Thomas Ice is clearing the path once again. First the Erica Johnson-Seck deposition, now Cheryl Samons (which may have been responsible for more Floridians losing their homes  than any other person in the state).

Imagine if all the Foreclosure Defense Attorneys here in Florida got together and worked as Co-Counsel to depose  all of these impostors. It would put a halt to their assembly line process.

As for the homeowners out there, if just a small percent would fight back the landscape would change.

I encourage anyone reading this post to join the Foreclosure Hamlet site, Supporting, Informing & Connecting People in Foreclosure. It is there where we are building our grass roots movement to put a stop to the millions of families that are being illegally foreclosed on.

As for the deposition below, read it, print it, share it, study it. Then take that knowledge and use it against your “Cheryl Samons”.

No wonder why the Florida Bankers Association is trying to turn Florida into a Non-Judicial State with their Florida Consumer Protection and Homeowner Credit Rehabilitation Act.

The house of cards is crashing down. Let’s help it along.