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  1. lms53 says:

    Bobbi, I see youre online. I just found out that the magistrate for my trial Lisa Dolin Eiss is an ex employee of chase who is my bank. No Impartiality here! Are you kidding me. How can I object on these grounds. This is unbelievable.

    • ldynps says:

      no no that is f****** unbelievable. If I were you I would file a motion to disqualify them the magistr.atefor obvious reasons

      • Trevor Hitchin says:

        Can you verify if Lisa is also a shareholder…option holder..?
        Unbelievable. File a Formal Justice Complaint…send it to everyone.
        Moan -a- Lisa…… uggggh. Shame on you sister for removing yourself from the case….it’s called ‘conflict of interest’…

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Hey, do we have anyone living in an apartment in NY? I saw this posting by Eric Schneiderman and was wondering if any of those tenants really did get compensated…check it out:

  3. Lms52 says:

    Thks all I need one for broward county. Elyse I will try and contact yours in pineal las. This whole thing stinks. Why is the bank telling the CFPB. That my trial date is to discuss the chase settlement only. But no one can confirm it and I get set up and go to the trial thinking we are going to negotiate and the judge thinks otherwise. I will show the banks response from the cfpb complaint. I am supposed to be on hold according to the terms of the settlement, but all the trial paperwork smells of another foreclosure off the docket! Why would I trust anything after what chase has done to us all. More trickery, no doubt!

  4. Lms52 says:

    I will keep all posted. Not quite sure at this point. There is a motion on the 16th to strike the trial on the 18 and now in my complaint to the CFPB chase replied that the trial date on the 18th is to Solely discuss the Chase class action that I am a part of but it looks like a trick to me. I would agree to go and then they have me and they slam the foreclosure. It is scheduled to be in front of a magistrate but all the paperwork wreaks of a regular foreclosure to me. I know I need a court reporter and I have made it very clear to my attny. I will not proceed to any closed door in that corrupt courthouse without one. I feel like a she role being led to the slaughter

    • david franklin says:

      The court can not deny you your right to have your
      Own court reporter in the court room doing their job
      The judge in key west tried to get me to send the reporter
      Home but I said no.
      He was pissed

      • ldynps says:

        It’s not about the Judge denying his right to have a court reporter, it’s about “finding one”!!!! Most in Florida are contracted with the BANKS LAW FIRMS so that avenue is difficult to work through…I had no idea how important this was until someone wrote it on this post… so I have been preaching it ever since. Do Not Wait To See If Your Attorney Hired Someone….demand it and secure your own, just in case! You can’t depend that your attorney cares as much as you do!! Just sayin! CYA

    • david franklin says:

      Agrees with Elise
      However I just looked in the phone book and asked my attorney for a name and phone number for a court reporter and had no problem in key west fl finding one

  5. Lms52 says:

    These judges know all the illegal stuff these banks are pulling in the courtroom and I’m sure for a honest judge who believes in “Justice for All” it is really tough but I am also sure his strings are being tugged to get these foreclosure off the dockets one way or the other. Florida has remained the leader in foreclosure so for a while now and that does not look good for “the Sunshine State”. Also the REITs are investing big time here and review “housing wire” today. It is talking about securitization of single family rental properties and mentions the big players. Very much alive and growing in south florida so to me that says a lot about what is going on in the courtrooms in south florida. I am witnessing it with what I have gone thru with my house. The bank has bullied me by trying to claim all this money I owe to bully me out of our home. My son had to run another investor off. I really would like to know where they are getting their information

    • hammertime says:

      So what happened?

    • david franklin says:

      Law us about economics the banks per Florida law are
      Paying the judges to foreclose thru fees assessed to the
      Foreclosing party. And the fl supreme court is ordering
      The judges to foreclose on everybody and collect the money

      The concept here is that economics rule Florida courts ie
      Bank money
      The economics are against the homeowner
      The judges want the bank money
      No foreclosures no bank money

      Not until the homeowners sue in federal court for their
      Rights under the constitution and fed court upholds them
      And fed court shuts down Florida. Kangaroo court railroad
      Justice system the abuse is going to continue
      I do not know of any homeowner who has sued the state of Florida
      In federal court.
      I sued the state if Florida in fed court I Miami as a
      Disable veteran for vilationg my constitutional rights and
      Took a court reporter to court
      That changed everything in my favor I serve the Atty general of
      Florida in Tallahassee

      Hey don’t feel bad chase just notified me yesterday that I now

      Two different mortgages in two different mortgage trusts
      On my house with same trustee wells fargo for
      A loan I didn’t apply for while chase has demanded multiple
      Times I pay double or triple payments for same month and year
      Under threat of foreclosure

      David black
      And the ag here in wash state and the uacfpb are just
      Looking the other and throwing my and your complaints
      In the trash and signalling these banks it is OK to do their
      Shit and defraud us all and get away with it with no
      Criminal penalty
      That shows you what criminal bribery of our political
      System can do

    • ldynps says:

      So, we are all very interested in what happened in court…Did you get a court reporter?? Was there a witness for the bank to testify about your payment history? If so, was the witness employed by the bank named as the Plaintiff in your matter? How long was your Trial? When the banks attorney lied, did you verbally object? Did the banks attorney file exhibits to the judge to enter right then and did you object to them if you never saw them? Did the banks attorney enter an ALLONG TO NOTE as evidence? What was the outcome??? We, who have been through this, know how uncomfortable being in a courtroom is, especially because of all the statements on this blog stating the Judges are turning a blind eye to the fraud…I’m sure I speak for many by asking you to please fill us in on what happened and what was your outcome….your experience will help those behind you!! We await and sure appreciate your effort with this fight for our rights!! It’s all our nightmare!!!!

  6. hammertime says:


    “The courts have turned the corner. Decisions like this are coming out across the country from the trial and appellate benches as Judges and Justices are expressing their frustration and anger over the false submissions by banks pursuing foreclosures. Here the court had the option of remanding for further proceeding, allowing the Plaintiff in foreclosure to refile its claim. But instead, the Appellate court decided that the Defendant Borrowers should simply win the case.”

  7. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Angel…I am sure it was exhaustive this a.m….but how’d it go? Feel like a pacing…expectant father……

  8. BOBBI SWANN says:

    @ Hammertime – I read the article that you posted the link on the courts in Broward County. I can’t see where there’s any light at all coming with the special courts set up by the State to get rid of the backlog and where under rules that differ from those that guide civil law in other types of cases in Florida and across the country. How in the world can this be seen as positive?

  9. Lms53 says:

    It reached out to him several times, but did not hear back. Probably he agreed to a hush clause somewhere in his case. Broward cty is very sneaky and dirty.

  10. ldynps says:

    What the hell happened to Tom H? Anybody?

  11. ldynps says:

    Do Not Have A Trial without A Court Reporter!! I can’t stress this enough because, should you loose, you will need the Trial transcript in order to Appeal…if you don’t, then whatever happens in the Trial will just be it!!

  12. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Just think of all the People’s Court you watched…

    Get there early…bring a brief case…organize it…

    Wear respectful clothing…I hope your judge shows…

    The Judge will make some introductions..for the record.

    Each party will be given a chance to present the merits of your position…fear not…speak clearly…state the Truth…remind the Judge about the 13 banks nailed by the Department of Comotroller…the robo signing…the 43x loan amount incentive to steal…

    I would not want to be the other atty…he/she knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel…and its getting brighter…and it aint daylight…you’re gonna win…then y’re gonna tell us all about it….

    I see the future…and it is bright. I picked up my audio transcripts from when Judge Christopher Bieter and MetLife stole my home….that judge. .that Bank…that attorney are in hot water…initiated my formal complaint w CFPB…the schoolyard bully is getting his perverbial a$$ kicked…and how… Remember.. yre in good Co.

    Good luck!
    Good luck!
    Good luck!

    3x is always effective. Let us know….

  13. lms53 says:

    give it all you got, the banksters are the liars. Don’t let them intimidate you. stay focused and calm and speak with facts and have your proof ready to show. Much luck and god bless

  14. Angel says:

    Howdy y’all,I’m up to bat tomorrow morning,Pro Se,I filled a motion to dismiss for Lack of Standing’ with prejudice & stated grounds,I’m not gonna lie,I’m nervous!!never had to do this before but I have All I need but…What is it going to be like? Never been in front of judge,,so any input on procedures would be greatly appreciated:-) peace,love,resolution<3

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