New Jersey: From the Mayor’s Chair – Help for those in danger of foreclosure

New Jersey

New Jersey: From the Mayor’s Chair – Help for those in danger of foreclosure

I have written recently about the wave of home foreclosures in Absecon and elsewhere in Atlantic County. Atlantic County has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation and Absecon has the fourth highest rate in Atlantic County at one in every 221 homes. With the Taj Mahal casino closing, there may be an additional 100 Absecon residents out of work and in danger of losing their homes. We need help for these at-risk Absecon homeowners. Fortunately, the state is unveiling a program of economic assistance to those in danger of losing their homes.

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency has introduced its Hardest Hit Fund, which can provide up to $50,000 to eligible applicants in order to reduce their mortgage payments or to cover obligations that are past due to bring mortgage payments current.

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, NJHMFA will hold a Foreclosure Resource Event from 3 to 8 p.m. at the All Wars Memorial Building at 1510 Adriatic Ave. in Atlantic City. Certified housing counselors will be available to assist people in applying for these benefits and taking other measures to avoid foreclosure. I have been assured by the NJHMFA director that a future event will be held in Absecon. But don’t hold off if you are at risk of foreclosure. I urge you to attend this event. You may RSVP and obtain information about the Hardest Hit Fund online at

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One Response to “New Jersey: From the Mayor’s Chair – Help for those in danger of foreclosure”
  1. Tom says:

    That sure looks familiar!
    Sort of like the loan modification programs to help people stay in their homes here in 2010, but all it ended up being was false hope to keep people in their homes until they could be fit into the court foreclosure schedule.

    That will more likely be where they have the so-called bank specialists there from several of the big banks to supposedly help the people there at the seminar.
    I already went through that scam as well! They’ll get you started on something that looks good, they will lose your documents that you filled out and then ask you to send them in again, so they can lose them again, and then they’ll keep changing your contact person with the bank to keep you more confused, and once they can fit you into the court foreclosure schedule you will find out that it was all just delay tactics to keep you in the house until they can steal it.

    And if you get into a better financial position to either bring your account current, or even pay it off in full, they will NOT accept your payment. Your money is NO good!!!
    They earn bigger profits by forcing the foreclosures, especially if they had that force placed insurance scam attached to the mortgages. PMI/MIP. That’s the biggest motivating factor for their fraudclosures!

    The homeowners are required to pay that PMI/MIP scam insurance, which protects the banksters and not the homeowners.
    Probably equivalent to someone paying for car insurance, getting into an accident, having the lawyers and judges help the banksters to steal the insurance payouts (as long as the lawyers and judges get a piece of the payouts in kickbacks), then they take possession of the car and resell it at auction for more profit. You lose!!!

    What you may have thought you were paying for was going to protect you, is just another scam for the banksters, judges and lawyers to steal what you thought you had, and what you were paying for.
    You are just a pawn in their corruption that lines their pockets with billions!!!
    You are the middleman in between them and that insurance payout! They don’t care about helping you, they just want to get to that insurance payout, that you have been paying the premiums on, and then steal the house for reselling at auction later for more profits.

    Like I said before, nothing was done to stop the massive foreclosure fraud before and now they came back for another round of massive theft!

    Good luck and enjoy the ride, because you won’t win!

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