Fraudclosure: Rouge Foreclosures are Still in Full Swing Even After National ‘Settlement’

Woman in Years-Long Battle with Wells Fargo to Keep Her Home

A year into her family’s new sanctuary, illness struck.    Molotky contracted bacterial meningitis in 2007.

“I almost died… attacks all your organs,” she said.  “It does permanent damage… so that was a really hard time.”

She was fighting for survival, and still caring for a 15-year-old daughter.  Her son was serving in the military.

Molotky decided to make what she saw as a smart financial move.

“I took my car off my home owner’s combined multi policy.  Took that off and went to a cheaper company.”

It was the first domino in what is now a 10-year fight.

“Wells Fargo said ‘Oh you don’t have insurance. We are no going to force insurance on you and we are going to charge you this exorbitant premium for this insurance,'” said Paul Ledford, Molotky’s attorney.

Her $1,400 mortgage payment doubled, then tripled.  She started calling and calling, trying to right a wrong and prevent something worse.

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