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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    For your information Trevor I live in Florida and yes, I know a great deal about John Boehner. Part of the ‘machine’….yeah, right!!! I work on a 2% commission far less than even Realtors. I don’t get raises or have benefits and my income can NEVER increase under the Dodd Frank Act. After fighting from ’06 to ’12 pro se I finally got an attorney from THIS site. Matthew Weidner and do you know what he told me? That unless you flat out have absolute proof of them committing fraud or absolute violating the rules of procedure in this state, you will NOT win. He’s all for modifications which I feel is just another abuse of their power to get around and covering up the fraud. I would NEVER accept a modification. The corruption I spoke about in the Florida court system still continues today and all these wins of lawsuits has not made one iota of difference with the judges. I will post on this site whenever I please and if you don’t like what I post delete it. And just like LMS53 says ‘bring it on with their scuba gear and goggles’ to map out their ill-gotten homes. @ Angel – I did not bring this on, but when someone wants to berate me you can bet I’m going to retaliate. I’m not one to lie down and I’m certainly not a lamb. This site does and has brought a lot of valuable information. In it’s beginnings it was one of the few sites that you could retrieve solid ground rules for defense. However, duly noted that even the attorneys that used to post on this site don’t do so anymore. Ever wonder why?

    • Angel says:

      I understand frustration,& I get how ALL must stand up for your self’s,my point is/was I ….I get ”hope” from sites like this,this is a nightmare I can’t seem to wake from,its shook ”my foundation”& its un-nessasary to plead our case’s to each other,its NOT each other bringing the misdeeds…& IF said so-called lawyer bailed from this site,maybe he/she hands arent so clean,or conscious attacked…could be MANY reasons,we ALL have been steam-rolled/done wrong & HERE I wasn’t alone:-) I wish all y’all Peace,Love,Resolution:-) :-)

  2. lms53 says:

    thank you Angel and God bless us all! Bobbi, you more than anyone else.

  3. lms53 says:

    yes,after all that Chase has done to me, what better way for them to receive a house they stole than with some goggles and an air tank! it would serve them right. Bring on the raging waters while we continue to fight.

  4. Angel says:

    Wow y’all:(:( were all fighting the same demon,& 2turn on one another,Demon wins!!!!!!!!a lot of us NEED this site because of knowledge by others going thru-it…….BOBBI….to question in such a manner results in NEGATIVE,why…its our daily struggle & already EXPLAINED to deaf ears,BANKS/LAWYERS/ETC…..this site brings hope…..KEEP IT THAT WAY:-) :-) :-) :-)

  5. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Bobbi…why don’t you stay off this site….the fact that you are part of ‘the machine’…well…it makes me wonder….the ‘gobbely goop’ or noise…actually has info embedded in it….clues…hints… we are at war…we lost our roofs…WE are fighting for you too…but please…take your ‘brokerage’ fees and post somewhere else. . . you are not ‘getting it’ so to speak… Florida…the State that stole the Pres election…. the good/bad news about FL is that w tidal rise….hurricanes etc….I would bet there won’t be a pan handle left in 5-10 years…nature wins everytime. Can you ‘Pan’ Handle that truth…..yeah….I blame Jobn Boner….crybaby traitor…ruined The Party….not the GOP…the other Celebration. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you…..

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