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  1. TirelessDefendant says:

    Finally, the judge, sensing there are “material issues of fact” hahaha, has denied Plaintiff’s motion for Summary Judgement, and has asked counsels to contact the court to set up a trial date. The question for this group: Should we ask for a jury trial or go with the bench trial? Any info. is appreciated.

  2. Hammertime says:

    Here’s a chance to have an impact. Please sign petition to stop eviction of Purple Heart veteran and his wife. Wells Fargo claims they can’t do anything as Mr. Sexton tries to survive Leukemia and had $30,000 to $40,000 stolen from him by sham operation. Eviction scheduled for Tuesday.
    A review of public documents shows the worst cast of characters MERS, AWL, Fidelity/LPS (Lorraine Brown). 12/16 Fidelity was in settlement talks for robosigning for $60 mill on top of LPS previous settlements.
    Appears to be worse than usual broken chain of title.
    The trustee doesn’t have many foreclosures in area of the property or even CA but very active relatively speaking in Midwest, South and East coast.

  3. lms53 says:

    So sorry to hear sharon. I surrendered my house in bankruptcy after chase reneged on 2 loan mods because they could not figure out ownership of the loan. How can they give loan mod if they do not have right lender on mortgage. I should have contested it more but after 6 years, i had enough I hate i had to file a bankruptcy just for the house but they kept adding on all these unexplainable fees and i has other assets that their criminal lawyers probably would have come after and could not risk it. I believe obuma wanted to break down the middle class and this was his way of pushing us down so he just insulted us by diverting monies that should have went to help homeowners. Never trust the banks, your realtor. They r only out for themselves prices for homes now are back to pre 2008 prices and buyers really need to beware

    • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

      This is exactly what continues to upset me. How can the banks get away with this? In my opinion your home should be returned to you, regardless of what you were forced to do in bankruptcy court. You can look up on youtube, just type in “Bernanke questioned about trillions” and see that money was given to banks all over the place, even in foreign countries after the crisis yet people like us couldn’t get new loans, modifications, etc. Justice has still not been served to the American people at all in this. Many of these homes still sit unoccupied. I pray our government will finally realize these homes need to be returned to their rightful deeded owners, not the banks or investment groups, but the people who lived in them and bought them for their families. I pray our government will have the ability and desire to do this because it is the right thing to do.

    • Hammertime says:

      Except Obama was left with fixing the financial crisis and the “war on terror” and people are still falling for it. Republicans wanted to let foreclosures go forward no matter what then both parties with the bribes of the banksters corrupted HAMP and the bailouts which every politician now needs to come clean on. We can’t just believe whatever we want, we need to challenge this crime on on our country wherever we are are and no matter what party we’re from.

      • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

        Hammertime, I’m not sure about what politicians are complicit. I think it is individual. The people that wound up taking my house were the bank or group of investors, the judge and the sheriffs department. They are directly involved. So the problem seems to be a failing in our Judicial and Law Enforcement Departments.

  4. lms53 says:

    This is how the banks operate thru fear, intimidation, trespassing, trampling homeowners property rights, fraud. They use whatever evil means they have available to them which are plenty because as we know the banks also stole the money that should have helped the homeowners. They f$$ked up and the taxpayer gets screwd and they keep sticking it to us. They just want to make it go away anyway they can and the only way they can do that is to keep on with their corruption they started. They have to bully u out of your house so they can start over abd if they get you out with fc judgement and dump deficiency debt on you, they will bully you until you stop fighting or they put fear in you until you go away. Why doesnt our current president mention anything about this. All u hear is about the 2008 crisis, but no one really talks about all the people who lost their homes. They want us to forget and go away, but anyone who fought to save their home and see how corrupt the banks truly are will never forget and we shouldn’t. In fact there should be a history book approved in public schools explaining how the banks brought the crisis on themselves and how they wrecked families and their lives by forcing us out of our homes. Most of us are forever scarred. We are casualties of the foreclosure civil war!

    • RE Broker says:

      All so true. It comes in waves, just when I think I might be starting to heal, I become obsessed again. This tells me, it isn’t a scar, it is still an open wound. I attend to it by learning what I can, trying to go on with my life and writing letters to those who I believe may have authority to do something about this. We can’t be left behind destroyed and empty handed. There is no justice in this outcome and it will bother me until the wound is healed with justice. I don’t know where it will take me but I know I can’t let it go. I believe at this point that the banks could be declared an, “enemy of the state.” for the upheaval they have caused on American turf and the destruction and weakening of American families that has been the fallout.

    • RE Broker (Sharon says:

      How do we know that spies, terrorists or organized crime, gangs etc. are not using these homes that good American citizens have been driven away from? How do we know that a foreign entity is not buying up huge lots of them for nefarious activity? How can the government be letting this happen? We are told that our country is so concerned with National Security. The banks have opened us up to the greatest security risk of our time, in my opinion, millions of homes in which good citizens of the United States have been driven away from that are sitting waiting to house invaders. Was it planned? That is a good question. How can I believe it was not planned when I tried again and again to get a modification, to pay them back and they refused. When I was threatened in front of a room full of witnesses and driven out of bankruptcy court by a government trustee? The only thing they wanted was my home. My little 800 square foot home. How does this make sense? The government must intervene to give these people back the control of their homes. Read the Reuters article I have placed here. I waited in my home. They had to remove me. What happens there now is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Department, the local judge and ASC/Wells Fargo/US Bank until I receive notice that my home has been given back to me. We should all receive these notices. It is the only right thing to do for the future of our country and our people. The only safe thing to do for all of us..

    • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

      …maybe someone didn’t like his neighbor so much because they had a low level job, was poor, didn’t mow the lawn enough, used foul language, whatever, but they were regular people. American fabric, neighbors. How is our government giving control of huge lots of houses to banks who have very little government oversight? Who were handed billions of dollars (Too Big to Fail) with no restrictions and simply “trusted” to fix things. Really?

    • Theresa says:

      Ims53. Are you going through a foreclosure or did you loose your home?

      • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

        The Sheriffs came and removed me from my home last May – 2016. 4 Sheriffs came to my door. They proceeded to place all of my belongings into a container which remained on the street overnight then was brought to the local dump the next day. I called the town and begged them to hold on to it so I could bring a truck to retrieve my belongings. I spent a May Spring Day as an American Citizen retrieving my belongings from a local dump after a half a Trillion Dollars was given (lent?) to foreign banks by my own government as I begged for years to be granted a modification only to be told by the bank that they cannot give me a modification because they do not participate in government programs.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Sharon (RE Broker). I am truly sorry for what you had to go through! A police officer dies outside of the line of duty and people flock to donate monies for the family left behind. A long parade of a funeral session where the streets are closed down BUT no such help is provided in a situation such as yours. It is truly sick that the fate of the ‘living’ continue to suffer and no help is provided. Have you or did you try reaching out to your local TV stations on your story or the plight that you faced? Or place a Utube video on line as a means of ‘warning’ others? Jamie Dimon recently made a statement to his stockholders that more needed to be done to provide housing for the lower class…made me puke! He will live his life in luxury now, but the Almighty will be his final judge.

      • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

        Bobbi, thank you for your support. It is truly a lonely place to be, still embattled in the 2008 Financial Crisis nearly 10 years later, picking your things out of a dumpster after doing everything you could to try to help a bank to give you a mod who was claiming to try to help you. So wrong. Kindness and kind words do help in the healing process while we wait and continue to speak up until justice is done and the homes returned to the people.

  5. lms53 says:

    Mick. Fyi. I had to file bankruptcy after fc judgment and the interest adds up quick and by the time they sold my house, they claimed the deficiency to be over 180k. Liars and thieves and if i wouldnt have declared bankruptcy they would have taken my rental property which i now live in which is worth anout what they r claiming in deficiency, but unfortunately in bk. You have to disclose assets or they can not give you the discharge. What a racket. These banks knew that we could not win or would not have the money to keep fighting them and their crooked lawyers based out of tampa are so incompetent or stupid or both. I would have been living in my car because I know they would have come after me for deficiency because they knew about rental. It has been a nitemare and separated me from my one and only child. I have to believe we will get justice someday and I hope i am living to see it.

  6. Mick says:

    Are You prepared to LIVE in YOUR CAR? If not, FIND SOME MONEY! Have a list of attorneys (the best don’t stay cheap long, and like former posters, when You’re ultimately staring at a Deficiency Judgment (where they cay can take everything, including Your current SALARY with garnishment) because (at least in Florida) that Judgment hangs waiting for ANY Thing You OWN or EARN for the next TWENTY[20] YEARS. Costs those collection attorneys (who paid pennies on the dollar for the FC Judgment) are willing to invest now are increasing, for anyone STUPID Enough to remain here (in FL) AFTER a FC, IF You didn’t negotiate Deficiency Judgment WAIVER in the FC Judgment Process. These blood suckers are going to be after You whether YOU FIGHT or NOT….so why Not Fight? All You save Yourself(here) is a few more decades worth of GRIEF!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Just file for bankruptcy: In general, a mortgage deficiency judgment is treated like any other general unsecured debt (such as medical bills) in bankruptcy. This means that whether you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, once you receive your discharge your personal liability for a mortgage deficiency will be wiped out.

    • Sharon says:

      My daughter had me listed as the beneficiary for her life insurance. She has since had several “accidents” assaults and close calls. Sure they can say I’m crazy. That is how they fight. They call you crazy. Just like Lynn on the plane in “Chain of Title”, random threats, harassment and worse. You can’t prove anything unless someone talks who is involved in their evil dealings. I have since begged her to reassign her beneficiary and thankfully she has. I can only assume the FBI just watches them do this. They know all about you. All they care about is money.

      • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

        I have already read “Chain of Title”, “The Big Short” and “Too Big to Fail”. I am just about to start “All the Devils are Here.” I am going to start to send more letters soon and these books help me to be better informed when I write to the Attorneys General offices, Congress, Senators, etc. As I said in a previous post, money has gone back and forth from the government to the banks but very little if anything truly helpful for the homeowners. This is terrible injustice and I will not be quiet about it. If anyone has another book to recommend please let me know. Thank you.

  7. Ashley says:

    Some questions if anyone knows the answer, chime in! How do you find out what pool of mortgages your loan might have been grouped in? Also, were loans re-amortized, not sure if that is the word… When a HAMP modification is done? As in, did I go back to making mostly interest only payments? Sure seems like it. I’m fighting my foreclosure sale. I’m going to fight like hell but I don’t see much evidence that homeowners have been able to win.

    • mike marchetti says:

      did you get a complaint , who is the plaintiff, there is a lot of was to find the trust info ,

      • RE Broker says:

        So I’m told the banks didn’t have to give us modifications, yet they were given billions of dollars to help people like me. At the bottom of dozens of letters the bank sent me purporting to be supportive and help in any way they state to contact them so we can see what type of program meets my needs, yet when I did this on so many occasions they said they do not participate in government programs. This must be mail fraud at the very least. I’ve seen big masses of dollars going to banks to help them and then going back to the government for penalties again and again and yet here we are starving at the bottom. I can’t even go back to my Real Estate career, not only because of the harm that was caused to my personal reputation but also because of the fear of putting people at the mercy of a mortgage of any kind.

      • RE Broker says:

        Sorry I put this on the wrong thread.

      • Ashley says:

        US Bank, originated through National City but from my research it looks like my loan was sold to US Bank before I even signed the papers. Dated September 7th, 2007. It was a first time homebuyers loan if that makes any difference.

    • Ldynps says:

      Ashley, we all fought like hell due to uncovtthe fraud and forgery being accepted by the courts.. nothing matters! The banks sold our mortgages many times over and lost the NOTES so they have to remove you to sell it to another in order to create a new NOTE! Get a huge setttement and get out, if not, you’ll fight, spend money chasing your tail as well as sleeplessness! It’s a crime by the big boys and we never win

      • RE Broker says:

        I have no money to fight yet I will not go quietly into the night.

      • Theresa says:

        We do win. I won. I’m working on a site to give people specific information on how to win…and a book detailing my experience through the five year wrongful foreclosure battle. You must stand firm. You must be organized. You must research and educate yourself. You can win. Many others have…and will.

      • daninwestpalm says:

        I like the part about “get a huge settlement” JP Morgan used a forged note/deed that was missing notary signatures as their power of sale to sell a vacation home in the mountains I built in March of 2015 . They submitted the same forged note to a Miami Judge in my Chapter 13 BK case which is a felony. I hired an attorney in Miami to sue for fraudulent foreclosure, gave him $5k , he took my money , promised to file a complaint and never did.

  8. Mick says:

    -News Flash- -News Flash-
    FLORIDA FC Victims
    I need each and every one of You to put out the word….Desperately NEED to hear from ALL or Any that You know who’ve received 1099’s after FC judgment & also rec’d notice of, had attempted, (or worst of all) actually executed Deficiency Judgment against them as well? Liens on other property? Even Better; Garnishment on their wages? Best. Have a mean thing working, need victims. Taking bull by the horns (& no prisoners when done).
    Ask them to please email me: Ask them to CALL ME 352.246.7483 anytime between 0800-2100 EDT

    • RE Broker says:

      My house was taken, NY, Sheriffs showed up. I waited them out. Then received tax document that I owed the balance of a sale that took place back in August from one banking entity to another. Received this doc after I was removed in May. Supposed sale happened the August prior. Never received tax doc until after I was removed, well after the April 15th filing date for 2016.

      • RE Broker says:

        I wrote to Attorney General of Suffolk County, NY State and US, under last administration. Received letter back from office of Eric Schneiderman and off office of Loretta Lynch. Letter back from US Attorney General stated that my case was referred to FBI for investigation. I have not heard since. Letter back from US Attorney General was from Ian DeWaal, Senior Counsel, Fraud Section.

      • RE Broker says:

        Faxed this letter from Attorney General’s Office to Mr. Anderson at ASC/Wells who had responded to my CFPB complaint where the NY State Attorney Gen had referred the case for me. Shortly thereafter the WELLS FARGO fake account scandal broke.

      • RE Broker says:

        The letter I wrote to Attorney Gen. Loretta Lynch and cc’d the Atty Gens for NY and Suffolk outlined my story of pain and suffering and highlighted how my RE career was ruined by the posting of my name in public under foreclosure. How I had gone to 3 separate workout programs physically and applied for modification again and again producing every bit of paperwork they asked for. How each time there was a different reason given as to why I could not get a modification finally culminating in only, “the bank does not participate in government programs” I contested this in my letter to Atty General. I’m a American. I should be able to have access to American government programs to save my property.

      • RE Broker says:

        Please feel free to contact me with comments or replies. I think I forgot to check the boxes on all of the replies I left. Thank you.

      • RE Broker says:

        In the letter from Ian DeWaal, US Attorney General’s office, he acknowledged receipt of my letter stating that I was wrongfully denied a modification and that I was verbally abused in front of a courtroom full of people as a Pro Se Individual by a Trustee in bankruptcy court and that the matter was being referred to FBI for investigation. I have the letter. Interestingly, the letter was obviously ripped open and crudely taped back together. The local Post Office said it was delivered to them that way. I have pictures of how the envelope arrived. I am unafraid, probably to a fault.

      • RE Broker says:

        Everything was taken from me. My home, My reputation and My Career! I have no fear at this point. I will stand up for this cause even if threatened with death, jail or whatever else they want to threaten me with. I am a Real Estate Broker and private property ownership is very important to me as a principal.

      • RE Broker says:

        Additionally when I went down to the town in Babylon I was prevented from paying any taxes and having anything to do with the tax liability for my home. I was treated as if I were a non entity, a random non- interested party and blocked.

      • RE Broker says:

        I wish I could attach the letter from the US Attorney General’s Office here but I don’t know about the legality of publishing this official doc from DOJ or if it would harm a pending lawsuit if I could ever find an attorney to take my case. Here is the piece of the letter that is most important, I think, and I quote, “This is in response to your June 6, 2016 to the Department of Justice regarding your complaint, that your home was foreclosed, in part, because your application for a loan modification were wrongfully denied, and that you were subject to verbal abuse, by a bankruptcy trustee in public.” It goes on to give me resources to help me with the case citing that the DOJ takes very seriously how Court Bankruptcy Trustee’s behave toward the public. It goes on to refer me to the Albany Legal Aid Society and the Suffolk County Legal Aid Society. i had contacted several of these types of entities in the past, never a returned phone call or response. I contacted Albany Legal Aid and referenced the letter. I was practically laughed off the phone, however, I did get the indication that they recognized my name. I contacted Suffolk Legal Aid via email to make it more official. No response at all.

      • RE Broker says:

        I did everything the bank requested of me. I gave them all the paperwork they requested over and over again. ASC never seemed to know that US Bank had brought me to court, when these court dates were, etc. I was working with ASC and US Bank was taking my house. while I was going along thanking them for their patience until I finally wised up. Like the people in “Chain of Title” I was not looking for a free house, I was looking to pay them back, but they blocked me, prevented me, strung me along, caused irreparable harm to my children from the constant strain and stress of becoming homeless at the drop of a hat, irreparable hard to my career and yet I still believed they were good, all their commercials said they were. I even referred them for a loan for my last Commercial RE Deal I brokered in 2014. No mercy, no consideration, no humanity.

    • RE Broker says:

      Not only was I blocked from a modification, but I was also told I could not pay my mortgage, or contribute in any way financially to the mortgage until I had a modification in place. Completely unjust! I have the check they sent back to me to prove it.

    • RE Broker says:

      I was still working with CFPB at the time. I received what seemed like hundreds of documents from Wells Fargo trying to defend their case. CFPB considered this adequate answer without even consulting me and just closed the case. When I tried to reopen I received word from CFPB that even if the party I am complaining about did something illegal, they may or may not inform me. Case Closed.

      • Theresa says:

        I see posts about CFPB and Attorney General. Know that whatever you send to them they WILL give the bank an exact photo copy of what you sent in. This can give the bank a “heads up” that you are coming after them. However, you can also use this to your advantage if you know what you are doing.

    • RE Broker says:

      I have saved all of this paperwork.

    • RE Broker says:

      I have printed emails. I have the letter they sent to me when I demanded in writing their answer that, “the investors of the loan do not participate in government programs.” which is the reason I was given for not receiving my modification. The letter is very vague, of course. They still claimed I owed them hundreds of thousands of dollars, after taking my house and I have the letter from US Bank in response to my letters that they refuse to forgive me the debt. I try to move on with my life but as the people in Chain of Title were unable to move past it, no matter how much time I pray, spend in the church pews, enjoy my family and new married life, I can’t let it go. It gnaws at me, particularly now that both my adult children are in need of the home for their residence. My daughter recently broke her leg and lost her apartment, my son was evicted when I was.

    • RE Broker says:

      So I’m told the banks didn’t have to give us modifications, yet they were given billions of dollars to help people like me. At the bottom of dozens of letters the bank sent me purporting to be supportive and help in any way they state to contact them so we can see what type of program meets my needs, yet when I did this on so many occasions they said they do not participate in government programs. This must be mail fraud at the very least. I’ve seen big masses of dollars going to banks to help them and then going back to the government for penalties again and again and yet here we are starving at the bottom. I can’t even go back to my Real Estate career, not only because of the harm that was caused to my personal reputation but also because of the fear of putting people at the mercy of a mortgage of any kind.

    • RE Broker says:

      Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have already gone to the Attorney General of the United States in 2016, can’t afford an attorney and have already had my house taken. Have already reached out to legal aid societies at the suggestion of Attorney General’s Office and there is no reply. Have already had a CFPB complaint closed simply because the bank answered me. And still I am told I owe several hundred thousand dollars.

    • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

      Why doesn’t the government use the penalty money to fix MERS and give the people back their homes? It may be a naïve question. I am just getting into all of the information about it now. I was holding out that the banks were good for a long time. I needed this to be true in my heart as a Real Estate Broker. I was doing my best to work with them. I never took on a lawyer, until I wrote to DOJ after they took my home. To me, that was taking on a lawyer. I never fought the bank, only tried to work with them. Even gave them more business. They didn’t allow me to pay. Sent back two checks I sent them and told me I could not pay when I inquired. So I sat helpless in their jail for over 10 years all the while trying to modify my loan with them. They didn’t allow me to pay and yet now they say I owe several hundred thousand dollars. How does any of this make any sense at all? Where is there any goodness in this?

    • daninwestpalm says:

      JP Morgan used a forged note/deed that was missing notary signatures as their power of sale to sell a vacation home in the mountains I built in March of 2015 . They submitted the same forged note to a Miami Judge in my Chapter 13 BK case which is a felony. I hired an attorney in Miami to sue for fraudulent foreclosure, gave him $5k , he took my money , promised to file a complaint and never did. Any advice ?

  9. Jennie in Ga says:

    Ready for the nightmare to end. Bought the house in 2005, I have been fighting Ocwen since 2013. I know that there are major issues with my paperwork and though I have Not made a payment in over 30 months and I have stopped foreclosure over 10 times I need to be able to get this done soon. I have self taught all the defense and ways to stop them in Ga. But I now found that the trust my mortgage is so-called in hadnt had activities since Jan 2006 when it was suspended by the SEC. But on EDGAR I found my trustname . Ocwen claims to have the original note yet no assignment to my file. They have even sent me copies of the note but iddly from 2 different workers and each note has different endorsement names and a allong. Please contact me if you have any way to help. I’m not able to get a fancy lawyer, but I have a great cas

  10. john b says:

    I am looking for a non attorney to research a satisfaction filed by Indymac Bank. The signatures and more look bogus. This was done in Florida.
    Please help.

  11. Trevor Hitchin says:

    “….if you cannot beeeeeeeeee….
    with the one you love…………
    then love the one you’re with……”

    I am diggin’ DT…..not for how he was…
    but how he is and will be….playing for
    redemption value. I have seen changes…@ dawn.

  12. lms53 says:

    trevor, yes at some point you have to weigh where u r at. The banks were and still are so messed up that you dont know really who u r paying and if the payments are being applied correctly. I filed BK because I didnt want the tax implications of short sale, but not sure what bk 13 does. I surrendered property so there should be none. the banks have raped us all. If you have to throw your money out the window so to speak, make sure it is worthwhile and in the hands of crooked lawyers and irresponsible banks would not be my first choice.

    • Trevor Hitchin says:

      if I could ever go back in time….ten years…i would have played my cars differently….my win yesterday was not so much a win per se….but less of a loss….95% ‘less loss’ is to me a HUGE win……like staying at the beach long enough to see the next tidal shifts……together…we are all putting light on the dark……and perhaps our rewards for never giving up are still to come…you never can tell…..but I am glad i mouthed off like I did……I am fortunate to havei understood the entire wheel….so if I am ever in charge…I will know what not to do……scars add value…and are very expensive. when good people do nothing/say nothing…..this is the fear. . . this the pledge I took while standing on the ahes of my ancestors in Germany….

      i am now thinking of this as the first year of my battle….not the last.
      fight for every inch…..stay till the luck turns. pce. Y

  13. Trevor Hitchin says:

    aH….BOARD….my port of sanctuary….again we meet….again on choppy waters we sail…but we are still above not below the horizon line… i have news to report…again. to recap i was early in this shell game of RICO and collusion….and bankrot…and greed…and boise judges who are brothers of Mayor who ruled in favor of the Banks even though 50 US Attys smelled rotten foreclosure fraud..2007..2008…2009….so today…literally after ten years of their daily bs ….Met Life Home Loans and others….making my life….my credit….my everything a living hell……including IRS Tax hassels…liens…garnishments….credit destroyed…..friends and family bailed…..TODAY…i received notice from the IRS that my $375,000 fraudulent tax bill from 2007 was adjusted back down to $8,000 and that I can refile for my refund if one is owed….i can also audit my Federal and State Returns for the past 10 years…..thus changing the tidal waters…….it was like winning the lottery……it set precedence……never let go…never give up…my next stop is Qui Tam Federal in the State of Idaho…..v. Met Life Bank….. Hell is freezing over. Idaho is about to be taught a valuable lesson.

    Shame on Met LIfe…Cudos to the IRS for seeing through their lies…abuse…and fraud and making the credits in my favor…finally….been a tough ten years….today was a miracle. The Met Life bastards stopped at nothing…now the 2 x 4 in Court. Never Again. @cfpb was worthless to me… as good as in on it.

    GBLS….keep fighting…..the truth is killing the matrix….the light is burning it up…veil lifting. Amen!

    Yeah….Today I felt like Charlie and the CC….my last piece of IRS hatemail….a HUGE WIN for the light….Forward.
    ten years…then / overnight….it all changes. peace on the earth. Trev

    • Trevor Hitchin says:

      obviously it shoud have read: ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory….’ the bankrot shitshow is still playing……the chocolate factory still broken….but the good guys won a big game today… for the little guy….but for me to have paid that 10 year fake bill would have taken me my whole life….after losing my life savings in 20 min to a compromised Judge….poetic justice. … never let go.

  14. T. Plott says:

    I am currently in the foreclosure process and the lis pendens was filed 2/22/2016. At the time the lis pendens was filed, they filed a copy of the mortgage and the note. The attorney had one of their own employees filed a “certification of possession of original note” as an original document specialist with the complaint, which was signed on Feb 4 2016, but a certification by a person with a fictitious title is not an affidavit and the person has no knowledge of the original documents, as they were not a party to the transaction or agreements. On March 28, 2016 they filed what they claim to be the original note and mortgage and this filing post dates the date of the date the complaint was filed. I have been fighting this pro se. I know fraud was committed. Mortgage electronic registration systems inc. has been the sole assignee of the mortgage and the note since 2005 and they are not a beneficiary, nominee, trustee etc. The mortgage assignment that was recorded literally states that Mortgage electronic registration systems inc purchased both the mortgage and the note for the sum of 10$. February 8 2013, Nationstar Mortgage removed the mortgage info from the mortgage electronic registration system and we believe it was done to hide information. There have been multiple servicers since the original loan in 1994 and there are only 3 assignments of mortgage recorded in the county records. Aurora Loan services inc had it in 2005 and then it went through multiple servicers then in 2010, Aurora loan services inc got it back and I know they did not have a license in Florida. The MERS system look up tool states the investor was lehman/fnma (Fannie Mae). Nationstar denies this but we have the min #. The fannie mae look up tool states they do not own the mortgage or the note but we know the note was securitized because they admitted it was in a REMIC trust and now they are denying it. The mortgage remained assigned to mortgage electronic registration systems inc. from 2005 until 2016 when Nationstar mortgage had their own employee assign the mortgage from mortgage electronic registration systems inc to Nationstar mortgage. There is no corporate seal, no witnesses and no corporate resolution recorded for the assignment from Mortgage electronic registration systems inc. The plaintiff Nationstar mortgage is relying on the holder rule. They claim to have the original note and the original mortgage, which I have viewed and I know it is a fabricated copy which was made by a laser ink printer. The color of the ink does not match any of the original documents that were signed and there is a twist as well because I personally signed the mortgage in a different color ink than the rest of the people. I signed the mortgage but not the note. My husband signed both. The blank endorsement is a copy of a signature, not a wet ink signature and not a stamp. The endorser signed as “attorney in fact” and there is no power of attorney recorded to prove the person even had the authority to endorse the note. The company that allegedly endorsed the note has been out of business since 2002. I live in the home with my two adult children, my 5 year old son and my 3 year old grandchild. My husband does not live in the home. I feel I am entitled to monetary damages and attorney fees. I do not want the money. I want to keep what is rightfully mine, which is the real property, my homestead and residence.
    I need help. We do not have adequate foreclosure defense in escambia county florida. Please help me

    • Paul Eggli says:

      T. Plott,
      Look at your original trust deed or mortgage deed. Does the wording on the deed state that the security instrument secures to the lender the repayment of the note? If so, who does the instrument state the “lender” is? Does the instrument make sole provision for the “lender” to be the loan origination company/ bank, or can the “lender” also be an assignee of the original lender?
      What i am getting at, is that when you took out the so-called loan, you conveyed legal title to the property to a trustee to hold as security for payment of the loan. You created a trust- as the grantor/ trustor/ or settlor of the trust. The trust res or rez, (the property put into the trust) was legal title to the real property. If the trust indenture- the security instrument/ deed indicates that the instrument secures payment of the loan to [only] the ‘lender’, then if that original lender is not owed any more money, (which it is not since the loan was sold off), then the deed is no longer valid for any purpose- because the trust has terminated! Once the purpose the trust was created for became extinguished, then the trust itself became legally terminated.
      HOWEVER, the alleged note holder will not wish to acknowledge that the mortgage deed- which implemented and governed the trust, has actually become an invalid instrument, and that the original trust has for all practical purposes terminated. Nationstar wishes to enforce the deed as if the deed protects Nationstar as the “lender”, but in reality Nationstar is not the lender, and the trust terminated when the original “lender” sold the loan years ago.
      Anyway, write back to me privately, and let me know what the scoop is.

      • daninwestpalm says:

        I did what you said and looked at the original note/deed. JP Morgan used a forged note/deed that was missing notary signatures as their power of sale to sell a vacation home in the mountains I built in March of 2015 . They submitted the same forged note to a Miami Judge in my Chapter 13 BK case which is a felony. I hired an attorney in Miami to sue for fraudulent foreclosure, gave him $5k , he took my money , promised to file a complaint and never did. Any advice ?

    • Theresa says:

      Not sure how far you’ve gotten at this point. You have to put that information on record in court. Put it on record with affidavits and do it correctly. If you are owed money or damages then get it and don’t feel bad about it… feel great about. That’s money for you and your family. I have no sympathy for the bank. Stick to the facts in court. Be straight to the point…leave your emotions out of it. Hope this helps.

  15. Spinner says:

    Is anybody here looking into the role being played by 501C3’s in foreclosures? We are being sued for foreclosure by a 501C3. The loan originator got merged with a Big Bank (BB), then the loan was “sold” to a 501C3. (Loan was non-performing (NPL).) We have a “pool” designation from 2015 that appears to designate both the 501C3 and the BB. HUD started auctioning non-performing loans in pools in 2010, FreddieMac followed suit in 2014 and Fannie Mae joined the fun in 2015, all auctioning off NPL pools and SAYING (hah!) that they really, really hoped that not-for-profits and minority/women-owned businesses would be the winning bidders. (Disgusting!) In reality most of these pools have been bought by various BB’s or investment houses, and the not-for-profits are complaining that they can’t get into the game because the BB’s outbid them. Goldman Sachs buys NFNMA NPL pools through a “subsidiary” (as partial fulfillment of their obligations under the mortgage settlement agreement). My question here: what if a BB creates a “subsidiary” that is a 501C3 and sells loans that the BB is already servicing into the 501C3? Do they get additional credit on their settlement obligations? Do they get additional tax write-off’s from foreclosures that are brought by the 501C3?

  16. Kellie Rider says:

    Need some help!!! In Texas they don’t recognize robo signing unless you have exact proof. I have docs that were signed by Judy Fabre. How do you find out if your loan was in the groups that she was caught and admired tadmitted where robo signed. Those should be fraudulent and null and void. I do I get this info for court ?

    Thanks !!

  17. lms53 says:

    dual tracking again after these banks and mortgage servicers ( which are generally the same) this is not going to end anytime soon. I dont understand why trump does not speak out on this. no wonder home ownership is down and prices are too high anyway. should go down with the rise of interest rates. sorry to hear this happen to you. the courts just issue a deed of their own fabrication, called certificate of deed or some fake name like that. they are just walking all over hard working americans, stealing our homes, part of the NWO. Wake up or they will rob you of everything you THINK you own. B******s

    • Mick says:

      1-Dual Tracking! Excellent! There’s grounds alone for their Complaint!
      2-While I love where we are vs. where we could have been (LOTS Closer to full blown socialism, w/HRC clearing out the shelves of the already exhausted FED like Russian wives in the ‘grocery’ on Americans depicting ‘shopping’ under Communism in the former USSR), Trump is keeping his word, on the issues addressed prior the election. His Sec. of Commerce is bad news and Sec.of Treasury is an absolute nightmare, who RAN a Mtg.Mod. Company and LIED about his company & all the mega-banks when giving testimony B4 Congressional Committees.
      3-He (Muninchyn or however You spell it) said “Banks DIDN’T WANT TO FORECLOSE, and modifications were far more cost effective to their bottom line” (I call BS, because they reigned down the FC’s in Florida INSTEAD of mods, and worse WHILE DOING THOSE MODS! They got their CAKE, ATE IT TOO, then turned around and re-sold the CRUMBS! I can only speak to FLORIDA, however I’ve read where it happened (and more importantly STILL IS HAPPENING) nationwide.They’re not only too big to fail, their too corrupt to jail (for fear they’ll educate all the small timers in adjacent cells!). & Now we get to use printed money with this LIAR’S name signed on it for the next 4-8 yrs.
      Not saying Geithner was a BIT Better, but we were voting to DRAIN the SWAMP, not stock it with LARGER gators.
      Trump coulda done a lot better, & then again, his sister’s a lifelong Goldman-Sacks Higher Up (yep, the same folks that underwrote & UNDERWRITE the Insurance, on the derivatives, for the Trusts, for their Trustees, for the Holders and Servicers of the Trusts Assets, all those MBS, which are founded on a failed concept from the outset….A:Real Estate always goes up, B:the stock market always goes up, C:people always pay their mortgages, and D: people NEVER, EVER REfinance those mortgages….any recent history contradicting those philosophies of biz? Ultimately, like before we’ll lose & they’ll win, even on the most STUPID WRONG Bets, because they Are…’the system’).

  18. Terry Gonzales says:

    I have a question I am hoping to find an answer to. After the death of my mother the mortgage servicer refused to recognize me as successor in interest and basically demanded the due on transfer clause on an exempt transfer. The property was underwater but after a long struggle we managed to get refinancing. The loan was in foreclosure and scheduled for trustee sale. A month and a half after the new loan closed we were notified that the trustee had auctioned the property anyway, four weeks after the new deed had been recorded. My question is, how could the trustee have auctioned a property without a deed? The property was sold to the mortgage company. It all got straightened out, as far as I know, but does anyone know if this is legally possible? I’d appreciate any information.

    • Mick says:

      Hi Terry,
      No it is not ‘legally possible’. It IS Highly ILLEGAL. It’s another in the millions of clouds on titles that has been caused by bank corruption and judicial collusion throughout the country. You have a case, depending on Your state there are laws against this, as well as Federal Laws covering every state. It really doesn’t MATTER whether the Mortgage “SERVICER” ‘chooses’ to do, it matters what the Mortgage SAYS, and whether even that section (or the entire mortgage document) was legal, in Your state? IF (and that’s a really big word) the OBLIGATION inures (passes on to) upon all heirs and/or assignees (which is usually the case for all debt instruments, on ALL Parties thereto), normally spelled out in the FIRST and Second and LAST Paragraphs of All Mortgage/Deed of Trust Instruments (& elsewhere therein as well), You were automatically ‘successor in interest’, unless either a state probate, or federal bankruptcy court determined OTHERWISE? The “Due on Sale” (You called it ‘transfer’ & it can be titled that way) Clause usually EXEMPTS Death, Mental or other Incapacitation, because 1 of the fundamental freedoms our country was FOUNDED ON, was the right to OWN Private Property/aka REAL Estate, and the ‘estate’ part of that term meant ‘in perpetuity’ which means For-Ever, which means it ‘inures’ NATURALLY to the Family, Decedents, Estate Administrators, HEIRS of the estate. To State otherwise IN A CONTRACT would violate every tenet of the fundamental foundation of the concept of OWNERSHIP, of REAL ESTATE, <-making same an 'oxymoron'?
      They Clouded Your title. Their TITLE SEARCHERS, 'didn't'. You can SUE THEM, You can SUE their Attorney/Title Company/Title Insurer. You will WIN, and every dollar and cent that You spent defending and refinancing is claimable as a damage, plus the full value of the property, ESPECIALLY if You wound up with a "Special Warranty Deed" from the former Lender? Here's the best part, and nearly all R/E & Litigation Atty's already know, ALL Costs and Atty FEES When (not if) You Prevail. Start shopping attorneys. Any who says "You have no damages" just doesn't want to take on the 'system'. Find a Good Litigator, they'll know better.
      Be glad You aren't in Florida. Nearly Our entire Judicial Branch all the way to our Supreme Court has been bought and paid for with either former bank lawyer Justices, or their pension plans are so heavily weighted with BANK Stocks, they don't DARE overturn the stone covering the corruption You have documented IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS, in Your complaint.
      (& I Am NOT a Lawyer, I'm NOT giving You legal advice, I'm recommending You Seek OUT a lawyer, because even Bill Handel of 'Handel on the Law' would tell You, "YOU HAVE A CASE!".

    • Paul Eggli says:

      The trustee did not know that the loan was paid off prior to it “selling” the property. You better be certain that the title to the property is clear of the old lien now.

  19. Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

    Oh and my friends have called around. So far no attorney is available to take on the case. At least in its current status. Post judgment. But I so agree, what attorney wouldn’t want the free publicity that this case would give? They would get rich or more rich on just this case alone. The amount of clients they’d get would be unbelievable. So many people out there are using owner financing and they are getting screwed and probably don’t know about it.
    I think about those folks that lost their homes and couldn’t get a bank loan with a gun. They are all possible victims of fraud. The sellers inflate prices of homes to hide interest a lot. That is pretty obvious just from searching Craigslist for owner or seller financing. The house price is outrageous. Reminds me of those buy here pay here lots. Some say they offer 0% interest but the price of the car is 80% higher than it should be. Crazy!

    I think my friends have a call into Mr Sawyer. It would be nice if they could take it on a contingency basis. The seller is not poor and owns a lot of real estate. The case could be huge.
    But where are the law firms to take this to federal court? I guess they must be rich enough.
    If anyone thinks of another firm, please let me know. I am passing information onto my friends who are so down and out about all of this. How the judge could not listen to a word that was said. How it could have gotten this far is what blows me away.

    Has anyone ever threatened bankruptcy or a lawsuit to the opposing counsel? This is not something they have mentioned to me, but I am a bit more ruthless than they are.

    • patelsoltis says:

      Hello, Can you give more details about this case?

      • Mick says:

        Soltis, You’ll need to check further back in the thread, grab her gmail acct. & email her directly? I tried (3x) & she said It was going to spam, but still never replied offline. I’m hoping whoever her friends are didn’t get hooked up with a shylock, because they’ll spend thousands and likely still lose (since they’d already ‘lost’) & get an immediately scheduled sale date. I know folks both in the area & across the state, that, IF their Equity was sufficient (& it MUST have been for Seller who’d given them loan in the 1st place, to go to IMMEDIATE FC Proceedings), would LOAN them the funds, regardless of credit, as long as they had ability to pay back and again, that ‘sufficient equity’. That’d get them breathing room, & the dirtbag seller (& their dirtbag collections attorney) out of the picture, for-ever.

        she was a ‘1-hit-wonder’ who came, got her answer(s) & likely will never return (although I hope I’m wrong).

  20. Lms43 says:

    Hi Carmen. Thank you for the update. I know the lawyers mick mentioned are fairly decent. I actually spoke to bruce jacobs and ice legal Ice legal has alot of green attorneys. I really dont recommend them unless you get tom. And bj is going to be very expensive. He is in the high rent district of downtown miami. I really wish your friends the best and hope they kick their a$$.

  21. Kent says:

    Randy ackley west palm. He used to work for Ice Legal

  22. StillFighting says:

    So, say I get really lucky and get a Summary Judgement with attorney fees paid. With a CRAZY GOOD case, is there a Florida attorney who would then file a Wrongful Foreclosure Personal Injury type case on a contingency basis? All the big banksters, servicing companies who have paid heavy fines in other cases, and law firms who have been caught, are all involved in my case.

    I appreciate your thoughts!

    God bless all of you!!!

    • mick says:

      ALL of the ONE’s I named for Carmen, PLUS Morgan & Morgan & dozens of other ambulance chasing, class action filing big named types would SALIVATE at the opportunity to SUE YOUR FORMER LENDER for wrongful FC. We have a guy named Sawyer Smith here in Ft.Myers, who SUED BoA and WON over a fraudclosure filed by them against folks who’d PAID CASH! Not only did he get Summary Judgment, he Got a LIEN on BoA’s PROPERTY and pulled up with DEPUTIES and a MOVING TRUCK to remove and SEIZE their Assets at a BRANCH in Ft.Myers! When, after locking the doors, the branch manager realized the jig was up and the movers were going to be taking EVERYTHING out of the branch, because corporate still hadn’t paid settlement costs (including, of course ATTY FEES), he CUT a CHECK….point IS that it MADE the NEWS here and is STILL on YOUTUBE. Just Search it. And tell me what attorney DOESN’T Want to be FAMOUS?! ON Prime TIme Local Nightly News W/O having to PAY for the Commercial for same?

      Sooooo, stillfighting, HellYes! Like I said they’d be KNOCKING YOUR DOOR DOWN to represent You (and a bunch more, maybe like us?) and others wrongfully FC’ed by the Same Megabank(s).

      Point is, can You GET summary judgment? Can You PROVE Wrongful FC to these atty’s? If so, What in the Heck are You waiting for, old age? Jeez, Louise, I’d just love to read the filed complaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Happy Valentine’s Day & Here’s hoping You get motivated soon, because busting the FRAUD is about a DECADE past due?

      Most Respectfully,

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        LOL! Living here in Pinellas county I remember the news and the truck pulling up to the BofA branch. You’re right….that went on national news. And I can bet that attorney got a lot of business that came in from ‘free’ advertising for his process serving…!!

      • Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

        HA! That put a big smile on my face, Mick. I agree with you guys. Pay off what the summary judgment is. Then sue the losers for fraud. I am going to call them right now.
        Oh my email address is wintworthllc at gmail (dot)com I am sorry about not including it. These people are my friends and I am so glad I found this website.

        I didn’t know Morgan & Morgan handled wrongful foreclosure cases. Just looked up Sawyer Smith. Giving them his number. I wonder if he would work on contingency?

        This lender owns a lot of property…. so there is a lot to be had!

        If any attorney is reading this and wants to jump on a money heavy case you got my email address now.


      • Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

        Hey Michael! I got your email and it has disappeared. Very strange, it is no where in my Gmail account. Must be gnomes! hahah Can you send it to me again. I am at work and I am interested in the lenders you know. My internet at home is crap and not working properly.

      • mick says:

        Check Your inbox (then hit PRINT!, then have a pow-wow w/customer service 2gmail!)

    • Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

      Hey guys all is good! They found an attorney who is just itching for this case. I don’t know the name, but they are finally smiling! Thanks to everyone, for your help.

  23. Hammertime says:

    Hi lms still rolling w the punches!

  24. lms53 says:

    Hi Hammertime, so true, hope all is well.

  25. Hammertime says:

    Just pawns in a billionaire civil war. We keep fighting not only for our homes but for our democracy at this point.

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