stupid generation ….

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