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  1. Kellie Rider says:

    Need some help!!! In Texas they don’t recognize robo signing unless you have exact proof. I have docs that were signed by Judy Fabre. How do you find out if your loan was in the groups that she was caught and admired tadmitted where robo signed. Those should be fraudulent and null and void. I do I get this info for court ?

    Thanks !!

  2. lms53 says:

    dual tracking again after these banks and mortgage servicers ( which are generally the same) this is not going to end anytime soon. I dont understand why trump does not speak out on this. no wonder home ownership is down and prices are too high anyway. should go down with the rise of interest rates. sorry to hear this happen to you. the courts just issue a deed of their own fabrication, called certificate of deed or some fake name like that. they are just walking all over hard working americans, stealing our homes, part of the NWO. Wake up or they will rob you of everything you THINK you own. B******s

    • Mick says:

      1-Dual Tracking! Excellent! There’s grounds alone for their Complaint!
      2-While I love where we are vs. where we could have been (LOTS Closer to full blown socialism, w/HRC clearing out the shelves of the already exhausted FED like Russian wives in the ‘grocery’ on Americans depicting ‘shopping’ under Communism in the former USSR), Trump is keeping his word, on the issues addressed prior the election. His Sec. of Commerce is bad news and Sec.of Treasury is an absolute nightmare, who RAN a Mtg.Mod. Company and LIED about his company & all the mega-banks when giving testimony B4 Congressional Committees.
      3-He (Muninchyn or however You spell it) said “Banks DIDN’T WANT TO FORECLOSE, and modifications were far more cost effective to their bottom line” (I call BS, because they reigned down the FC’s in Florida INSTEAD of mods, and worse WHILE DOING THOSE MODS! They got their CAKE, ATE IT TOO, then turned around and re-sold the CRUMBS! I can only speak to FLORIDA, however I’ve read where it happened (and more importantly STILL IS HAPPENING) nationwide.They’re not only too big to fail, their too corrupt to jail (for fear they’ll educate all the small timers in adjacent cells!). & Now we get to use printed money with this LIAR’S name signed on it for the next 4-8 yrs.
      Not saying Geithner was a BIT Better, but we were voting to DRAIN the SWAMP, not stock it with LARGER gators.
      Trump coulda done a lot better, & then again, his sister’s a lifelong Goldman-Sacks Higher Up (yep, the same folks that underwrote & UNDERWRITE the Insurance, on the derivatives, for the Trusts, for their Trustees, for the Holders and Servicers of the Trusts Assets, all those MBS, which are founded on a failed concept from the outset….A:Real Estate always goes up, B:the stock market always goes up, C:people always pay their mortgages, and D: people NEVER, EVER REfinance those mortgages….any recent history contradicting those philosophies of biz? Ultimately, like before we’ll lose & they’ll win, even on the most STUPID WRONG Bets, because they Are…’the system’).

  3. Terry Gonzales says:

    I have a question I am hoping to find an answer to. After the death of my mother the mortgage servicer refused to recognize me as successor in interest and basically demanded the due on transfer clause on an exempt transfer. The property was underwater but after a long struggle we managed to get refinancing. The loan was in foreclosure and scheduled for trustee sale. A month and a half after the new loan closed we were notified that the trustee had auctioned the property anyway, four weeks after the new deed had been recorded. My question is, how could the trustee have auctioned a property without a deed? The property was sold to the mortgage company. It all got straightened out, as far as I know, but does anyone know if this is legally possible? I’d appreciate any information.

    • Mick says:

      Hi Terry,
      No it is not ‘legally possible’. It IS Highly ILLEGAL. It’s another in the millions of clouds on titles that has been caused by bank corruption and judicial collusion throughout the country. You have a case, depending on Your state there are laws against this, as well as Federal Laws covering every state. It really doesn’t MATTER whether the Mortgage “SERVICER” ‘chooses’ to do, it matters what the Mortgage SAYS, and whether even that section (or the entire mortgage document) was legal, in Your state? IF (and that’s a really big word) the OBLIGATION inures (passes on to) upon all heirs and/or assignees (which is usually the case for all debt instruments, on ALL Parties thereto), normally spelled out in the FIRST and Second and LAST Paragraphs of All Mortgage/Deed of Trust Instruments (& elsewhere therein as well), You were automatically ‘successor in interest’, unless either a state probate, or federal bankruptcy court determined OTHERWISE? The “Due on Sale” (You called it ‘transfer’ & it can be titled that way) Clause usually EXEMPTS Death, Mental or other Incapacitation, because 1 of the fundamental freedoms our country was FOUNDED ON, was the right to OWN Private Property/aka REAL Estate, and the ‘estate’ part of that term meant ‘in perpetuity’ which means For-Ever, which means it ‘inures’ NATURALLY to the Family, Decedents, Estate Administrators, HEIRS of the estate. To State otherwise IN A CONTRACT would violate every tenet of the fundamental foundation of the concept of OWNERSHIP, of REAL ESTATE, <-making same an 'oxymoron'?
      They Clouded Your title. Their TITLE SEARCHERS, 'didn't'. You can SUE THEM, You can SUE their Attorney/Title Company/Title Insurer. You will WIN, and every dollar and cent that You spent defending and refinancing is claimable as a damage, plus the full value of the property, ESPECIALLY if You wound up with a "Special Warranty Deed" from the former Lender? Here's the best part, and nearly all R/E & Litigation Atty's already know, ALL Costs and Atty FEES When (not if) You Prevail. Start shopping attorneys. Any who says "You have no damages" just doesn't want to take on the 'system'. Find a Good Litigator, they'll know better.
      Be glad You aren't in Florida. Nearly Our entire Judicial Branch all the way to our Supreme Court has been bought and paid for with either former bank lawyer Justices, or their pension plans are so heavily weighted with BANK Stocks, they don't DARE overturn the stone covering the corruption You have documented IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS, in Your complaint.
      (& I Am NOT a Lawyer, I'm NOT giving You legal advice, I'm recommending You Seek OUT a lawyer, because even Bill Handel of 'Handel on the Law' would tell You, "YOU HAVE A CASE!".

  4. Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

    Oh and my friends have called around. So far no attorney is available to take on the case. At least in its current status. Post judgment. But I so agree, what attorney wouldn’t want the free publicity that this case would give? They would get rich or more rich on just this case alone. The amount of clients they’d get would be unbelievable. So many people out there are using owner financing and they are getting screwed and probably don’t know about it.
    I think about those folks that lost their homes and couldn’t get a bank loan with a gun. They are all possible victims of fraud. The sellers inflate prices of homes to hide interest a lot. That is pretty obvious just from searching Craigslist for owner or seller financing. The house price is outrageous. Reminds me of those buy here pay here lots. Some say they offer 0% interest but the price of the car is 80% higher than it should be. Crazy!

    I think my friends have a call into Mr Sawyer. It would be nice if they could take it on a contingency basis. The seller is not poor and owns a lot of real estate. The case could be huge.
    But where are the law firms to take this to federal court? I guess they must be rich enough.
    If anyone thinks of another firm, please let me know. I am passing information onto my friends who are so down and out about all of this. How the judge could not listen to a word that was said. How it could have gotten this far is what blows me away.

    Has anyone ever threatened bankruptcy or a lawsuit to the opposing counsel? This is not something they have mentioned to me, but I am a bit more ruthless than they are.

    • patelsoltis says:

      Hello, Can you give more details about this case?

      • Mick says:

        Soltis, You’ll need to check further back in the thread, grab her gmail acct. & email her directly? I tried (3x) & she said It was going to spam, but still never replied offline. I’m hoping whoever her friends are didn’t get hooked up with a shylock, because they’ll spend thousands and likely still lose (since they’d already ‘lost’) & get an immediately scheduled sale date. I know folks both in the area & across the state, that, IF their Equity was sufficient (& it MUST have been for Seller who’d given them loan in the 1st place, to go to IMMEDIATE FC Proceedings), would LOAN them the funds, regardless of credit, as long as they had ability to pay back and again, that ‘sufficient equity’. That’d get them breathing room, & the dirtbag seller (& their dirtbag collections attorney) out of the picture, for-ever.

        she was a ‘1-hit-wonder’ who came, got her answer(s) & likely will never return (although I hope I’m wrong).

  5. Lms43 says:

    Hi Carmen. Thank you for the update. I know the lawyers mick mentioned are fairly decent. I actually spoke to bruce jacobs and ice legal Ice legal has alot of green attorneys. I really dont recommend them unless you get tom. And bj is going to be very expensive. He is in the high rent district of downtown miami. I really wish your friends the best and hope they kick their a$$.

  6. Kent says:

    Randy ackley west palm. He used to work for Ice Legal

  7. StillFighting says:

    So, say I get really lucky and get a Summary Judgement with attorney fees paid. With a CRAZY GOOD case, is there a Florida attorney who would then file a Wrongful Foreclosure Personal Injury type case on a contingency basis? All the big banksters, servicing companies who have paid heavy fines in other cases, and law firms who have been caught, are all involved in my case.

    I appreciate your thoughts!

    God bless all of you!!!

    • mick says:

      ALL of the ONE’s I named for Carmen, PLUS Morgan & Morgan & dozens of other ambulance chasing, class action filing big named types would SALIVATE at the opportunity to SUE YOUR FORMER LENDER for wrongful FC. We have a guy named Sawyer Smith here in Ft.Myers, who SUED BoA and WON over a fraudclosure filed by them against folks who’d PAID CASH! Not only did he get Summary Judgment, he Got a LIEN on BoA’s PROPERTY and pulled up with DEPUTIES and a MOVING TRUCK to remove and SEIZE their Assets at a BRANCH in Ft.Myers! When, after locking the doors, the branch manager realized the jig was up and the movers were going to be taking EVERYTHING out of the branch, because corporate still hadn’t paid settlement costs (including, of course ATTY FEES), he CUT a CHECK….point IS that it MADE the NEWS here and is STILL on YOUTUBE. Just Search it. And tell me what attorney DOESN’T Want to be FAMOUS?! ON Prime TIme Local Nightly News W/O having to PAY for the Commercial for same?

      Sooooo, stillfighting, HellYes! Like I said they’d be KNOCKING YOUR DOOR DOWN to represent You (and a bunch more, maybe like us?) and others wrongfully FC’ed by the Same Megabank(s).

      Point is, can You GET summary judgment? Can You PROVE Wrongful FC to these atty’s? If so, What in the Heck are You waiting for, old age? Jeez, Louise, I’d just love to read the filed complaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Happy Valentine’s Day & Here’s hoping You get motivated soon, because busting the FRAUD is about a DECADE past due?

      Most Respectfully,

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        LOL! Living here in Pinellas county I remember the news and the truck pulling up to the BofA branch. You’re right….that went on national news. And I can bet that attorney got a lot of business that came in from ‘free’ advertising for his process serving…!!

      • Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

        HA! That put a big smile on my face, Mick. I agree with you guys. Pay off what the summary judgment is. Then sue the losers for fraud. I am going to call them right now.
        Oh my email address is wintworthllc at gmail (dot)com I am sorry about not including it. These people are my friends and I am so glad I found this website.

        I didn’t know Morgan & Morgan handled wrongful foreclosure cases. Just looked up Sawyer Smith. Giving them his number. I wonder if he would work on contingency?

        This lender owns a lot of property…. so there is a lot to be had!

        If any attorney is reading this and wants to jump on a money heavy case you got my email address now.


      • Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

        Hey Michael! I got your email and it has disappeared. Very strange, it is no where in my Gmail account. Must be gnomes! hahah Can you send it to me again. I am at work and I am interested in the lenders you know. My internet at home is crap and not working properly.

      • mick says:

        Check Your inbox (then hit PRINT!, then have a pow-wow w/customer service 2gmail!)

    • Carmen Caparelli-Wintworth says:

      Hey guys all is good! They found an attorney who is just itching for this case. I don’t know the name, but they are finally smiling! Thanks to everyone, for your help.

  8. Hammertime says:

    Hi lms still rolling w the punches!

  9. lms53 says:

    Hi Hammertime, so true, hope all is well.

  10. Hammertime says:

    Just pawns in a billionaire civil war. We keep fighting not only for our homes but for our democracy at this point.

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