Borrowers Beware – The Gold-Rush to Bankruptcy

Dear friends and colleagues, After a few weeks of dealing with incompetent bankruptcy counsel and a major victory for us today in a complex case where bankruptcy counsel and sold their client under the bus as well as another case in FLA that irks me, I decided to pen an article about how many bankruptcy … Read more canada drug

GROUNDBREAKING Report on Fraudulent & Forged Assignments of Mortgages & Deeds In U.S. Foreclosures

Friends and colleagues… Attached please find my updated report on assignment fraud and forgeries.  It dovetails my reports over the past decade as well as provides ammunition for all of you.  Enjoy, I dedicate it to all of you who have worked hard in battle and who inspire me! Nye Lavalle Pew Mortgage Institute … Read more order viagra

2004 Report on Predatory Lending & Servicing Practices & Their Effect on Corporate Compliance, Conduct, Ethics & Accounting

canadianpharmacy I always knew this day would come when frauds and abuses of the servicers and their lawyers would be investigated.  Preparing for that I wanted to leave a trail, like a bear with diarrhea in the woods, to the very top CEOs, boards, law firms, accountants etc… of the abuses so they could never claim … Read more

ONLY A “SECURED CREDITOR” May Conduct A Non-Judicial Foreclosure In Georgia

Friends & Colleagues, One of the MAJOR attack strategies we have lawyers executing in the state of Georgia is that ONLY A “SECURED” CREDITOR may advertise and conduct a “non-judicial” foreclosure.  You will see not only our logic, but one of the lending industry’s top lawyers who used to be partners and of counsel to … Read more levitra


“Indeed, it appears as though many loans and other mortgage-related assets have been double and even triple-pledged to various constituencies“ In my 1999 21st Century Loan Sharks Report, I coined and defined the term “Predatory Mortgage Securitization” (see  in my report from MY PERSONAL RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS I DEFINED SOME THE FOLLOWING PRACTICES THAT DEFINED … Read more

Predatory Grizzly “Bear” Attacks Innocent, Elderly, Poor, Minorities, Disabled & Disadvantaged With Predatory Lending Scams & Frauds! Random Repost Blast from the Past. Going to start off each day with a random repost from the archives… The Story of Bear Stearns Direct Involvement In And Support Of Predatory Lending In America! Here is a 105 page report witten by Nye Lavalle going back over ten years… INTRODUCTION This report documents what is … Read more

PMI Ocwen Anderson Report – Sue First Ask Questions Later

Random Repost Blast from the Past. Going to start off each day with a random repost from the archives… Enjoy! Via Wikipedia Nye Lavalle is an American sports marketing executive and social scientist turned consumer and investor advocate and activist. He is known for his studies on American sports, culture, charities, and media conducted during … Read more

Response to the Florida Supreme Court RE: Amendments to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Motion for Rehearing

The first part of this post is from an article I wrote a few months ago but gives the background and leads into what I have to add today. If you already read the first half when I published it the first time, scroll down to Part 2 and be sure to read Nye Lavalle’s … Read more