4closureFraud Makes it to the Washington Post – Ally’s ‘bankers as cheaters’ commercials pulled as document investigations continue

Now we’re talkin… Ally’s ‘bankers as cheaters’ commercials pulled as document investigations continue Ally Financial yanked its popular commercials that featured bankers as cheaters on Sept. 19–just days after the company halted evictions in 23 states after admitting that some documents it submitted in support of foreclosures were flawed. The ad campaign, for the company’s … Read more

NY Judge Jeffrey Spinner Facing Foreclosure Firestorm gets Ruthless Bankers’ Attention

4closureFraud.org in the NY Law Journal at Law.com Quiet Judge Facing a Foreclosure Crush Gets Lenders’ Attention Mark Fass New York Law Journal July 15, 2010 The judge’s decisions have been covered everywhere from Reuters (“Hero of the day: Jeffrey Spinner“) to the blog 4closureFraud (“Another NY Style beat down“) to London’s Daily Mail (“Couple’s … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud to be Discussed on Nationally Syndicated Radio Show The Power Hour

JOIN US TOMORROW MORNING FOR HOURS OF RADIO TIME ON THE NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO SHOW THE POWER HOUR. The show can be heard here Listen Live THURSDAY – JULY 8 – SPECIAL “Foreclosed Upon” FEATURE: Florida foreclosure activist and former guest on TPH LISA EPSTEIN (Foreclosure Hamlet) provides updates to the major headway, and the … Read more

Foreclosure Rocket Dockets in FL are NOT the Answer – What Can Be Done and What Has Been Done RE: A State Wide Moratorium on Foreclosures

As I sit here on this 4th of July weekend to write this article and reflect on what is happening in this once great nation,  it saddens me that it has gotten this bad… If you really take a step back and evaluate where all this madness has taken us, it can really hit you … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud – The Florida Bar Convention Strategic Defense Session

The above picture was a shot from the start of my day on Friday June 25th 2010 off a balcony in Boca Raton Florida… It was minutes before we kicked off the day with our Strategic Defense Session at the Florida Bar Convention. Not only did many attend, most stayed for the entire event. With … Read more

PRESS RELEASE – Florida Foreclosure Crisis – Appreciation Day for Defenders of Justice

All, If you would take a moment to forward the information below to your local newspapers, radio stations, tv stations, and social media outlets, it would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to raise as much awareness as we can on the issues this Nation is facing regarding the Foreclosure Crisis at this event. Even … Read more

A Call to Arms – War Room, Bar Fight, Strategic Defense Unit

It’s that time again folks. We are planning our next “Rally” in Florida. Last time, when we stormed the Capitol we organized the maneuver in four days. This time, we have been making our tactical advances with some lead time enabling strategic engineering of the mission and aiming for more exposure and a higher profile. … Read more

Thank You to All for one of the BEST Months in the Foreclosure Fraud Fight

Congratulations to All! This past month has been one of the most influential months that we have seen in the Fight for Justice since we started our crusade. Here is a list of a quick recap of what has been accomplished in the last 30 days. Feds Investigating LPS Subsidiary DOCX WSJ Picks Up on Bogus … Read more