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  1. dangeroosdave says:

    I was denied a jury in Western Texas. That denial is now the basis of my appeal to 5th USCA in New Orleans. My appellant brief is filed and now we’re waiting on the appellee response. You’re welcome to cut and paste off my site at :)

  2. scottbogue2 says:

    I am in litigation in California against One West Bank. After $50,000 I could no longer afford an attorney, that was 22 months ago. I didn’t even know what a pleading was, then I had to write one. I lost 11 causes without One West Bank denying any of them. With hundreds of hours at the law library, twice that researching the internet and 24 months of litigation I still have a Wrongful Foreclosure cause. In a few hours I will be at a CM hearing to set the date for the Jury Trial.
    I have started discovery by propounding documents and have a protective order preventing One West from propounding my financial records due to the court establishing that tenure is irrelevant since they refused two offers before and during the foreclosure due to their failure to establish a fair market value.
    One West knows that if I get this in front of a jury they don’t have a chance. I have turned down their offers because what they have done to me must stop. By setting a precedence giving a path that others can follow should these crooks continue their unlawful and destructive activity.

    My funds are very limited but I could really use some guidance in getting this in front of a jury where justice will prevail. Anyone have any ideas as to where,how or have any assistance now would be a good time to let me know

    • BOBBI SWANN says:

      If you are in LA you should be going to the Fed Hearing today to protest! I just got the headlines this morning. CIT and OneWest Chiefs to Take on Critics at Merger Hearing
      by KATE BERRY
      FEB 26, 2015 9:48am ET

    • eugenenj says:

      I know that you say your funds are now limited. Still, try Jeff Barnes of or Bergmen & Guitterrez (310)893-6200. Both have offices in Ca. Request the loan file, FDIC FIOA, who & when was the assignment of mortgage signed and NOTE, FannieMae or FreddieMac. Bank/plaintiff has never admitted that the “NOTE” has never been in default, no injury.

  3. Boz Scaggs says:

    Seeking Washington State foreclosure defense attorney. Three year argument with BOA and they can not produce the deed. I am ready to sue their socks off.
    Any recommendations of law firms, Washington State!
    Thank you in advance.

    • Tricia says:

      It depends on what part of the state you are in. Stafne Trumbull out of Arlington has been doing a lot of work with foreclosure defense. Not sure if they will take on something from the east side of the state though. I would say call them as it is impossible to get a response from their website.

  4. hammertime says:

    There have been recent posts about Chase employee deposition on fabricating documents.
    The employee identifies a swirl or snail at top of purported original notes. I also have a copy with NP. Does anyone else have such a stamp?

    Here’s a good article on suddenly appearing endorsements, ta-da endorsements:

  5. hammertime says:

    What a week! TILA win, MA Settlement, Chase deposition

    Here’s a good primer on rescission, CA but good on concepts

  6. hammertime says:

    Must-read @washingtonpost article: “Warren has struck a chord” with voters in this Colorado focus group:

  7. dangeroosdave says:

    Google ‘Kari Giblin.’ She works for BAC now. She has pics posted :) Send her a subpoena!

  8. Al H says:

    Is anyone in South Carolina Dealing with these Fraudulent foreclose activates? There are 6 Law firms that has been cited by our Chief Justice

  9. nydjgizmo says:

    Do anyone have : Danilo Cuenca Prepared by

    Dominique Johnson – Assistant Secretary

    Martha Munoz- Vice President

    Deborah L Beard – Notary # 1853913

    Witness – Rene Rosales

    Witness- Swarupa Slee

    Done on February 23, 2012

    need help asap. I had countrywide. and having issues with Bank of New york mellon

  10. Lauren Bradley says:

    Does anyone have “Kari Giblin” Assistant Vice President for Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. as the signer on their assignment of mortgage? This was in 2011

  11. hammertime says:

    Mass joinder fiasco

    The reader says, “Spire Law is closed down( Aug 2014) leaving all their clients holding the bag. The Abeel v Bank of America lawsuit was dismissed. As a way to keep their clients at bay, Spire Law came up with a possible new lawsuit involving violation of the National Mortgage settlement. Over 1000 clients paid $5,000 to $10K to be add joinders. The lawsuit was a scam disguised as a mass joinder. The firm used retainer fees to pay overhead operating expenses water, electricity, rent etc, and not for legal fees.

  12. alan hunter says:

    does the name Sabrina Deramus, a chase bank salesperson sound familiar to anyone

  13. C. Osborn says:

    Glarum v LaSalle, No. 4D10-1372, Florida 4th DCA.

    Deutsche v Holden, C.A. No. 26970, Ohio 9th COA.

    McDonald v Onewest, USDC Western WA, Case No. 2:10-cv-01952-RSL.

  14. hammertime says:

    This might be useful:


    (a) In this section, “transferable record” means an electronic record that:

    (1) would be a note under [Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code] or a document under [Article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code] if the electronic record were in writing; and
    (2) the issuer of the electronic record expressly has agreed is a transferable record.”

    …Trying to find the definition of issuer, of course, was not an easy process. Definitions in state law are not clearly identified, if at all.

    “Issuer” means obligor, or the borrower aka “homeowner” as defined by E-Commerce: Financial Products and Services 2001, edited by Brian W. Smith, Appendix E, p. E-55-56. Page E-55:”

    So homeowner must agree!

    Article then has image of description that sec 16 was to not allow that a paper note not be converted than intentionally destroyed!

    Focused on MERS but concepts can help.

    • karen says:

      we prevaled in the trail agianst the boa, in may, now they have filed to have the 3 copies of the orginal note and mortagage retururned to them, I am per se
      any help or laws to refrecene I would reather leave the evidence in the file so no more fraud can be comitted the default date was 7 years ago

      • Janine says:

        Karen, for people who want to file pro se against BOA – where do you find the resources or templates to start the action? Would you please share? BOA refused to modify 2 years ago when we were forced to take a 17k pay cut. I want to try to fight this, and our deed/note became separated upon reassignment. My husband committed suicide over financial stress – so I want to defend our home now.

  15. hammertime says:

    “Tell Attorney General Eric Holder: No more excuses. Time for criminal charges against JPMorgan Chase

    Rolling Stone magazine has just published a breathtaking account of a whistleblower who personally witnessed fraud at JPMorgan Chase and was willing to testify — even as the Justice Department claimed it lacked the smoking guns to prosecute big banks.1

    For eight years, Alayne Fleischmann has told her story to regulators and government lawyers, only to watch as the Department of Justice settled with JPMorgan Chase out of court, with no admission of guilt, and a much lighter penalty than was initially announced to the public.2″

  16. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Try going under the state of KY list of financial institutions for the name: Equity Financial Mortgage (which is how they were listed on their webiste).

  17. James Smith says:

    Does anyone know how I can verify that New Equity Financial has gone bankrupt or out of business. They were out of Kentucky. I have been unable to find information on them. James

    • Ray says:

      I found 3 records 2 BK’s and 1 Civil Here are the case numbers dates. You need someone that has access to PACER to actually get the info you want. You can email me at give me your email address or phone number and I will try to help you.
      All Court Types Party Search
      Wed Jan 14 13:49:48 2015

      3 records found Search:
      All Court Types Party Search Name New Equity Financial All Courts Page: 1
      Bankruptcy Results
      1 New Equity Financial Corporation (cr) kyebke 6:07-bk-60935 7 10/02/2007 01/30/2008 Standard Discharge 01/30/2008
      2 New Equity Financial Corp. (cr) insbke 4:05-bk-92784 7 07/18/2005 04/05/2006 Standard Discharge 03/17/2006

      Civil Results
      3 New Equity Financial Corporation (dft) mndce 0:2006-cv-03005 710 07/14/2006 10/25/2007

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