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  1. dunivanb says:

    Do you take on guest blog articles?

  2. Kent says:

    SOL may not be a solution here in Florida There are several of us waiting on the Supreme Court ruling

    • lms53 says:

      Con u file in federal court based on rule 60 which is similar to Florida statute 1.54? Can someone answer and if there are any Florida attorneys listening pls reply. I am interested in filing. Thks

  3. lms53 says:

    that’s right palm palmer, no justice here in broward cty, florida. theft is legal imagine that!

  4. Palm Palmer says:

    That should be on the court record. Finding out anything after that I have yet to find or even have answered here. They keep open the door for deficiency judgements and if you have cash in savings they will garnish but many have at least so far or yet not been getting hit for deficiency unless you stripped the shit out of the house and pissed the good ole boys off which makes it hard for them to unload or do whatever they are actually up to with stealing all these homes maybe for the refugees or maybe its greed.

    Monitor the MLS for your house to go up and hope some brain dead young slave millenials that does not have a parent with wisdom or a son of a good ole boy and his nice new wife become the next set of slaves to move in, poor kids.

    Now cancellations of mortgage you will get a tax 1099 or like document or have to go in person to the hall of records usually to find out at least by me because your a loser now they had to sweep your stolen home under the rug to keep their pensions and the good ole boys fed and on the payroll. Online access is for the elites and too much data entry to make us losers life easy.

    Its kinda like an airplane the lady calls boarding for the first class, priority, premium gets access to premium overhead space for luggage but your in group 5 now you board last (and get off last) wait get all the way to your shitty seat no leg room and the overheads are filled so you gotta go back out check your bags go back to your seat with the big fat stinking guy who farts your whole flight and your arms sore from holding it in all flight and continually adjusting the fan hole just right to blow the stink from your nose just right. You may hope the plane just crashes but I move my hope to the first class elite vampires to be exposed and brought to justice. Or wish I had went into CC debt upgrading to the varying scam seats near first class but 3400 for a first class ticket an hour trip is insane. We are slaves to the matrix of everything.

    Ok well lol sorry but vented a lil.

  5. lms53 says:

    Did anyone read Neil Garfield’s blog on Friday. Angel I hope you did. It shed a lot of light on Fannie Mae. I have tried to post on his blog today and it appears that the comment section is closed because I cant post. somebody really let the cat out of the bag perhaps. The truth is getting closer all the time. Lets keep the post coming everyone. The Truth needs to be heard!

  6. lms53 says:

    Yes. I have the originals that I received at closing showing acct # on each page of note and mtg and recorded mtg showed acct # but the note and mtg produced at trial and in the court file are erased so somewhere down the line after it was recorded, it was altered to not show the acct #.

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