Trashed Out: Woman ‘Mistakenly’ Evicted, Belongings Thrown in Dumpster

“Whoever gave approval for people to enter the apartment could face possible burglary and theft charges.”


Woman wrongly evicted from Jacksonville apartment, belongings thrown in trash

A woman said she was wrongly kicked out of her Jacksonville apartment and management trashed all of her personal belongings.

Brianna Davis said she was in class and received several calls from her sister, who was in a panic.

“She says ‘you have to hurry up and get here the maintenance cleaned out our apartment they trashed everything,’” Davis said.

Davis said when she got to her apartment at Arlington Eagle apartments, it was empty except for her bed frame.

She said maintenance workers cleared all her belongings out of the apartment, throwing everything in the trash bin.

She said she had just paid her rent for the month of March using a money order.

“They were supposed to be going in apartment 213 and they went in apartment 223. The property manager said it was a mix-up.”

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  1. During illegal foreclosure person sent to get boxes and person’s representing banks and agent put belongings under lock refused to give back!!! Homeowner devastated nothing happened to person’s doing this called police told civil matter is appalling this is still going on

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