Death Clause: Home Foreclosed Despite Never Missing a Payment

Uncommon mortgage clause leaves grieving Va. family without home

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. — A family home was sold to the highest bidder Friday; it was an auction overshadowed by tears. Peggy Stroud wept as a bidder bought the home she grew up in on Urbine Road.

Stroud said the home is the place where her mother took her last breath, and her father was shot to death on the porch two years ago.

For months after his death, Stroud says she paid the bank her dad’s mortgage, nearly $8,500 total.

She was stunned to learn that all of those payments still did not stop a foreclosure.

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3 Responses to “Death Clause: Home Foreclosed Despite Never Missing a Payment”
  1. Incognito123 says:

    the sheeple in this country still believe these banksters don’t want your property because that is what they have been told their whole life

  2. Tom says:

    I wonder what the clause is for when you try to pay off your mortgage in full and they won’t accept your payment and still force the foreclosure?
    It’s called they make new rules “on the go plan” to make the foreclosure work for them to steal as many homes as they can.

    When they are targeting you for a foreclosure, you will lose. Regardless of the situation!
    If they are looking at collecting huge profits from that force placed Private Mortgage Insurance scam, they will do whatever it takes to collect on that payout. Your money is no longer any good!
    Maybe that’s why my foreclosure never showed up as ever happening?
    They got the property where they came up with a law called “IN REM” foreclosure that is against the property only, but not me personally. It never showed up on my Credit Report either!

    Apparently that makes the so-called legalized theft of the property not so bad for the victims?
    No, it’s just another way for them to cover their asses for the crimes they committed!

    And if they get caught and do a settlement in a Class Action Suit, you can receive a whole $8.93 from the settlement. That was what Chase had to pay their victims. The scumbag lawyers stole the rest from the settlement.
    I didn’t cash my check, I framed it, along with the other documents I have proving the massive fraud they pulled off!

    So when a guy walks into a bank to rob it and gets caught, he goes to jail.
    A bankster that robs his customers through massive fraud receives bonuses.
    And if his bank fails, he can go cry to the government to get the taxpayers to bail him out so he can receive another 8 figure bonus and continue financially raping his customers and the taxpayers that bailed his ass out.

    There’s your division in this country.
    The wealthy corrupt sucking the life out of the struggling poor!
    Nothing is being done to stop it, and it’s only going to get worse!

    • James Cerveny says:

      While there is much truth in what you are saying, the author of this blog is correct when he says that foreclosure can be defeated in certain situations. I know. I’m a foreclosure defense attorney and I won four trials last year, obtained dismissals in others, and assisted clients in obtaining refinances in many others.

      And thank God, Florida law still allows the right of redemption. This means that if you come up with the money to pay off the loan at any time before sake, the banks have to take it. Not to say they won’t attempt trickery to get around this, but I’ve never seen it happen when a complete payoff is offered.

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