I always knew this day would come when frauds and abuses of the servicers and their lawyers would be investigated.  Preparing for that I wanted to leave a trail, like a bear with diarrhea in the woods, to the very top CEOs, boards, law firms, accountants etc… of the abuses so they could never claim they didn’t know or were never made aware of the frauds.

The attached report is what led Fannie’s board to create the special counsel, Mark Cymrot of Baker Hostetler in DC, investigation of servicing and foreclosure practices.  I reported ALL the FLA mill firms as fabricating and destroying evidence.  To that end, I am attaching my 2004 report that I;d like each of you to publish and freely distribute.

Look at the yellow and bold highlighted sections from 1. to 151. and learn how they were warned and informed of these frauds and abuses and the motives they do it.  At the same time, Judges Logan and Gordon were doing their thing in FLA.

Show everyone, reporters, media, lawyers, advocates, and AGs that this has been going on for more than a decade.  Also, do FOIAs of former OFHEO office now…

Nye Lavalle
Pew Mortgage Institute




2004 Report on Predatory Lending & Servicing Practices & Their Effect on Corporate Compliance, Conduct, Ethics & Accounting
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