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They began targeting my home and it was connected to the thefts of my Copyrighted Catalog worth billions. The mortgage for my home was held by Washington Mutual, who has significant business ties with entertainment industry individuals involved in the case.

Via a corrupt, dirty Washington Mutual lawyer, Marshall C. Watson, they illegally swindled my $450,000 valued home, forcing me to sell it quickly at a loss to me, but great financial gain to them, in acts of fraud, conspiracy and racketeering, in violation of the Civil Rights Act which states:

Civil Rights Act, Title 42, Chapter 21, #1982

1982. Property rights of citizens

All citizens of the United States shall have the same right, in every State and Territory, as is enjoyed by white citizens thereof to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property.

They fraudulently put it into foreclosure through trickery. They were about to auction it off, when I sold it out from under them quickly (under two weeks) to an investment company I found, at a $100,000 mark down due to the lack of time, with Marshall Watson further criminally stealing $110,000 in equity from my home.

Kerry Killinger (Washington Mutual CEO)

Visits to this web site by Washington Mutual Bank who fraudulently stole my $450,000 home. Why were they even on my web site. Look how many hits they racked up (1,439). Under the circumstances, it says a lot:

I gave Kerry Killinger of Washington Mutual Bank the opportunity to rectify it, providing him with evidence of the misconduct, but his office simply wrote back stating they want some time to look into it, then quickly tried to auction my house out from under me, but I beat them to the punch. They still stole a lot of the equity, though.

Hence the Washington Mutual Bank boycott I called for almost two months ago (their stock was downgraded two days ago). I gave him a chance to do the right thing and he refused and at the shareholders’ expense, in violation of the Civil Rights Act. He knows exactly what’s going on and has no excuse.

They’d previously let a hacker have access to my checking account with Washington Mutual, then later admitted in writing it wasn’t my fault (after they let said hacker destroy my checking account, making numerous unauthorized online withdrawals, accruing multiple overcharge fees, then they charged off the account, closing it).

But with my house, there was a lot of money to steal, so it was a different story. Regardless, they’d been targeting me in more ways than one, as was done in the Anthony Pellicano case to numerous people.


But attempting to steal my home and then so much of the equity wasn’t enough for them. Hoping that would have destroyed me and made me give up all rights to my Copyrighted Catalog, they upped the ante when it didn’t because I simply chose to move on with my life and work.

In April of 2006, after they swindled my home, I had to find a new place. There was one in the area, just a few streets away, that I saw in passing and called the number on the real estate sign. I met with the owner’s business partner, Gina, gave her a check and began leasing the home from famous South Florida television and radio personality Kelly Mitchell. She is a millionaire with several real estate investment properties in Miami.

Not even weeks after moving in, setting up a home office, and expressing an interest in buying the property, with figures actively being discussed, the attorney who had stolen my home, Marshall C. Watson, sent a process server to Kelly Mitchell’s house I was leasing to nastily serve me foreclosure papers on her home that I DIDN’T EVEN OWN.

My father in Jamaica, a radio personality and court Justice of the Peace, was stunned when he found out they were targeting me again and came to the conclusion that they are trying to run me out of America. Clearly in attempts to fully steal my Copyrighted Catalog.

The following is a copy of the front page of the fraudulent foreclosure lawsuit served to us, one to me and one to my mother. My mother is an elderly woman struggling with Guillain Barre Sydrome and because Marshall C. Watson was being paid to criminally harass me by Madonna, he did something so sick and repugnant, not just to me, but my mom as well. This one was served to my mom, Millicent, where he crassly wrote her name in blue ink on the front page (my mom’s last name has been removed for the site):


The process server started mocking me, making jokes about my hair and telling me I had to sign the document. I told him I don’t own the home, but he didn’t care. He maliciously served me anyway.

When I contacted Kelly Mitchell’s business partner Gina and told her what happened, she was perplexed and furious. So was Kelly, as her payments were up to date. But they were targeting me again, and now her as a result, for leasing and attempting to sell her house to me. They were doing to her what they’d done to me in stealing my home via a fraud.

Mitchell even gave me authentic bank documents to show that her payments were up to date, as she was embarrassed at what that dirty lawyer Marshall C. Watson had done.

She contacted her own lawyer and the bank, and after a fight, was told it was a clerical error and that the mortgage was actually being paid and current, just not credited due to some mysterious changeover, and once again, a clerical error.

He couldn’t go as far as he wanted to regarding Mitchell’s house, as she is on the air in South Florida. All she would have had to do was open her mouth on the air and he would have been in serious trouble. That was the next step. So, he backed off.

But I find it amazing that someone can attempt to steal two different expensive homes, targeting the same occupant (me), and it be a clerical error. That’s not a coincidence. That is deliberate and criminal malice. Marshall Watson belongs in prison. He has flagrantly and willfully violated the Civil Rights Act and numerous fraud statutes in helping certain individuals in Hollywood to harass me…

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