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  1. Angel says:

    I just wanted to wish ALL YALL a GREAT turkeyday <3,,, I lost my battle,but DIDNT loose myself,,,CHASE is the devil,& I hope ALL affected by this virus of a so-called bank finds STRENGTH,PEACE,<3 OF A BETTER DAY <3

    • mick says:

      Back Atcha Angel!
      Actually me thinks it’s BoA, Chase, Citi, Duesche, (<–misspelling INTENDED, TYVM!), AND Wells Fargo who make up the big 5 "SATANS", that desperately need to be broken up, forever. They aren't a virus; they ARE a plague. 7 TRILLION Now in clouded titles in the USofA ALONE! God help all the owners when they go to sell and find out the NEED for all the "Special" Warranty Deeds they Bought in to (While Goldman Sachs funded all the TItle Insurance for the worthless deeds millions snatched up thinking they were getting gr8 deals…..thank GOD we now own a Never been SOILED by the UNCLEAN HANDS of MERS property. It shall stay that way until we and our children DIE, to boot. Black Clouds of a BAD Time are coming folks, hunker down, prepare for the worst and hope for the best….we're going to need a SERIES of miracles to make it through unscathed in the next 18 months as a Country. & Like Angel, I WISH EVERY READER A HAPPY THANKSGIVING, don't forget to give those thanks Yourself, to Your God, because it could always be worse. my 2cents (& no, You didn't have to overpay to get it!) -mick

    • lisa says:

      You’re so right! Thank you for sharing such kindness especially after fighting so hard for what you know was criminal. It’s tough to pick ourselves back up and move forward, I know. My battle was for 7-years, trust in our judicial system spending every last dime of our savings. Extremely naive thinking our courts would no doubt find the lender guilty of illegal foreclosure and fraud, I was made a fool.

      However, the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained through this battle shockingly has taught me a huge life lesson that many people go their lifetime never having to experience.

      Many Blessings to you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Kellie Rider says:

    Hey Mick can you email me. I would like to rack your brain some.

  3. Mick says:

    IF You filed Your Lis Pendens at the same time You Filed a Lawsuit (Complaint)against Your former lender/servicer (or ‘pretender-lender’) rather than a motion for rehearing (or even With a Motion to the Previous Judgment) that has not yet been ruled on, for a Fraudclosure rather than Foreclosure, You’d better be prepared to fight it until You win. You haven’t ‘slandered’ title if the party that obtained it didn’t have lawful RIGHT TO IT.

    IF the buyer at that foreclosure sale didn’t bother to check the court records, inside of those ‘courthouse steps’, prior their winning bid, it’s ‘caveat emptor’ (let the Buyer Beware) with ANY and EVERY FC Sale & Purchase. In addition, IF You can PROVE that You notified the ‘pretender lender’s Attorneys BEFORE that sale, You have zero things to worry about. THEY Clouded (read=Slandered) the title long in advance of You if for some reason they (can be proved after the fact to have) Foreclosed without standing or with other flaws in Their purported chain of title/ownership. I’m sure no lawyer, and this isn’t legal advice, but I can tell You we’re in nearly EXACTLY the same scenario, where we also filed an LP with a followup motion to vacate a void judgment, and we went 1 further….we served a copy of that motion, the 84 pages of attached addendum evidence, AND THE LIS PENDENS, On The Buyer. They, after committing 2 counts of Mortgage Fraud Before Service, Committed ANOTHER TWO Quickly “re-fi’ing” AFTER Service….and their Lender apparently didn’t do a Title Search? Oh Well, as Sophocles said nearly 2300 years ago: “Time Reveals Everything”. Good Luck on You and here’s Praying You & all family members old enough to do so are both registered and Voting for Trump today. A Criminal, for Thousands of Counts of violations for the Espionage Act, not to mention treating our military personnel like disposable diapers (both active duty AND Retired), and Knowing where she stands on the Whole Bill of Rights(starting w/Amendment 2) and the Next President getting a power play not seen since FDR(& he had 15+ YEARS as POTUS to get the ability) of APPOINTING 4(FOUR) SCOTUS JUDGES, possibly even 5(FIVE). It’s a staggering responsibility, and IF HRC’s granted that effort through election today, we, the fighters against fraud, are done. <-Period behind that for a reason. & If anyone out there thinks She'd do anything to Goldman-Sach's, & the rest of the plethora of Mega-Banks after Obama FUNDED their Buying out of all their competition (when both They And Their Former Competition Were Supposed to be Helping US in SOme FOrm or Fashion With that Financial Assistance) That WE the Taxpayers, provided…..well readers, not in Your grandchildren's lifetimes do we recover from a 9 Judge Liberal "Living Document" Left Wing SCOTUS deciding anything, much less Everything. Voting for HRC, is kissing the American Dream goodbye (Communists and Socialists don't approve of 'private property ownership' in case You didn't know?).

  4. Kent says:

    Well the Florida Supreme Court made their decision and of course not in our favor.

  5. Hammertime says:

    Which one?

  6. DT says:

    Vote for a criminal not a chance

    • Walter Smith says:

      You only vote for him because you LIKE him,
      and you only LIKE him, because you are…. LIKE HIM!

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      Even Hitler had massive supporters. Didn’t make him right !

      • Mick says:

        By That line of THinking, Hillary Felon in Waiting Rodham & Shaftem Clinton Supporters are ONLY VOting for HRC because they’re Fellow FELONS in Waiting? Your Quote works exceptionally well when reversed, because WHO we vote for Speaks VOLUMES for WHO WE ARE. Criminals (Either Sexual Predator Husbands who Raped, and Sexually Assaulted all those around him EXCEPT his Wife, OR the Enabling, obviously Chiild and Woman/Victim Hating Attorney Wife of our Former POTUS, who’s running for POTUS, who made a Career of Destroying the Reputations of those victims OF HER HUSBAND), then hid and deleted 10’s of thousands of emails each in violation of FOIA (AFTER receiving Subpoena for preservation of same….imagine if YOU or Me did that? Hmmm?) Are You an Elite Millionaire, who’s given a pass with EVERY Lie You tell, Including those to cover the former, former, former (add 30+ yrs worth) LIE? Do YOU believe the US Constitution and BIll of RIghts should be Shredded? Do You HATE ‘common people’? IF SO? Well, then You DEFINITELY Need to be voting for HRC. No question about it. If not, well, then You still have some time and some choices. You get to determine what kind of Country Your grandchildren inherit, today.

  7. Kellie Rider says:

    We fought the eviction but had some corrupt county judges in Fort Worth. Judge Don Pierson. Also got a judge who is leaving office and not running again so she could careless about justice. I totally get what your saying about all your complaints to other departments. I have a 15 yr paper trail of mortgage fraud. You name it I got it!!

  8. Kellie Rider says:

    That is my thoughts. After we got the very first evic notice I called him and let him know there was a Lis Pendens filed the morning of the sale. He said I’m getting my check back! 21st Mortgage aka GMAC. Mortgage would not return his money. Not new buyer has possession of property and put it in the market and is u set contract. He found out that he could not get financing wanted me to sign off. LOL!!! He said if I didn’t he would sue me for Slander of Title. I told him talk to me lawyer and my lawyer said I don’t think so buddy. We lost the TRO but hopefully we will this since he purchased property as is.

    • Hammertime says:

      Interesting,so far no one is touching MY property, though unlawfully evicted. Still purportedly NON bank owned after 1 yr+. barely will be getting to file lis lendens. May be all my complaints with every agency, local offiicial had some effect

  9. Hammertime says:

    @Kelly if lawsuit filed legitimately a lis pendens is just a warning so can’t see how it’s slander.

  10. Kellie Rider says:

    Excuse me my FORECLOSURE SALE.

  11. Kellie Rider says:

    What do all of you know about filing Lis Pendens before your fire closure sale. I filed one after I filed my law suit that morning. Let attorney know and the sale went through. Attorney did not inform new buyer. Filed another suit and a new Lis Pendens now buyer wants to sue me for slander of title since I won’t remove or cancel. What are your thoughts ? I’m in Texas.

  12. ldynps says:

    ATTENTION READERS!!!! This site has been created for foreclosure fraud, which we are all aware of is the worst crime to ever be perpetrated in American History!!! However, we know there is enough corruption to go around but tThe ONLY way to rid it….

    .VOTE OUT ALL THE CONGRESS AND SENATE…….JUDGES…..ATTORNEYS GENERALS…..GOVERNORS! It may take 4 years but this corruption is allowing the banks to steal our homes through fraudulent means!!!! Stop the insanity!!! Vote Clinton for these next 4 years cause Trumps now bought by the Pence corrupt backers, those pesty Koch Brothers!!! Don’t let them into more power, this is the closest they’ve been and all you’re hearing are lies to decieve! Give her 4 years, please, I know this will work!

  13. bsker says:

    Firstly, I am almost done reading ‘Chain of Title’, and wanted to say Kudos to Lisa E. and Mike R. for their life’s work here. Next a shout out to all the others here who are helping one another via this forum.

    Now a few thoughts:

    If you look back, most people voted for Trump in the primaries NOT because he had a flawless personality (far from it), but because he brought up issues that were (deliberately) suppressed for decades by the political establishment in DC. I still believe Obama and Hillary are good people at heart and want what is best for our country, but given their circumstances (receiving campaign contributions) they will not be able to go against Wall St which still controls much of our econo-political system. Recall Obama’s meeting with the 13 bankers at the White House where he caved in and let them keep the status quo? This is documented in Ron Suskind’s book – Confidence Men. And then you take a look at this public link about HRC’s top donors
    and you can see why she cannot ‘rock the boat’ even if she wanted to. It’s a shame because had Hillary not had this baggage, I would have happily voted to make her the first woman POTUS. And as significant as that is, I realized that reforming our political system takes precedence over everything else.
    So, yes, I am a life long democrat who is voting for Trump this time. There is always the chance that he too will cave in like Obama, but given what we know about Trump’s independence and fearlessness that seems less probable.

    I respect and admire everyone here who is sticking to their own reasons for voting for their favorite candidate, nothing wrong with that. And let that not stop us from working together to ensure that Wall St, K-Street, and Main Street all play their proper roles in our society.
    Be well.

  14. Heading To Trial Soon says:

    This site, the Livinglies site, and Chain of Title have helped me educationally and emotionally during my 9 year battle to same my home. I will continue to support all of them.
    But…I’m checking out for a while now that you have all turned this message board into a rambling mess of opinions.
    It doesn’t matter who gets elected. It only matters that we work together with the common goal that we have had for the past decade.
    Thank you Michael Redman, Neil Garfield, and David Dayen, for all that you do! I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

  15. Debbie says:

    Yep, guess Obama was the Republican president in 2008 when the banks were given the bail out. I suggest you vote for the racist, homophobic, sexist, child molester, rapist, adulterer, voyeur, misogynistic, tax cheater, liar, xenophobic Donald yourself. Keep your suggestion to yourself. Shaking my head.over your comments as well as the other person who implied that Obama is dumb because he has not stopped the hacking. It appears that there is a lack of basic information technology knowledge on this board. I must unsubscribe from this website. Thanks to the creators of this website but I think some people have veered off course.

  16. ldynps says:

    Mick! I believe it has been widely announced on all media formats that Benghazi was closed as it came to light during the investigation that the Republican Congress was responsible for further expenditures…. Mrs. Clinton was cleared, case closed! However, you mentioned it as if you believe she is responsible after a 3 year investigation? If so, it’s pretty difficult to have an intelligent conversation with someone like you who believes what he believes and screw facts!! wow!

  17. Hammertime says:

    Sorry, Tom you’re getting played by the greatest con man in history!

  18. Tom Heinrich says:

    The Donald has made it VERY plain that Hillary and Bill do the Banksters bidding for them, and he is committed to putting the bank fraudsters behind bars, unlike Bill and Oback Barama who let the banks and courts get away with (financial) murder of we citizens which is what put the entire WORLD in financial chaos, where it remains.

    MORE than THAT, Trump will straighten out the crooked judges that gift the Banksters YOUR properties even though they don’t have a penny invested in the mortgage…remember banks make THREE to FOUR times the profit of these stolen loans whose original investors were wiped out to conceal the evidence.

    Any reader of this site who votes for Hillary is absolutely insane, and you’ll get what you deserve….TAKEN.

    I say TRUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT…The Donald is running against the Establishment, folks, – he deserves ALL the support we can give him, starting with EACH OF OUR VOTES

  19. Lisa Campbell says:

    Unfortunately you opened up a conversation expecting most to accept your statement as you wrote, portraying as you have the last and final word.

    Agree, to disagree. Although I do agree with one comment you made 🙂 most of us are in real need and desparate for advice and knowledge pertaining to foreclosure since our government has failed us all. We should be coming togather helping one another more so since our voice has no sound and have been forgotten by our government who hopes the more we are ignored we will go away.
    Remember…..the DEVIL has many faces and is getting rewarded by putting a wedge between us when in fact we need to come togather and strongly fight to be heard and recognized of the losses we have experienced!

    Take care,

    • Walter Smith says:

      I agree. We went the whole election season without much political rhetoric until now. Someone opened the can of worms and now wants to close the lid. . LOL!

      The “divide and control” tactic is in full effect by the oligarchy. They continue to pit black against white, both against Hispanics, while we all have one thing in common. All us are HAVE NOTS living from paycheck to paycheck. Fighting to keep our measly homes, while most of them own 3 or 4.

      Lisa, unfortunately we are too ignorant to come together and they know it. They make the Blacks seem scary and violent, the Hispanics deadbeat illegals, and poor whites the victims of both. Ahhh, what a brilliant plan, keep us fighting among ourselves while they continue to screw us. This scheme has worked for generations and still works today. They get richer while we fight over their leftover crumbs. Begging them for their predatory mortgages, car and student loans. All while hoping, believing that one day we will be them. The American dream! Just sad.

      If we had any brains we would have stopped complaining and started raising money years ago to hire a lobbying firm to represent our interest in Washington. 8 million foreclosures/ donors! But nah, we are too consumed with building walls to keep out those who were here long before us, and reading hacked emails given to us by our enemy.

      We can blame all the banks, judges and politicians we want, but when it really comes down to it, there is one main party responsible for our situation. US ! and this election proves it.

      We the people… get the leadership we deserve.

      Ok, I’m done…have a foreclosure to fight. Enjoy.

      • Hammertime says:

        You nailed it Walter. We could still be the front lines. We are all united in getting screwed from “inner city” to the “heartland” to all four corners of our country.

        No matter who’s elected we need to demand justice. Some of us are going down the road of forming an association that’s going to take a common sense approach and not have anyone speak for us.

        It’s just a handful of us and we’re fighting our own cases with whatever we have but we’re gonna give it a shot without any going back and forth or blame game distractions.

    • ldynps says:

      VOTE ALL….ALL of the current Congress and Senate and Judges OUT!!!!

      We know it’s a web of deceit with the government working with the banks so VOTE THEM OUT!!!!! It could take 4 years as elections are staggered but some of us have been fighting much longer than 4 years!!! Every State!!! It’s a direction of hope cause “they’re winning!”

  20. Bobbi Swann says:

    Enough is enough on this site for airing political views. There are desperate people out there who are looking at this site as a means of HOPE. Please don’t discourage them with all this political raging and ragging. Show some respect. And for God’s sake let’s all try to remember that the one thing that is still precious is the Freedom of Speech but you don’t need to bash another citizen just because they don’t have the same opinion as yours. Just please, you’ve all made your opinions public ~ now just leave it at that. On Nov. 8th you get to share that opinion and that’s a right that a vast majority of the world does not share.

  21. Walter Smith says:

    Hey guys, going to vote here in Fla this week.

    I will make an offer to anyone willing to accept.

    I don’t really care for either candidate, but I’m leaning Hillary. So if any of you can tell me, SPECIFICALLY in detail, what Donald Trump plans to do to address the big banks, that will help us facing foreclosure I will vote for him. Will he help me save my home?

    I don’t want to hear anything about Hillary. I know her plan. I just want to know how Trump will address the Banks and help me. If he has a good plan I will consider voting for him. Have no clue what he thinks about the banks since his plans are all secret. Maybe he’s already told one of you guys at a rally.

  22. TonyP says:

    And how is that going to help you fight your foreclosure? Every administration was and is corrupt to some extent. Its the way a REPUBLIC / so called democracy is. You crying bout emails given to you by Russians? When the Candidate’s former campaign manager is a KGB affiliate? Wow…You don’t care about this country…you care about politics.

    Just in-case you forgot…

    Prescott Bush was an Opium exporter that almost ruined china. Criminal !

    Reagan admin. illegally imported drugs, sold them in the US inner cities (causing the crack epidemic) then used the proceeds to buy military weapons for our enemy IRAN. That was called the IRAN CONTRA scandal which got 3 top ranking Reagan administration officials convicted and imprisoned ( OLIVER NORTH) and almost got Reagan impeached. HUMMMM? Did you forget this when you call Hillary a criminal ?

    Yep, then he and Bush Sr. conveniently pardoned them for those crimes. WOW! So, do think Obama shouldn’t do the same for Hillary? Even if they somehow found something incriminating, the DOJ would still have to bring charges, which they won’t.

    FACT: Donald J Trump is on Trial for RAPING a 13yr old girl, to which there is an EYEWITNESS! Yet, you are more concerned with Russian emails about Donna Brazil ? HUH?

    Moreover, are emails about someone giving answers to debate questions and gossiping about who’s stupid and who’s smart, equivalent to the President selling arms to our enemies, or a candidate Raping a 13yr old?

    Oh, and lets not forget Bill Clinton, or Nixion (Criminals) for which they were PUNISHED. Unless you have HILLARY on video with a hammer smashing verified court ordered documents you only have allegations. And what is it’s all dis-proven in the end? Then what? Convict first, trial later, that the American way!

    Not that any of this matters anyway. Demographics, Demographics, Demographics !

    My friend, this whole government is one big sham, and dumb-bo Trump wouldn’t know where to began to fix it. It will take a VIOLENT revolution to change this country (for good or maybe bad). Last one was the civil rights movement that almost ripped the country apart.

    This time, China or Russia wouldn’t sit by and let it happen without their influence. Just like we try to influence Russian politics, they are trying to influence ours. Unfortunately we have a president to dumb to know how to stop it, and citizens to dump to recognize it.

    There are CENTURIES of fixed legislation in place to keep those in power, in power. The oligarchy that runs this country has and always will be in control. They have the money, which now (thanks to the SC) controls our politics! We are the peasants my friend. When you understand the basics of capitalism you will see why is believe this.

    Our politics are predicated on our ” capitalistic=Greedy” economic system. Economy first….politics second. Money makes this country great. Not politics, now that money also controls the politics so we are really screwed. This is why no one cares bout your foreclosed home. As long as it’s not hurting their money that pays your politician to keep letting them make more money, they could care less. Hurt their money and you get their attention.

    I’m not saying Hillary is perfect. She’s a crook too! I just chose not to support a 7 time bankrupt, con-man, rapist and sexual predator, who’s posing as a brilliant businessman ! You make your own choice. But you can’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining! I may have been born at night….but it wasn’t last night.

    No SUCKER here! Again…Neither gives a rats=azz bout us.

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