My suggestion is simply: Kill the Global Mortgage Fraud; Kill the Global Banking Fraud.

This suggestion is very simple and could have a MASSIVE impact on this “Global Mortgage Fraud Scheme” if people stand up and fight. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that The Mortgage Fraud Scheme is the source propping up the Global derivative scheme. Unless I’ve been misinformed, Mortgages where “securitized” and deposited into MERS thereby facilitating & fueling the MBS & CDO markets. As you know, this “shadow market” functioned as the “labor and delivery” room assisting with the “still-birth” of massive amounts of toxic mortgage-derivatives sold globally as “AAA” securities. Since Wall Streets balance sheets are off-limits, nobody really knows the extent of the damage. Hence, Congressman Paul’s effort “Audit the Fed”. But, the general public can take advantage of documentation that’s likely “rife” with “perjury & fraud” logged into “county records” across America or even across the world depending on the laws of the state or country.

Being in a legal battle with bailout recipients myself, I’ve come to see what appears to be a real vulnerability: The Mortgage Documentation. In fact, I’m not the only person thinking on this. A special thanks to for putting together an excellent tutorial on HOW this scheme is being done in County Records. The tutorial was so good; I emailed a copy of this link to Mr. Karl Denninger. Karl posted the link to “market-ticker” shortly thereafter. (Thanks again to Karl Denninger)

As you already know, Wall Streets Derivatives and cooked books have been and are currently “papering over” and “hiding” losses easily since its done out of public view. Hence, Congressman Paul’s effort Audit the Fed. Nevertheless, according to CA Civil Statues, you must (a) SIGN, (b) NOTORIZE, and (c) RECORD documents substantiating foreclosure sale with the County Recorder. Unless I’ve been misinformed, these “securitized” loans where being passed between “pretender lenders” like a “whiskey bottle”. And all of this “undocumented”, “shadow market” activity is serving to eviscerate any “legal rights” for a “pretender lender” take possession of real property by means of a Judiciary. Why? Because getting caught committing and/or furthering fraud by a judge in court is serious and attorneys for “pretender lenders” know it! For example, an “unlawful detainer” (eviction) was filed against me and my family by an Attorney oh behalf of a ‘pretender lender’ in July of 2009. However, after filing our response in objection to the “unlawful detainer” with the court, the same Attorney for the “pretender lender” who filed the “unlawful detainer” against us, decided to pull a “total 180° about-face” by filing for dismissal, and dropping the whole case altogether. That was over 60-days ago. A counter suit was filed and a summons issued to resolve this matter.

“Pretender Lenders are audaciously seeking to be credited with a “touchdown” even though they don’t have “possession of the ball.” -EMS

Thank God for the “Challenge Flag” and “Instant replay”.

Even further, how does one prove they “own” a car in court, if they can’t produce the title?

There are a growing number of Court Rulings against these “pretender lenders” since Judges are getting ‘hip’ to the ‘scheme’: (

If Americans can manage to turn off the Television and read, they’ll notice the “Ace-Card”, is that “Mortgage Assignments” where supposed to accompany a “security” (mortgage) through each and every step of the securitization chain, unless I’ve been misinformed. In other words, if a security was sold 4 times on the “securities market”, there should be 4 documented “Assignments of Mortgage” facilitating those “conveyances” filed in the “Primary” market otherwise known as the County Recorder’s office. Unless I’ve been misinformed, “Assignments of Mortgage” are the documented proof of “conveyance”. This documentation, along with a few others, in effect produce what is known as a “chain-of-title”; which is turning out to be “Kryptonite” to “Pretender Lenders”. This philosophy has been put forth by means of “Produce the Note” and similar strategies designed to get “imposters” to prove they own the debt they’re rabidly trying to collect. Be sure to check out:

Wall Streets Book-Cooking worked fine in Boiler-Room operations out of public view. But in the “Primary” or Public market, declarations must be made “out in the open” and in some cases “under penalty of perjury”. This has put “imposters” and “pretender lenders” in dire straits when well-informed homeowners step up and fight.


E. M. Small
A Spook who Sat by The Door

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