ACLU Loses Bid to Block Wayne County Foreclosures


ACLU loses bid to block Wayne County tax foreclosures

A Wayne County judge denied the ACLU of Michigan’s request to halt Wayne County tax foreclosures, saying a moratorium would financially harm municipalities and school districts.

Judge Robert Colombo Jr. turned down the request by Michael Steinberg of the ACLU and his co-counsel for a halt to foreclosures of Detroiters’ homes and property.

Steinberg argued mass home and property foreclosures has “a gross disparate impact on people of color” and their communities, many of which lose property values because of blight and foreclosed properties. He said some of the owners “narrowly escaped” foreclosure this year because they entered into a tax payment plan. Still, he said, homeowners can find it difficult to keep up on payments since they still have to pay current and back taxes.

“If they don’t get some help they’ll be back in foreclosure this time next year,” Steinberg said.

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