Renters Rise Up for National Day of Action


Renters Rise Up for National Day of Action

What if I told you about 110 million Americans, the majority of them eligible voters, facing one of the country’s greatest challenges, who have never been formally organized on a mass scale? What if I told you that, if molded into a political force, they could swing elections, change state and local laws, and force action to resolve a crisis?

And what if I told you that the first nationwide effort to build this movement begins today?

Organizers are calling it the National Renters Day of Action. Events are planned in some 46 cities, designed to raise awareness about America’s affordable housing crisis.

“This is the largest mobilization of renters in this generation,” says Malcolm Chu of Right to the City Alliance, one of dozens of coalitions supporting the action, under the banner of Homes for All. “We’re focusing on the need to guarantee that all families can get affordable housing.”

The day of action came out of a national conference of housing justice organizations this April in Chicago. But, more broadly, it reflects the depths of a crisis that has reached epidemic proportions, particularly since waves of foreclosures during the Great Recession created millions of new renters.

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