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  1. lms53 says:

    yes agree hammertime, 1st mod said JPMC as successor to WAMU. never quite got that one! they really do not know which end is up. also saw a MERS corp signature on their financial affidavit of monies owed. definitely bogus looking paperwork, writing on both sides of paper, looked totally fabricated and the notary seal. I have seen several different seals for notaries in ohio, I question authenticity of financial affidavit. im sure the note was passed, only one endorsement though. also missing a couple of payments on their transaction record and I have proof of every payment I ever made to chase as whatever they are supposed to be.

  2. Hammertime says:

    Hi lms so u have them stumbling 4 different times so how do u know who is “Chase”? In court at least say purported lender called “Chase”. On each transfer, refi, server change is their a valid transaction? It’s important to be clear but if ur starting point is it IS a Chase loan OR even a loan they can keep stumbling and getting do overs. Chop off the head of the snake!

  3. lms53 says:

    Hi Hammer yes I saw Garfields post today.working on deciphering it but still there is no proof of multiple proofs of ownership other than the different lender names they have modified me under 4 to date which is still a valid stand. they just cant get it together can they? I am going to make them stumble on their words. but first I have to make sure I don’t stumble on my own.

  4. Hammertime says:

    Great posts Trev, lms but too many people lost everything and didn’t get the girl this is a much bigger fight. For me it’s love and truth in Jesus’ name no matter what the end result. So u fight on or don’t with the truth

    And here Garfield again gets down to the basics everyone needs to get. Lms this has ur name written all over it and can get u to quit calling ur loan a Chase loan.

  5. Trev says:

    ps… what is the anti-venom or magic elixir to this greed…angst…thievery? you ask…


    don’t know what that is? watch Lawless…lots of love in that one.

    pay special attention to the feed lot ‘i know who you are’ …scene

    shia & his object of desire are in love…find someone or something to love like that…so nothing else even matters.

    yes…falling in love w fairness…justice…equality….liberty…those will do juuuuust fine. pickin’ up what i am layin’ down???

  6. lms53 says:

    yes Trev, my mom always said the same about the lord. im fresh as a daisy and can prove it.

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