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  1. lms53 says:

    im in it to win! put these fraudsters in their place, a 3×5 jail cell

  2. marilyn lane says:


    I wrote a little book when I discovered how corrupt Judge Alice Schlesinger and all the appellate judges I had except Judge Helen Friedman were and printed as many as i could and sent them far and wide. I guess she never expected me to fight back. You are right Tom we all have to fight back in our own way in addition to the internet fight.

  3. Tom Heinrich says:

    I want to invite everyone on here to host your OWN Case Discussion on my new website

    This way, anyone you want to update, can quickly go and see your situation and the documents you want them to see Make sense ?

    Should make it easier to get more input and interest as well, and eventually find others in the same boat as yourself to work together with.

  4. James Smith says:

    All, I need some assistance and advice. We received a Notice of Foreclosure a few months back. I have still been corresponding with Wells Fargo telling them they have no standing. After several QWR’s and letters to OCC and CFPB, WF responded with more documents than they did in the past. This time they included 2 Allonge Notes which I had never seen before. Keep in mind that they did not respond with the documents even to OCC and CFPB. Then it clicked I went on to the Baltimore More Public Records and there it is a Deed of Trust had been posted there on the 11th of this month. I have not been able to view it yet, but I can imagine what it is. I need some help on which way I should go with this. I need to know what I need to do in order to prove that the documents are Fraudulent. I am sure they are. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. James 443-677-2799, Thanks I live in Maryland

    • Tricia says:

      First off I would get a copy of the Deed of Trust ASAP, as well as anything else they have filed with your county recently. Next you probably need to check your state laws as to whether they were able to start foreclosure proceedings prior to being the beneficiary to anything, I am assuming that is why they filed the Deed of Trust (probably a Corporate Deed of Trust). They are trying to prove they are the beneficiary to the deed. In some states they cannot start foreclosure proceedings prior to doing such things. It might also benefit you to figure out whether or not they are proceeding with a judicial vs non-judicial foreclosure. As a quick Google search looks like they can do either in your state. I am sure there are others on here that know way more than I do but I hope I at least gave you a place to start.

    • hammertime says:

      I was thinking along the same lines. I would review the Wells Fargo Consent Judgment as well. The Chase judgment includes this section Section IC. Documentation of Note, Holder Status and Chain of Assignment. If dates aren’t matching up etc I would also review reliable evidence for filing/recording of docs. Based on what you find keep sending CFPB complaints, QWR’s. Start informing local officials if you haven’t yet as well.

    • James, scan to the NOD and NT…maybe I can help.

    • Tom Heinrich says:

      I have been fighting with Wells Fargo since December 2007. Fortunately it has meant well over six years without payments. During this time I have come to know them and the tricks they use very very well, and they have come very acquainted with me as well, and know me
      to be a thorough and careful researcher. It seems they have been acting on a SUPPOSITION that they were the correct and legal servicer of my loan, but the records of my original lender show otherwise. The original lender claims my loan was never transferred away, including my servicing never going to Wells Fargo. This would mean Wells Fargo is going to have to return ALL of the years of my making payments to them back to me – and the Court throwing their foreclosure action, on which they have spent their own money on, out.

      What this means to YOU is that their Standard Operating Procedures probably have been used in your case too – whatever they feel they need to win the foreclosure they will just manufacture. Only YOU can execute a Deed of Trust. Obtain a CERTIFIED COPY immediately, but talking about it will not prevent your being foreclosed on – unless you CAN PROVE they are LEGALLY PRECLUDED from foreclosing, they will GET AWAY WITH IT.

      TO PREVENT THAT, YOU MUST do vociferous discovery and RE-CREATE every step of the trail of how you got from signing your original loan documents to here…on paper and by first hand testimony by each individual involved. They WILL fight you tooth and nail on this, and IF you have LEGAL PROOF of why they may not complete the foreclosure as a MATTER OF LAW, you should be able to prevent them from doing it.

      FYI, Wells USED to have their “hired guns”, the foreclosure mills create these fraudulent documents. Jail time for those attorneys. NOW Wells has decided to manufacture them THEMSELVES, mostly out of their Minnesota offices which were formerly Norwest, who is the true owner of Wells and just using the name Wells Fargo under which to do business and their dastardly deeds… methinks this is where yours may have been forged, if they were forged. Forgery of financial instruments is a felony. Forged instruments may NOT be used or accepted by a court.

      Be glad to talk more about the details over the phone, but I recommend you go to my new website and look it over before you call me.

      Your task is to PHYSICALLY DOCUMENT THE TRUTH and get the people involved to testify it IS the truth. Its a lot of work, but it can be done. A skilled and talented trial attorney should work with you to pull it off. Your goal should be a negotiated settlement, not a full blown trial, but being 100% READY for a full blown trial is the ONLY thing that will get them to cave in.

      Only if they think they will lose, will they do that…however forcing them to comply with all the concessions they have already made is a huge hammer you hold over their head. Chances are if you say the right things to the RIGHT PEOPLE, they will turn nice and friendly and want to be your best buddy, which is where they are with me after six and a half years..finally.

      Tom Heinrich
      (954) 781-9300

      • Mark says:


        What you have written is very close to what many of us are experiencing. One important comment is that courts ARE excepting these forged documents without much discussion and ruling in favor of these banks/foreclosures on a daily basis. I can discover all the forged documents I want and present them to a court as a proven fact but they are still on many occasions being disregarded. It would be great if the laws applied consistently and the Judges rulings were made easy by stating precedent but it’s a free for all and case by case whether you are granted any relief.

  5. hammertime says:

    The tools are there, we can ‘t fall into the cable news, ideology, false morality traps. The truth of one person alone is powerful but if we work together it’s that much stronger.

    • Trevor David Hitchin Kaufman says:

      Banks fear me…’us’.GLOBAL POWERBR(oh shit)KERS are behind us little guys….we American Dreamers have sure eaten a lot of FDIC shit…that’s Fed Dic….their turn.

      1. File a Police Report w your local PD..provide evidence of the suspected fraud….
      2. Send copy of said police report to AG Holder
      3. File in Federal Court….’friend of’
      4. Watch what happens
      5. CEO are getting shadow talks…visions of what’s to come…they are wetting themselves. ..not licking their chops as before…’wetting’ as in pissing their Brooks Brother’s pinstripes…watch MetLife….watch and listen….777
      6. Prison terms in 2015…2016…2017..China (et moi) are raging…..I speak for those who cannot.
      7. Watch boise idaho….like an eagle. 777

  6. Bobbi Swann says:

    Okay, for the record here’s my 2 cents! None of these media outlets like the major news stations is going to give a rat’s ass about fraud-closure. They are more concerned about the making the ratiings and fraud-closure is OLD news now. We have the ongoing problem with the Middle East, the airliner that disappeared, rampant shootings across the country….BUT, exposure is what we need. I have always held such esteem for MLK the way he was able to bring about his cause on the streets. Nowadays, the streets don’t offer much in the way of exposure but we now have the internet. If you really want to capture the media’s attention then put a fantastic video on UTUBE. Seriously! The woman that came into the store half naked and reaped havok had a million hits in less than a minute. Get yourselves together in a local area and begin filming. Tell your (horror) stories in short form – one at a time but do it graphically and with attention getters! One thing the news media monitors is UTUBE esp. when a video goes viral. No violence, just plain truth. Like you, David Franklin, as a Vet who fought for this country and put yourself in harms way to protect the citizens of this country. The American people are very compassionate about Vet stories. Just sayin’…

  7. Tom Heinrich says:

    I suggest you all read TWO BOOKS by James Rickards.

    He took part in a Pentgon war game exercise on 2009 where the participants could not use actually existing physical weapons like bombs, missles and aircraft or satellites, but could only use” financial weapons” like stocks, bonds and derivatives to destroy the enemy.

    He has written “Currency Wars” and “Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System”.

    Rickards played on the China team, and created a scenario where Russia and China combined forces, and used their gold stockpiles to issue a new, gold-backed currency, intended to get the world to stop using the dollar.

    A real-life scenario, however Russia has become the world’s richest nation in terms of natural resources, having literally billions of pounds of diamonds discovered under a meteor crater. It doesn’t need China. China needs IT. They are working on it.

    Meanwhile, watch the European Union this week, the final “official” session of the European Parliament They will pass major reforms where failing banks will be wound down without public money.

    The EU is still fuming at the U.S. for fomenting the worst financial crisis since WWII. On top of THAT it turns out we have been listening to private conversations of virtually everyone in Europe as well as doing it to our own people.

    The EU is fundamentally reshaping the banking and securities industry. The EU is stripping power from member countries (“States”) to avoid more taxpayer bailouts of banks and euro zone countries.

    Eric Holder and Barak Obama may well go down in history as failed administrations.

    The final solution to out banking problem may well come from overseas. While we have tolerated the major banks fraud, European countries are saying “never again.”

    U.S. influence in the world is at an all-time low. Want proof ? The dollar is down over 38% just since 2002.

    Our media has placated and distracted the American public, as have both political parties, neither of which seem at all concerned about the 99% of we-the-regular-peoples’ plight.

    In our country, it is up to YOU and ME to spot, to document , and to DO SOMETHING about EVERY instance of wrongdoing we come across.

    LET’S DO IT !

  8. ldynps says:

    The banks own the media, the politician’s and the courts!!!
    Once you understand that horrible reality, you will see the only
    hope is to take it to the streets and explain our plight with picket signs!
    The first sign is short but sweet…”the banks are stealing homes and the courts
    are allowing them to do it”….”63 million homeowners are under attack by the banks”….”the
    only people that don’t know about this attack ate still able to be making their mortgage”….
    Short and sweet and in small towns in every State….
    Anything is better than thinking the Courts will decide! The courts will not rule in your favor!!!

  9. Lms53 says:

    Maybe they need to go back and not let banks cross the state line. That’s where it started to get out of control. They need to keep banking in the community again so they know who to lend and not lend to. I read where banks control 60% of our economy and it used to be around 13. They need to be squashed. We the people should just rebel against them. We don’t need to drive expensive cars and live on credit. We all need to live in our means

  10. Lms53 says:

    Hammertime. What do u think will bring down the banks. They need to be regulated in what they can securitize and people’s homes should definitely be off the market

    • hammertime says:

      I think those that have abused our system within the banks need to be held accountable. It seems like Chase was able to stop some action by shareholders that see what’s going on. I think we gotta get back to fixing our property records system and along with regulation if banks are using our tax dollars and we’re their customers the interest of our communities and economy in terms of jobs and real wealth needs to come first. The tough part is that home financing became our economic engine with globalization and loss of industry. On the positive side there are some real possibilities if the banks weren’t driven by greed and they weren’t run like a casino.

  11. Lms53 says:

    The homeowner can be more effective than two lawyers going at it. The judges need to see how the homeowner is being mistreated by the bank. I too witnessed my ex attny aiding the banks attny though they would never admit it. I am learning the law on my own now the judges need to hear from us the homeowner and how they r mistreating us so maybe these judges will wake up and stand up. They did not get into those positions just by being elected.

    • hammertime says:

      The truth of the past 6-10 years and the BASICS of the law and our rights is what we have on our side. It may be a matter that those in the bubble still don’t see it or are true abusers versus those of us that have gone through it and then the other slice of the pie those that are on the outside looking in. If we just got a fraction of the millions that have been through this in one way or another we could pop that bubble.

      • Lms53 says:

        Well my dad always told me to finish what I start and this is near and dear and my bubble aka the American dream has burst in the worst way and I am very hurt and now very mad. I spent a lifetime building excellent credit and working for my slice of the dream and to let someone I don’t even know ruin my reputation. That’s the problem today with all this technology the ones that are sticking it to u feel no guilt because they don’t have to face you. These thieves should be made to face the people whose homes they are stealing and have stole

  12. Lms53 says:

    Well put tom and they will go down. They have way to much power over our economy. I know and chase knows they have wrongly put me in foreclosure and they r going to pay for the damage they have done to me financially. I know there were a lot of people that got out too soon because the home values plummeted or they strategically defaulted, but as for us fighters and know they have severely wronged us need to see this fight all the way thru. I will be standing by to help anyone and everyone as I continue my own fight I want to become a paralegal by my own unfortunate event so I can try to help others

    • hammertime says:

      After I caught my lawyer making a false offer along with Chase a paralegal was like a god send to me. We can have an impact now and down the line.

  13. Tom Heinrich says:

    There may be more Hope than YOU REALIZE. What is at stake here is whether the international monetary clique “Owners of the World” will keep what they have or be ousted.

    Yes, they are amazingly powerful, but they are NOT invincible …. nor is their continued power assured. They may have done themselves in. By concentrating on consolidating themselves primarily inside six large divisions ( the big “too big to fail” banks ), they could easily go down as a group, which they clearly are – you see NO difference in how they operate because they are, in reality, one and the same. Being that, they are on very shakey ground. This IS an economic war, make no mistake about it.

    The insiders are so scared, that they have destroyed our judicial system. Out of fear the group will implode, their desperation in completing foreclosures even though they are not being done correctly, being done without paperwork or proof, and being done in a way that destroys Americas economy and future – I can see they are in fact, making things WORSE for THEMSELVES.

    Law is a sharp, but two-edged sword. It cuts us deeply, but has yet to swing the OTHER way and cut THEM AS deeply as well. If you make more and more laws and rules – EVERYBODY feels its bite.

    The new Consumer Financial Protections Bureau probably holds the key to destroying the behemoth. IT can get this to Grand Juries and the World Court, and ultimately replace the system we have now with a much more stable, moral and just system. The rich folk have made their millions and billions, now it OUR turn.. They really DO owe US for what they have done TO us.

    Should it have taken some 2,300 days for Wells Fargo to have changed the terms on my A.R.M., – of course not.

    What then IS the solution. A new way of doing things. That’s what ALL of us have to work for, recruit others to join us, and replace the banking system with a system that has no room for insiders crime and racketeering.

    That means MAJOR changes to our justice system, so that judges and attorneys who violate the law get to see the INSIDE of our prisons for violating that which they were sworn to uphold. Let their cellmates be the rich banking insiders to whom they have laundered the free money and real estate to. Will that happen if we let them continue to get away with this escalating injustice ? No.

    Mass. has enacted one step in the right direction – unlike Florida who shields and enables the crimes, being in the pockets of the Cartel.

    They have created quite a series of new hoops for banks, servicers and mortgage manipulators to jump through in order to foreclose on borrowers who aren’t making their payments – and are actually being PREVENTED from doing so by the addition of new charges.

    Under the new law, those seeking to foreclose have to demonstrate to a court that they made “a good faith effort” to work with delinquent borrowers, that they took “reasonable steps” to avoid foreclosing, and considered whether the borrower could make lower, “affordable” monthly payments.

    It also mandates they prove loan ownership of the rights to and under the Note and Mortgage and that they “hold” the documents legally….. and prior to taking foreclosure action.

    It prohibits misrepresentation and imposing unfair costs and fees and makes charges for services not performed to be a crime.

    About time.

    Now, about OUR individual cases…who wants to “show and tell” with judges and gtry to set aside those forecloures that occurred wrongly. It means finding EVERY mistake the judge and attorneys have committed …and commit – and doing something about it.

    If you show them YOU will not let them get away with a SINGLE error…. methinks they might just want to TALK WITH YOU about a resolution OTHER than foreclosure.

    This forum is great, BUT it should not be where each of us STOP, it should be where we BEGIN our pro-activity on our own situations and actively support the rest of us on THEIRS. They ARE paying attention.


  14. hammertime says:

    This applies today – Ephesians 12:6 says “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    We need to understand this isn’t just about our individual homes and wealth but our neighborhoods and our country’s wealth that is being taken from us through abuse and deception. Our nation’s soul is under attack and our Constitution and laws are being shredded. But it starts with us individually taking a stand for our homes and demanding fairness so we can recover our wealth while working together.

    • david franklin says:

      Agrees we have no front or mechanism
      To come together as a force

      As a disabled vet by the VA. I have bet orgs to help me fight
      Chase and they could Care less about vet homeles


      • hammertime says:

        That’s where we all have common ground in being abused and treated as if we don’t matter. Only when it became publicized that veterans and seniors were being thrown out did they change their tune a bit and started making their commercials and politicians started acknowledging therr was a problem. If you’re being abused by Chase the settlements give you many of the rights and tools Tom is talking about in MA. Your story would have a strong impact. Hopefully this week will go smoother and we can talk about your situation.

      • David Franklin says:

        AP would be best to break my story or even more blogs

        Can’t get any interest

      • hammertime says:

        We have to make our own media which we are doing to a certain extent on here. Your efforts to try to get interest could be a story in itself and there are techniques we can use to help each other and others. At some point the truth will break through to the average Joe as it has to some extent. Either way I agree with Tom the writing’s on the wall for the too big to fails but we can’t let this be swept under the rug if they end up in their prison country clubs and it’s business as usual.

  15. david franklin says:

    Agreed however chase agreed to stop with us ag eric holder
    N paid 35 billion to settle
    However congress your reps n senators gave chase 90 billion
    Of your fed taxes in tarp money to pay that fine

    We need to get on congress’s ass to stop tjid crap n to get them to
    Get on obama n the fed n uscfpb paid by the fed

    We will never have any wealth without our paid for homes


    • David black says:

      It would be nice even to have the blogs to break my story

      Can’t get any interest

      AP press would be best In my view

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