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  1. Tonyp says:

    Where are you? Not Palm beach for sure

  2. Tom Heinrich says:


    Ben, who won at trial and obtained the services of four respected attorneys in his battle to defend his home from foreclosure by HSBC – entitling him to have HSBC pay all of his attorneys fees, including the ones who previously had been dismissed by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson ) for being too effective in uncovering wrongdoing by the Banksters and who authored a powerful paper on wrongdoing in Florida which was a little too sensitive and close to home for Bondi’s political supporters, , , .only to have HSBC then refuse to reimburse him for the fees of one of Ben’s attorneys, Kenneth Eric Trent ( known locally as the “Foreclosure Destroyer” who is the one who filed a monumental class action against Wells Fargo and also distributes parody Tshirts of the Banksters including one I myself happen wear all the time that changes the logo around just a tad and says CHITIBANK ) who was Ben’s attorney just prior to Ben employing respected Florida trial attorney Bruce Herman to actually finally try the case and who was the attorney who then actually won the case for Ben at trial.

    HSBC was timely served a fee demand by Bruce Herman to recover all monies that Ben spent on all of his distinguished attorneys throughout his ordeal, but HSBC’s attorney convinced Bruce to enter into an agreed order with him on the fees telling Bruce that HSBC would rather pay each attorney separately and would do so. HSBC hoodwinked Herman into withdrawing Bens fee demand. Well, HSBC balked when it came to Trent. Trent sued on behalf of Ben and moved to have the original agreed order vacated and replaced by one that included himself so that Ben could finally collect the entire sum he spent, including the monies Ben spent for Trent.

    Judge Lynn Rosenthal agreed, tossed the first agreement and entered a new Order that Trent requested, one which will make Ben whole without any further proceedings, including the money Ben spent on his current attorney who represented him at todays hearing, “Andy” (Andres) Lopez, another accomplished trial attorney.

    HSBC spent a lot of money on IT’S new law firm that they (HSBC) replaced their original LOSING law firm with for todays proceeding ( ANOTHER losing law firm ), besides having to pay for Bens FIFTH attorney, Andy, who along with Ken Trent and Bruce Herman attended todays matter, which was transcribed for the State Bar, which was waiting for the results of todays hearing prior to deciding whether to refer charges up to the Florida Supreme Court in the matter for HSBC not reimbursing Ben the entire amount he paid on lawyers. Now Ben will get the remainder of his legal expenditures and HSBC will have to explain why it paid so much money to seven different law firms to lose its attempted foreclosure action, and has to pay Ben’s property insurance and real estate taxes for him as he lives in his most comfortable two story townhome by Florida’s remarkable beach.

    Judge Rosenthal was gracious enough to allow me to sit at the head of the table to clearly video and audio record and report todays proceedings. The matter is available to you for review and is a wonderful example of how things should run during a proceeding, the decorum and efficacy of todays hearing was commendable.


    • Last March of 2014 I won in foreclosure with the Court of Palm Beach Conty ordering that the Bank had come to court with unclean hands… gave example of affirmative defence that says ‘fraud, breech of contract etc..etc… in the FJ. Now, I’m waiting for the Jury to award me y damages which is another trial by jury. I hope I live long enough to see one cent of my damages.
      Love to read where others come out and stand firm. I have stood firm eight years.

      cherane Pefley

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