It’s that time again folks. We are planning our next “Rally” in Florida. Last time, when we stormed the Capitol we organized the maneuver in four days. This time, we have been making our tactical advances with some lead time enabling strategic engineering of the mission and aiming for more exposure and a higher profile.


We are living in a crisis, not of our own making.  This crisis, where 11,000 Floridian homes were taken over by the banks in May of 2010 (an 81% increase over May 2009), is not the outcome of financial warfare plotted by the homeowners of this state. This crisis was created by the shrewd financial gambles and profit taking by Wall Street. Only after months or years of lost battles with the mortgage services, are the last rites given to the loan modification promises, with the homeowner being served foreclosure papers,  entering them into the court system, often for the very first time.  It is that system that is the ground upon which we must defend our homes. This is why we are planning a War Room Session along side a Strategic Defense Unit to be held at the Florida Annual Bar Convention right here in Boca Raton, Florida.


This event is going to be staged in three parts.


Where: Boca Raton Resort
When: Thursday June 24, 2010 5pm – 9pm

Attorney Matthew Weidner is heading up the WAR ROOM.

A key component of this WAR ROOM meeting will be for attorneys from across the state to sit in a room and share our strategies and discuss how foreclosure cases are being handled.

This meeting will be restricted to Foreclosure Fraud Fighters. Advanced registration will be required to ensure that all who attend the meeting are legitimate advocates for consumers and homeowners. A small fee will be collected from each attorney who attends this session to help support the larger goals of foreclosure defense.
Matt can be contacted through his website here.


Where: In front of the Boca Raton Resort
When: June 23, 2010

This portion of the event just happened to come into play independently, with no association with the other envoys in Matt Weidner’s squadron, Foreclosure Hamlet’s troop, or 4closureFraud’s battalion. This unique force, put into motion a few weeks ago, will mark the first time the world will bear witness to a protest in opposition to the Florida Bar.  To be perfectly clear, we have no affiliation with this group but recognize the frustration that led to its inception.

Picketing of Florida Bar Convention Approved by Boca Raton City Officials

Once and future Miami attorney Jack Thompson has today received the green light from Boca Raton city officials—Code Compliance and Police Department—for picketing, demonstrations, and protests to be staged right outside the Boca Raton Resort and Club. This is the posh venue hosting The Florida Bar’s Annual Convention from June 23 to 26.

This is the first known protest of any state bar gathering in our nation’s history.

Florida Bar Governors are today meeting at the extravagant Westin Resort in “centrally located” Key West and have been apprised by Thompson this day of the coming protests.

Florida Bar Governors formally refer to themselves at “The Guardians of Democracy.” They are about to get a taste of real democracy.

The reason for the protest: The American Bar Association issued its McKay Commission Report stating that the disciplinary structure used by The Florida Bar is fatally flawed and susceptible to political manipulation. Two Florida Supreme Court Justices have now written that the Florida Supreme Court has breached its duty to oversee The Bar. Thompson is following their lead with this protest. Thompson was disbarred because of his whistle-blowing appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The ringleader of his disbarment was a now dead Bar Governor, Steve Chaykin, who publicly stated that lawyers opposed to his radical gay rights agenda should be disbarred.

Thompson is a born-again Christian who has opposed the radical gay agenda for 23 years, and he secured the first FCC decency fines in our nation’s history. He also forced Howard Stern off terrestrial radio. This will be his latest successful effort to speak the truth, with other Americans, to power.


Where: Boca Raton Resort Mizner Room
When: June 25th, 2010 9am – 5pm

PBC, FL: Hero Appreciation Day for Defenders of Justice

This event will be held for both homeowners and attorneys alike.

Hero Appreciation Day: (Our Heros: April Charney, Esq; Matt Weidner, Esq; Esq; Ice Legal and staff; Lynn Szymoniak, Esq; Judge Bailey; Judge Traynor, Judge Crown, Judge Rondolino, Judge Schack, Jim Kowalski, Esq; Chip Parker, Esq; Greg Clark, Esq; George Gingo, Esq; PBC Bar Professionalism Committee; Florida Supreme Court Foreclosure Task Force, etc, etc, etc).

Fraudulent Document Graveyard: Order a larger-than-life gravestone showcasing the fraudulent document(s) of your choosing for $20/sign (orders must be in by June 20).


Lynn Szymoniak, Esq – Assignments of Mortgage, where, when, why, how, and who.

Richard Carey, Esq – Foreclosure process and short sale tricks and traps.

Ron Gillis, Expert Notary Public – Misconduct of notaries; how to spot it, how to report it.

(and more)

Symbolic Oath Reaffirmation: All are welcomed to come sign our Symbolic Oath Reaffirmation Wall

“I do solemnly swear:

I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida;

I will maintain the respect due to courts of justice and judicial officers;

I will not counsel or maintain any suit or proceedings which shall appear to me to be unjust, nor any defense except such as I believe to be honestly debatable under the law of the land;

I will employ for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to me such means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the judge or jury by any artifice or false statement of fact or law;

I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my clients, and will accept no compensation in connection with their business except from them or with their knowledge and approval;

I will abstain from all offensive personality and advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice of the cause with which I am charged;

I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay anyone’s cause for lucre or malice.

So help me God.”

Casualty List: View the long running list of the casualty’s of this crisis.

Network with the best attorneys / advocates in the state of Florida.

Awards presentation/Raffle

Registration fee $35 per person, plus $10+tip valet parking, light snacks provided, reserved block of waterfront hotel rooms $69+tax/night 30 mins from event.

Donations gratefully accepted or consider sponsoring a hero or a gravestone sign of your choosing.

Event hosted by the founders of and

For more information and to register for this event email Lisa Epstein at