Conspiracy theorists gather ’round for a tale beyond the imagination…

We will call him “Joe Homeowner” for privacy purposes. Joe Homeowner, you see was an everyday kind of guy. He had a family, wife, two kids, Sally and Bobby. Worked for the same company for many years with a very good salary and great benefits.

Five or six years ago, Joe Homeowner and his wife decided to start a family so they decided to move out of their apartment and buy a house. Things were good, the economy was great and the housing Market was solid.

So they went out and purchased their first house. It was just as they imagined. For a while everything was wonderful. Their first child, already two, was excited that she was about to have a baby brother.

That is when the doctors discovered that Joe Homeowner’s wife had cancer.

Luckily, the baby, which was “due any day now” allowed the doctors to induce labor and deliver a healthy baby boy, Bobby, 7 pounds 6 ounces.

So immediately after Joe Homeowner’s wife delivered her son into the world she went straight into treatment.

The oncologist, Doctor Shapiro, who was a very kind man, assured Joe Homeowner and his wife all would be fine. The cancer was in its very early stages, and with treatment, there was an 80% survival rate.

It was a miracle that Joe still had a job in this down economy, a job with great benefits to cover all the costs of the cancer treatment. His industry was hit particularly hard and there were a lot of layoffs but Joe Homeowner was able to hang on.

Joe Homeowner’s wife tolerated the treatment remarkably well. She exhibited none of the expected side effects, never a day of nausea and didn’t even lose her hair.

As time went on, Joe Homeowner’s wife didn’t seem to be responding to the treatment and her cancer progressed. The doctor explained that this was normal and to continue the treatments.

So week after week, Joe Homeowner and his wife, on Doctors Orders, continued the treatment.

After months and months of this routine, things seemed to get worse. Joe Homeowner and his wife couldn’t understand why the treatments were not working.

Again, they questioned the Doctor on their next visit and again the Doctor said this was normal and to continue with more treatments.

Joe Homeowner and his wife, taking the doctors word, agreed to continue with the treatments. Joe Homeowner, thankful that he had insurance to cover the costs.

Joe Homeowner could not understand why nothing was helping his wife. Why wasn’t she responding to any of the treatments? Why was her condition deteriorating so fast? Even in the 20% that do not survive, their life span is much longer with proper treatment.

Confused and despaired, Joe Homeowner and his wife sought out a second opinion and after running tests, it was determined that their was never any treatment done. None. Zero. Zip.

They immediately started her on the proper treatments.

Is it too late for Joe Homeowner’s wife? Will she survive? Only time will tell…

Investigations into this Doctor lead to a strange tale of greed and corruption.

You see, this doctor never “treated” the cancer. Instead of administering the “Drugs” to eliminate the cancer, “water” and “sugar” was used instead. In the mean time, the doctor, billed the insurance company for the “Drugs“, the “treatments” administered to Joe Homeowner’s wife collecting all the “profits“.

Now you must be thinking, how horrible, these people trusted this doctor, how could he?

Well, what happened above with the “treatments” was just a means to an end. “Gravy” if you may. The real “profits” were from the local morgue, which was owned by the doctors brother.

Selling “made to order” “Organs” on the black market is a VERY PROFITABLE business especially when you have an assisted endless supply coming in, that is, until you get caught.

Thankfully the above story is just a story.

Unfortunately the events below are not…

Defendants move to disqualify JOHN A. WATSON from continuing to appear in this case as their counsel and for the disgorgement of the $1,000 paid to WATSON in attorney’s fees on the following grounds…


JOHN WATSON Has A Conflict of Interest in that He—Through the Firm With Which He is Associated—Represents the Plaintiff, AURORA LOAN SERVICES LLC in Other Cases…

Really? But…

JOHN WATSON disclosed that he had a relative who represents banks in foreclosure actions

Oh, okay…

He did not disclose that: 1) he is associated with that firm; and 2) that, in other cases, he actually appears in court on behalf of the Plaintiffin this case, AURORA LOAN SERVICES LLC

Whoa, that’s not good…

The “relative” to whom JOHN WATSON referred is his brother, Marshall C. Watson, the principal of the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson, P.A. (the “MARSHALL WATSON FIRM”), a law firm “which strictly represents mortgage lenders and servicers throughout Florida”

You don’t mean THE Marshall Watson Firm, one of the largest foreclosure mills in Florida do you?

Uh oh… Is there more?


Is that it?

The address of JOHN WATSON’s firm is identical to that of the MARSHALL WATSON FIRM (both are: 1800 N.W. 49th St., Suite 120, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309).

You have got to be kidding me.

In fact, defendant delivered the check for JOHN WATSON’s services to the receptionist at the MARSHALL WATSON FIRM. The receptionist gave defendant a business card when he delivered the payment; the business card was that of the MARSHALL WATSON FIRM.

Now that is some balls…

Additionally, JOHN WATSON can be reached by dialing the main MARSHALL WATSON telephone number. The email JOHN WATSON has listed with the Florida Bar and on his own website is tied to the MARSHALL WATSON FIRM email server

I’m speechless…

When confronted with this conflict of interest, JOHN WATSON responded by pointing to his own letterhead as a demonstration that he has no financial relationship to the MARSHALL WATSON FIRM.

Oh good…

That letterhead, however, displays the address of the MARSHALL WATSON FIRM, and the email address


While insisting that he is simply “a solo practitioner,” he conceded that he maintains a “rent-free office at [his] brother’s office,”

Free Rent! Whoo hoo…

Despite these admissions, he categorically denied that there existed any conflict of interest and refused to refund the fee paid him by the Defendants

Ah of course…

Kind of reminds me of a cancer story I just read…

For Purposes of Conflicts Analysis, an “Of Counsel” Attorney Is Treated as a Member of the Firm.

According to an Ethics Update published in the Florida Bar News, December 1, 1997,13
Before forming an “Of Counsel” relationship, a firm should consider the fact that the “Of Counsel” lawyer is treated as a firm member for conflict of interest analysis. Pursuant to Rule 4-1.10(a) of the Rules of Professional Conduct, while lawyers are associated in a firm, none of them may knowingly represent a client when any one of them practicing alone would be prohibited from doing so by other conflict of interest rules, including Rules 4-1.7, 4-1.8 (c), and 4-1.9. Because an “Of Counsel” lawyer is treated as a member of the firm, conflicts will be imputed to and from a firm’s “Of Counsel” lawyer. Thus, the firm’s system for checking conflicts of interest must include a check against clients represented by the “Of Counsel” lawyer outside the firm if the “Of Counsel” lawyer engages in other practice.

Ethics violations?

You decide…

Stay tuned… This is going to get very interesting…


Scandalous Motion for Disqualification of John Watson