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President Barack Obama

January 17, 2010

President Obama, Sir –

This is a very complex issue, but please read it all.

Please disband MERS/Members immediately for collusion, racketeering, tax evasion and antitrust violations. Please return America’s 234-yrs history of local and state tax revenues and our economics will re-stabilize. Original document PAPER, transfers and Chain-of-Title are at issue for $millions in local revenue lost since MERS was formed, to supposedly save them a few dollars and “never pay another transfer or recording fee” per their website. 9/11/01 tragic invasion of our eminent domain didn’t ruin our economy as bad as has MERS and its fraud.

MERS is a StrawMan Shell-Game, as their Members shuffle electronic semantics of lender, servicer and beneficiary, and MERS never is any of these nor ever accepts Title or exchanges moneys (MERS Rule 8 & 9: in WI a mortgage is a money exchange not a credit to be sold and resold 30x behind the scenes. MERS is the true devil behind our USA economic crisis now. Sir, I called you in December and spoke with Ms. Hope of Russ Feingold’s office about this huge issue: she agreed MERS has no legal standing to foreclose and loans aren’t modified because FHA insurance and bailout money has paid delinquencies to ‘servicers’ pretending to be true lenders holding physical original ink-signed NOTES to homes to begin foreclosures.

Local judiciary are too busy to learn individually about MERS and how it costs local counties and states tex revenue of $Millions on transfer and recording fees, and Eminent Domain 1970 Uniform Act law is clear that once these lending institutions accepted federal funding they are now acting as co-condemnors of homeowners properties with the Gov’t thus due process, 2-appraisal, relocation and substitute fair market value/use equivalence at condemnor’s expense ONLY AFTER public need for the project is researched and proven valid (financial institutions precluded this law, accpteding the money first and hiding the PAPER trail! Uniform Act, etc must be enforced on them to stop the foreclosure mess NOW. States never approved this MERS StrawMan Shell-Game, created by former CITI/Countrywide execs to capitalize on ease-of-security sales and hidden investors to then come into our local courts before very busy real-estate-MERS-naive judges and claim they lost these #1 most important 2-page docs and they ask judges to reinstate them so they can foreclose on homes they profitted sometimes 30x property loan value (not current market corrected) then leave Clouded Title which means any party really possessing the ink-signed Original Note can come after the borrower even after they lose their home for that debt!

This issue of Eminent Domain is a very powerful tool in your arsenal vs. abusive lenders, President Obama. I’ve written to Marlin Schneider my State Representative and spoken with Russ Feingold’s case worker Ms. Hope 12-09 re: SunTrust abuse of your MHA and H4H and HAMP programs to assist in this regard. The current questions and answers being proferred on Capital Hill and given to the Thrift and Reserve do not address this at all … they’re missing the boat completely in stopping MERS in its tracks as a pretender lender, or as some Beneficiary when it is an electronic service only, its Rules 8 & 9 prohibit it’s liability on Title or acts of foreclosure on its part and its handles no money nor exchanges no loans, it only serves them to evade local & State tax revenue of transfer and assignment recording fees thus I welcome your call to me and have asked Marlin Schneider to arrange a meeting with Russ Feingold and Gov Doyle to address this matter very soon … at your convenience, Sir. I have applied to DHS and FDIC to get at these issues from a citizen standpoint and 30-yr R/W appraiser and site acquisition specialist working mainly with WisDOT, MnDOT, OR Colan, PacBell, Crown Castle Int’l, ENGlobal. John Mack, Morgan Stanley chaire testified on Wednesday that the documents and availability to them are where we are lacking … so he should have no problem as MERS & Members don’t save $30-$60 recording fees while they’ve made $Billions and collapsed local and State tax revenues from the same, the internally shuffle electronic docs to foreclose on people who worked all their lives for their American Dream … HomeOwnership … and ask for the teacher to replace their ‘lost homework’ of the Original Note. Produce the Note, or no foreclosures, period! For 166-yrs WI has recorded Chain-of-Title, so when we need to build a road or condemn for essential utilities we do not harm the property owner per 1970 Uniform Act. So many TILA, FACTA, RESPA, UCC-3, ADAP, and other violations are being able to continue to defraud our economy. Bill Thomas VP of FCIC (I applied to them, DHS and FDIC) said we need simple language clarity … therein is where MERS is playing semantic games, shuffling the Shell behind the guise of them as StrawMan. MERS has now ordered Wells Fargo to only use it’s pre-approved appraisers … since when does a small $11M/year electronic system tell States and Fed they won’t abide by our regulation and licensing, refusing tax?!

PS – Happy Birthday to your wife.

Wisconsin Rapids , WI