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  1. Angel says:

    THANK U,TREV:-) & I 100% agree,I know I’m getting the run around,but I’m OPEN to all info to propel me on ”right path”i will use your info & thank u so very much for responding:-)

  2. Trevor David Hitchin Kaufman says:

    Angel. ..after this weeks puni awards…hey $16 million is not so small…they will be coming out of the woodwork….the lawyers….the + 1s and the – 1s…. blood attracts sharks and Orcas…you need the latter. My point is this….you will likely not find a KY Mortg Def Atty per se….you may need to convince a strong….courageous. Firm or indiv….that you now need results…action…you need a professional to cut against the grain so to speak… may need a RICO shotcaller/atty….you may find one who used to prosecute white collar crime… open to all possibilities. ….copy your Atty General…even Red states are turning purple…the smart money that is….you think QE would tolerate fraud w her holdings??? Banking fraud is bipartisan. …handcuffs and financial settlements don’t care about your political affiliations…a hole in the bucket hurts everyone….again…be open to finding a 20 something…freshly minted JD…with integrity…w a desire for truth….justice…and the (new) American Way…you need fearless representation. …ask the Dean of Univ of Kentucky Law Scool for a couple names….recently barred….w integrity <—— key. In the MLB…Mike Trout went from rookie…to rookie of the year…to MVP….$100k to $100,000,000 in a few seasons…you need a Mike (or Michelle) Trout.

    Hope these esoteric words at least make you think….good luck in your search. Keep us posted. Hitchin posted….Trev.

  3. Angel says:

    Goodmornin:-) I’m in DIRE NEED of knowledge!!!!!Who is the BEST mortgage defense lawyer in ky?I have a lawyer that is sitting on my case,2years now,he hasn’t challenged anything,filed no motions,,stringing me along I need to END this nightmare:-) Thank U in advance :-)

    • Angel says:

      It doesn’t have to be in ky,just able to practice/defend me in ky,I missed NO PYMTS,Never requested loan mod,I’m dealing with Bank induced default from forced placed ins

  4. Lms53 says:

    Hi Bobbi yes it’s called first look where no investors can bid and any realtor has access to these listings through MLS. Realtor .com also list Fannie maes on their website. I have bid on a couple during first look and it is very shady. Closed bidding. Definitely not what most of us would refer to as arms length transaction. Thks

  5. Lms53 says:

    Where can I read about Yuba case. The banksters continue on with their illegal acts and manipulation. They are packaging rental payments as securities now same as they did with mtgs. They r out to steal as many homes as they can. As long as these big banks can re invent the wheel to make money. They do not care whose lives they ruin. Watch what is happening out there once the homes are taken over by Fannie or Freddie.

  6. Trevor David Hitchin Kaufman says:

    oh no you did_unt…….
    Rust Consulting…..IFR. . .was neither independent nor was a Review ever conducted. It was Act II of the MetLife + 12 Banks Chinese Fire Drill….we waited YEARS for justice…..years…most recvd $500…..but they fn lead us to believe we would get a ‘review’ and that it would be ‘independent’….afterall…it was a consent decree from TX based Dept of Comptroller….The Eagle….We the People….the survivors of Snoopy’s fraud…we waited for Justice….it never came…’the calls were coming from inside of the house’ so to speak….remember….Boise’s Mayor Dave Bieter has a brother….the Judge in my case….he dialed in and awarded it to FretLife on a Summary Judgment. ……back to the Chinese Fire Drill……as Rust was whoring themselves to the Feds….but only acting as a ‘payer service provider’….the real cons were the Big Four Consulting firms …..paid to review and ‘bucket’ the abuses…..think circus act gone v v wrong….remember. …we are waiting for checks….trying to fn eat….trying to NOT live on the streets…..we won Justice…..but in the end…many of us felt insulted by the miniscule payments…and the wanton and reckless process. …Rust..Mr. Potter…C-uh-oh….should be arrested….for fraud. Dont get me started on Rust Consluting…..cuff and stuff them all….start w Kandarian and Diamon ….. traitors to the American Dream.

    Yeah they watch us….but we watch them….1♡. Never give up…never ever…ever said trevor!!!

    • hammertime says:

      Hey Boehner’s suing the President. Let’s class action them both along with Bush, Dimon, Murillo, Foreclosure Phil, Gheitner…etc etc…we’d never win but would be an awesome complaint

  7. Lms53 says:

    Ok uh duh me, just never recognized abbreviated, yes and if there had been independent foreclosure reviews, more people would still be in their homes and of course this would have exposed the banks illegal activities like the latest settlement with Chase where they breached implied and expressly.

    • hammertime says:

      The problem is we treat it like ancient history like the media does. Sen Warren even threw us a bone telling the banks they needed to provide information on unlawful acts if people went to court. Wonder how many people have brought that up.

  8. marilyn lane says:

    I think those monitoring us think some of us know too much and and the bad guys attack those bloggers.

    • Lms52 says:

      Completely agree and I will let everyone in on this. When Fannie Mae list the properties that they stole from the old homeowner a lot of these transactions are not “arms length”. It’s supposed to be a period where investors cannot bid and the bidding is only open to someone that must agree to live in the home for at least a year, but this does not always happen. I watched a realtor purposely not advertise a property during the buyer period and now it is open to investors. The RE listing agent has some connection with banks to get the listing from Fannie or Freddie but they are definitely not selling these properties at arms length. Very very shady dealings in florida

      • BOBBI SWANN says:

        Where did get your information on the selling of Fannie Mae properties? Fannie only uses their website: to sell properties. When there is a sale of one of their REO’s they convey using a Special Warranty Deed that specifies that the purchaser cannot SELL the property for a year. Fannie has always opened all of their REO’s to owner occupants and investors. They have several different means by which they sell their properties so I would suggest reading their site (above). ALL properties are submitted via this site and not direct to a Realtor. Never heard of this ‘buyer period’ but they do have a ‘first look’ period where Fannie will pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs when the property first comes on line.

  9. Lms52 says:

    Hi hammertime. This class action was more about breach of contract and damaging our credit and stringing us along and chase continues to do it. They basically lost and had to pay but also we r supposed to get new mods and they r supposed to do away with fees and hopefully the back interest. The National mtg settlement addressed the dual tracking. I got 500 , big deal. In Ca. This settlement should be recognized. This state was one of the main players. Florida. Not so much and there was only one family and they settled before and basically opted out. I am not sure how I came to be part of it. I know I made a lot of complaints after the first breach and the lawsuit is for plaintiffs seeking loan mods prior to 2010. That’s how long I have been fighting chase banksters

    • hammertime says:

      Hi Lms, the NMS really addresses alot more than dual tracking but media, lawyers, politicians only focus on one or two things like dual tracking and single point of contact and we ourselves repeat it. The payoff by the IFR was only one component that remember was corrupted by Chase only giving files with less than 1 pct problems while HUD had found like 99.9% problems or something outrageous like that. If that settlement worked for people fine but you may give up other grounds such as broken chain of title or fraud like the Yuba case. Then my understanding is that Chase and other banks are manipulating servicing to get foreclosures going which David has focused on as an issue there in your case. It seem they want to foreclose and that way not have to abide by the settlement? Even if they won’t listen since they have blinders on we need to keep challenging what’s going on. Beyond that if you guys shared your information you could have a good perspective on what’s going on. If we all put the effort we could show the manipulation is many forms and ongoing and we’re not just whining or deadbeats etc. That Yuba case and Garfield’s comment says it all but no magic bullet or formula; we gotta focus on the facts not just lash out. Hope I’m not lashing out! lol

  10. Lms says:

    That’s what I think is happening in the local court. I think the banks attnys r paying off defendants attnys and if u have one. You have to watch every move they make to make sure they r acting in your best interest. That is why I am hoping the chase settlement can link to the local court because that class action lawsuit explains every dirty trick and illegal, unethical and fraudulent thing they have done to try and steal my home and it will be exposed

  11. marilyn lane says:

    Bobby, you misinterpreted what I said about judgment reversal. It wasn’t my case that was reversed it was the bank I am fighting-their case against the government that was reversed.
    And it is the bthat bank that is hacking my computer my home phone and cell phone. But I still have no doubt we are monitored. .

    • Lms52 says:

      Without a doubt we r monitored. In the beginning I had no problem. And then after this became a pretty much daily site for me, problems began. I don’t have the slow or skipped typing any other place

  12. Lms53 says:

    Bobbi. Which settlement are I referring to? Yes the national mtg settlement has not benefitted anyone. It really has been a slap in the face for the homeowner. I am in fl and the chasemdlsettlement was a federal case and I am using it in the courts locally to cease my foreclosure action. Federal court decision should trump the local court.

    • hammertime says:

      That’s funny just as I was answering you the site slowed down and crashed. Just paid my internet too! Local govt and those who were hurt less or not at all ad got their mods benefited. It’s not the settlements though if you look at language except if Bobbi has some specifics. In CA they are saying since the language said agencies could give aid to homeowners OR go to non-profits or possibly just other government etc then it was ok to ignore homeowners by law. That’s where CA Brown is getting sued. The other thing is the agencies, lawyers, judges think it’s only about dual tracking when it’s alot more and gives people homeowner bill of rights even if state doesn’t for the banks, states included. I would still include or make complaints. The other deception banks are using is that since they paid in IFR then that’s it. We can still make complaints through this year and they need to comply. The real slap in the face was the IFR. We should be asking for investigation on both or challenge them somehow.

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