These depositions would be comical if it weren’t for the fact that people are losing their homes…

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Q. And in executing affidavits as a vice  president, do you receive any compensation from MERS?

A. No.

Q. Have you had any training from MERS?

A. No.

Q. Okay. How many documents would you say you sign on an average week as far as executing affidavits and things of that nature?

A. It’s very tough to estimate that to be honest with you.

Q. In a given month, would that be easier to say

A. I would say —

Q. — one hundred, 500?

A. — in a month, my team brings to me approximately, I’d say a round number of 10,000. That’s  just an estimate, of course.

Q. Okay. And, again, you are not paid by MERS. Do you hold any other responsibilities with MERS that would be consistent with having the title of a vice president?

A. No.

Q. No. Okay. So you don’t attend any board meetings for MERS?

A. No.

Q. You don’t report to the secretary of MERS or any other people at MERS?

A. No.

Q. How did you become a MERS representative? Did you request to be a vice president of MERS?

A. I received the responsibility as being the team lead for document executing. It was assigned to me by our legal area.

Q. Okay. All right. So your responsibilities as a vice president of MERS to execute the assignments is really your job perspective, or an aspect of your job at GMAC Mortgage, LLC or GMAC, LLC?

A. That is correct.

Q. Okay. And you’ve never been to any MERS offices or their headquarters?

A. No.

Q. Are you aware of why you were given the title of vice president versus assistant secretary or…

A. No, I’m not aware of that.

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