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  1. rogerrinaldi says:

    Thanks DAV. Just being in the fight this long is a victory. Best to you!

  2. Hammertime says:

    Tony depending on the state bank tactics have been to change jurisdictiin to federal courr for their advantage. Could be matter of state laws being stronger in some states or grinding people down witg their deep pockets or even specific judges history being pro bank. When you’re fighting for years and know truth of the fraud done to you hard to see how buyout Is a good deal. If you don’t have the facts or conviction or are looking for a way out of the trap getting something insteas of getting completely steamrolled could be the choice that has to be made. The only way to compare is if same issues, court, judge it seems..

  3. Hammertime says:

    If the courts are corrupt as e say they are a loss can be a win. This is a bigger fight than the buildings, “wins”.

  4. Lms52 says:

    Roger Chase also breached 2 loan mods with me that have never been told to the judge in the local court. I am in a loan mod again and waiting to see what the final mod will look like. If not happy I will expose them in the local court or federal court. Which is best? I was also part of a class action with chase for breach of contract and received nothing. They paid their way out as usual. I still have a couple of tricks up my sleeve too!

  5. Hammertime says:

    Fed court could also be a trap. You need to check out court like WA advocate lawyer said. Best way to turn the tables is TILA rescission. Check out Garfield’s post today.

    • TonyP says:

      Hammer, How can the fed court be a trap? Please explain as I’m considering filing one in fed court. My friend filed one via loan lawyers in Broward and got a reasonable buyout offer.

  6. Kent says:

    Bobbi I have Ice Legal

  7. Kent says:

    Possession of a furged document is a class 2 felony. Why aren’t these people being prosecuted

    • ldynps says:

      Because the banks have convinced the US Government that if they go down for this crime, which is the largest crime to EVER be perpetrated in the HISTORY of the United States, then the US Economy will effect the entire world, the oceans will overflow and the mountains will crumble! There can be no other reason that this crime is being allowed by the Courts and Judges! It’s beyond what many on this site even know…file lawsuits against the banks attempting to steal your homes in Federal Court…the lower Courts are NOT the way! I know this because it happened to me on 2 homes, one in California and one in Florida….same story in both States! My suggestion? STOP fighting in the Curcuit Courts and District Courts….Step up to the Federal Court and accuse the banks of using forged documents in order to win your home, which by the way, has been paid in full by the “DEFAULT INSURANCE POLICIES the banks took out on every single home they illegally past through the banks replacement to the County Recorder, MERS…63 million homes people…this crime will take some 20 years to grab that many homes!! STOP your nightmare by searching for Notary signatures, IT DOESN’T MATTER…STOP thinking you will get justice because all the fraud you found….it just doesn’t matter!! That’s what I learned and I share with everyone who is going through it!

  8. Kent says:

    I have Ice Legal

  9. ldynps says:

    After loosing 2 homes to fraudulent foreclosures and the Florida Courts allowing it to happen, despite mounds of forgery, the only way to really fight is to get out of the Courts being used by the banks attorney’s…FILE YOUR OWN LAWSUIT in FEDERAL COURT naming the banks attempting to steal your home! While you are in the Circuit Courts, you can’t win, even in the Appeal Courts….STOP your own nightmares and sue the shit out of them as the PLAINTIFF…I only wish I had been given this advice when I was fighting in the wrong Courts….The Judges in Federal Court have not been bought off….yet! Fight in another direction cause this way…DOES NOT WORK FOR THE HOMEOWNERS…..

  10. lms53 says:

    since 2009, chase cant use any honest lawyers. here in broward county, their attorneys all have unclean hands. they are either ignorant or liars and I believe they are both. good luck!

  11. Kent says:

    Thanks Tricia. It’s been a long hard fight. Your right it’s taken its toll on both of us. We to court dates set in June that were cancelled and nothing rescheduled Chases attorney , Ronald Wolfe and Associates signed a new attorney to our case. They have harassed me with summons for cancelled court dates twice. Bank of America pulled all their foreclosures from their firm. The leopards spots don’t change because the people involved start a new company. We are going after them for unclean hands and have a really strong case How long have you been fighting them ?

  12. lms53 says:

    kent, sorry to hear about your wife, but this is what these banks have done to people’s lives and they must pay. the house next to mine , I know the bank has lost a lot of money and now an investor has bought it and will rent it out using airbnb. my neighborhood is all rental now where it used to be all stable families. I have fought chase for years too with albertelli being the latest corrupt attorney on chases payroll. they are so incompetent. it is so frustrating.

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