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  1. eugenenj says:

    About six years ago, I went to Joshua Denbeaux’s office in N.J. where he told me that I didn’t a case. I’m still fighting this Chase Home Finance, LLC case as a pro se. Four years ago, I went to his office again on another foreclosure case and again he told me that I didn’t have a case. I’m still fighting both cases as a pro se. My first attorney got disbarred(not any of my doing) and the second attorney got reprimanded by the N.J. Supreme Court(not any of my doing) twice. My third attorney tried to throw me under the bus before he filed a motion on my behalf. You would think I would learn my lesson by now. The only attorney who has had more than one successful cases in N.J. is Jeff Barnes who is not even from N.J.

    • rogerrinaldi says:

      8 years ago the first attorney who knew what was going on told me $20,000 up front. Interviewed 15 more, one charged me $500 to tell me to give up. Paid a scammer $1000 for bullshit (MS). Found a real attorney who understood the issue, partnered with her, called the banks and attorneys racketeers and forgers, now the judges and OLR are out to get HER AND ME! Why? Because the truth will not set you free. The system in place is there to protect the banks at all costs. The DOJ (which includes all the bankruptcy trustees and attorneys who prosecute bankruptcy fraud) are only interested in helping the banks steal the homes of the citizenry.
      THEORY: The US Government will be forced to pay off the Chinese in American real property when the country defaults in order to avoid war.
      THEORY #2: Fannie and Freddie were bankrupted to pay for the wars waged to protect the petro-dollar.
      THEORY #3: With Obama the Anti-Christ successfully executing his lame-duck “kill the Constitution” continuum and the willingly corrupt Supreme Court and CONgress, our Country is failing before our very eyes.

  2. Lms53 says:

    David Strauss ft lauderdale another do nothing attorney. It’s all about the stall tactic and leave the borrower broke so the bank can steal your home and the lawyer steal your money. Biggest scam going on. NACA in Miami today if anyone interested in saving their home.

    • Tery P says:

      Richard Carey in West Palm Beach ! If you see him, run! Nice guy but awful lawyer. Paid this guy 3500.00 and he did nothing but file a few motions. Came time for trial and the guy didn’t even show up. That’s right….NO SHOW! The judge called him from the courtroom and scolded him. Gave me leave to find a new lawyer. I went to Ice Legal and found two great attorneys Thomas Prestia, and Scott Holtz who now have their own law firm in South Florida. These are Real trial attorney and GRILLED the banks witnesses. They kept me in my home, but case is not over.

      Oh, then Richard Carey shows up on our Real Estate Investors itinerary as a guess speaker on probate! I did not attend , but I told everyone he didn’t show for trial. They never invited him back.

      Then a year later, we were in court for a motion and guess who is also there? Richard Carey. This guy was actually trying to take an old widow‘s home they got via probate. I couldn’t not believe it. This MF was trying to take an old lady’s home who had just lost her husband and going through probate. He looked at me as he was leaving the courtroom and I just shook my head. First you are “ helping people save homes” now you taking homes for profit. What a jerk and awful lawyer. He didn’t even look comfortable in court.

      I should have file a bar complaint because the judge noted everything on the record, including the phone call to Carey’s office and said I should get a refund. But I just let it go. Don’t have time for evil people like him. God will take care of him. RICHARD CAREY !

  3. lms53 says:

    i have been fighting chase for years. I have also uncovered what they are doing in broward county florida. no wonder we have such a supply shortage here. jp morgan chase is holding the mortgages for all of blackstone properties. they own over a 1000 properties in brward, wall street has moved to broward county florida.

    • Tom Heinrich says:

      I am in Broward County, Florida…am very accessible to Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach as well, know my way around and have many contacts and resources…

      if anyone would like my help, please let me know

      my email is
      my cell phone (954) 882-0009

      Tom Heinrich

  4. Elyse Del Francia says:

    I have just received an email announcing an event in Dallas, Thursday, September 17, 2015 – Friday, September 18, 2015 that could be a great opportunity to “protest” the mass fraud being perpetrated on the millions of homeowners under attack. The conference, AMERICAN CONFERENCE INSTITUTE is presenting a forum headed “Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement” explaining to “Attend to benchmark your current strategies, learn the latest Government enforcement and regulatory priorities, and get judicial insights from top federal and state judges.” Check it out yourselves at:

    The cost to actually attend is $2,000, however, an occupy style protest would be an ideal opportunity for those of you who are fighting in the great State of Texas. I’ve lost 2 homes to this foreclosure fraud and certainly cannot afford to be there myself from Florida, however, if this actually posts on this site, I strongly urge this protest with signs exposing the fraud and the facts of their continued strategies of “how to steal our homes through the litigation processes that will be going on during this one day event at the DALLAS MARRIOTT CITY CENTER…..It’s unbelievable that the lawlessness is still going on!! Fight all you can or America will be a homeless civilization! email me at

  5. Pal says:

    I am alerting the board and innocent citizens that are seeking representation. Joshua Denbeaux a NJ lawyer is a crook and very dis-honest! He is scamming homeowners not defending them in the process whatsoever he is shadier than a character in a movie. It seems he must be a shill for the banks. If anyone else has been through the same experience with him or his firm please post to the board as a class action suit is in the works to take him down he is worse than the banks he is destroying innocent people on their last legs and stealing their last pennies. It does not get any more evil than this folks!

    • hmm... says:

      Unfortunately, there are more than a few NJ lawyers who have taken advantage of the foreclosure gravy-train only to, ultimately, compound the homeowner’s hardship. While I did not retain Denbeaux, I had some experience with him and retained others that left me in a worse position than I was in before they got involved. Most of these lawyers have no litigation skills and can do no more than stall the process until they have bled you dry. If you can align with others who have retained the same lawyer with similar experiences, then, perhaps, you can get a mass joinder complaint filed. At the very least, I hope that you file for Fee Arbitration and then, file an Ethics complaint. At the very least, you may get some peace for your pain in knowing that you took some type of action.

  6. moonbugs says:

    Okay, so here’s one for the books. Aames Home Loan was granted a writ of possession today. Choice Legal Group (formerly Watson) brought suit some years ago in the fictitious name of Aames Home Loan, which was the DBA of Aames Funding. Neither has been viable for years, yet the suit continued. In all of these years we have never been able to find out who Choice Legal was representing. As of 2012, I am Aames Home Loan. I am not the loan servicer of long ago. I own the fictitious name in Florida. Subsequently, Choice Legal filed for title to Aames Home Loan in c/o their offices (nothing smells fishy about that!). Most recently McCalla Raymer, another law firm became “co-counsel” (huh?) and filed for writ of possession, which was granted. So now the phantom Aames Home Loan, expired fictitious name, has the legal the ability to own real property! McCalla Raymer would not say who Aames Home Loan is either, just that “someone is paying them”.

  7. Tonyp says:

    Where are you? Not Palm beach for sure

    • Kent Byers says:

      I have been battling JPMC specialty mortgage for 0ver six years and its just now going to trial . All transfers from my original mortgage company to citiband and then to Chase were done by robo signers . Citibanks assignment has no signatures only initials . The notary also initialed instead of signing . Anyone else in the same sitiuation ?

  8. Tom Heinrich says:


    Ben, who won at trial and obtained the services of four respected attorneys in his battle to defend his home from foreclosure by HSBC – entitling him to have HSBC pay all of his attorneys fees, including the ones who previously had been dismissed by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson ) for being too effective in uncovering wrongdoing by the Banksters and who authored a powerful paper on wrongdoing in Florida which was a little too sensitive and close to home for Bondi’s political supporters, , , .only to have HSBC then refuse to reimburse him for the fees of one of Ben’s attorneys, Kenneth Eric Trent ( known locally as the “Foreclosure Destroyer” who is the one who filed a monumental class action against Wells Fargo and also distributes parody Tshirts of the Banksters including one I myself happen wear all the time that changes the logo around just a tad and says CHITIBANK ) who was Ben’s attorney just prior to Ben employing respected Florida trial attorney Bruce Herman to actually finally try the case and who was the attorney who then actually won the case for Ben at trial.

    HSBC was timely served a fee demand by Bruce Herman to recover all monies that Ben spent on all of his distinguished attorneys throughout his ordeal, but HSBC’s attorney convinced Bruce to enter into an agreed order with him on the fees telling Bruce that HSBC would rather pay each attorney separately and would do so. HSBC hoodwinked Herman into withdrawing Bens fee demand. Well, HSBC balked when it came to Trent. Trent sued on behalf of Ben and moved to have the original agreed order vacated and replaced by one that included himself so that Ben could finally collect the entire sum he spent, including the monies Ben spent for Trent.

    Judge Lynn Rosenthal agreed, tossed the first agreement and entered a new Order that Trent requested, one which will make Ben whole without any further proceedings, including the money Ben spent on his current attorney who represented him at todays hearing, “Andy” (Andres) Lopez, another accomplished trial attorney.

    HSBC spent a lot of money on IT’S new law firm that they (HSBC) replaced their original LOSING law firm with for todays proceeding ( ANOTHER losing law firm ), besides having to pay for Bens FIFTH attorney, Andy, who along with Ken Trent and Bruce Herman attended todays matter, which was transcribed for the State Bar, which was waiting for the results of todays hearing prior to deciding whether to refer charges up to the Florida Supreme Court in the matter for HSBC not reimbursing Ben the entire amount he paid on lawyers. Now Ben will get the remainder of his legal expenditures and HSBC will have to explain why it paid so much money to seven different law firms to lose its attempted foreclosure action, and has to pay Ben’s property insurance and real estate taxes for him as he lives in his most comfortable two story townhome by Florida’s remarkable beach.

    Judge Rosenthal was gracious enough to allow me to sit at the head of the table to clearly video and audio record and report todays proceedings. The matter is available to you for review and is a wonderful example of how things should run during a proceeding, the decorum and efficacy of todays hearing was commendable.


    • Last March of 2014 I won in foreclosure with the Court of Palm Beach Conty ordering that the Bank had come to court with unclean hands… gave example of affirmative defence that says ‘fraud, breech of contract etc..etc… in the FJ. Now, I’m waiting for the Jury to award me y damages which is another trial by jury. I hope I live long enough to see one cent of my damages.
      Love to read where others come out and stand firm. I have stood firm eight years.

      cherane Pefley

      • John DeCicco says:

        Congratulations, Cherane! I am also claiming unclean hands against the bank. Can you tell me which aspects of unclean hands you used? They’ve practiced it a lot in my case. Thank you, John, Vermont

      • Al says:

        Great Stuff! can you or Ben contact me at: I’m seeking help in my case.

      • hi cherane there is alot of people in florida who would like a counter suit can you find out if your lawyer wants more cliets? please join our facebook page fight fraudclosure florida. thank you

      • lms53l says:

        cherane, r u pro se or have an attorney. if u have attorney, please disclose. there r a lot of us in same position. broward cty, fl.

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