ACLU: Wayne County and Detroit ‘Causing Human Catastrophe’ with Foreclosures


ACLU: Wayne County and Detroit ‘Causing Human Catastrophe’ with Foreclosures

Trying to stop what could potentially become a new wave of homeless people in Detroit, the ACLU of Michigan and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday to stop the city and county from foreclosing on thousands of homes through a practice it describes as racially discriminatory.

The suit claims authorities have issued “unlawful” tax assessments by failing to adjust bills to accurately reflect lower property values. About 5,600 owner-occupied homes are currently at risk of being foreclosed in Wayne County, and there are likely to be many more in the future, the ACLU said. About 90 percent of the homes in question are in Detroit. (Read the lawsuit)

The ACLU also alleges that the city has denied many requests from poor people for a  “poverty tax exemption,” which lowers homeowners’ tax burdens by half or eliminates them all together.

“African-American homeowners in Wayne County are enduring a tax foreclosure crisis of a magnitude not experienced by homeowners in Michigan since the Great Depression,” said the lawsuit filed in Wayne County Circuit Court. “Wayne County and (Treasurer) Eric Sabree…are preparing to seize the homes of thousands of county homeowners — the overwhelmingly  majority of whom are African- American — due to their inability to pay property taxes that are magnitudes higher than the taxes that can legally be assessed under Michigan law.”

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  1. Tiffany Rutledge says:

    Wrongful foreclosure happens daily in Wayne county and the courts Are in support of it. Foreclosure mill attorneys kick folks out there homes in A rush to let the home sit and decay rather then work out something with the homeowners.. Some don’t even have the right to pursue non- judicial foreclosures yet they do it..THEY DO NOT EVEN OWN THE HOMES IN SOME CASES.. FRUADULANT ASSIGNMENTS AND PAPERWORK ALLOW THIS AND COURTS EXCEPTIT!! MERS MAKES THIS POSSIBLE.. BY NOT HAVING TO PAY FOR THE RECORDING OF MILLIONS OF MORTGAGES there for no clear chian of title EXISTS!!.. THATS A SUITE RIGHT THERE!! AND DAN GILBERT IS NOT HELPING THAT SITUATION, HE IS NOT A SAVIOR HE IS HELPING HISSELF. WE WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE THESE PROBLEMS IF THE COURTS COONTINUE IGNORE THE LAW.

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