JOEL G. MABRY, et al,


THE COURT: Wells Fargo versus Joel Mabry and Rhonda Perryman-Mabry and others. There is an attorney present representing somebody, I guess, that’s not Wells Fargo, so if you’ll identify yourself, Mr. Osborne.

MR. Osborne: Yes, Your Honor. David Osborne for the Florida Default Law Group on behalf of the Wells Fargo Bank.

THE COURT: Okay. We’re here on your motion for summary judgment, Mr. Osborne. Did you receive a copy of the motion in opposition?

MR. Osborne: Yes, Your Honor. Essentially, it’s — I’m not going to challenge that — the case law. I assume counsel has correctly has presented these holdings and law as accurate. I was able to very, very briefly skim through, but only just now more closely read this. It appears that our affidavits will be — will need to be up dated, and so we will be rescheduling this hearing to conform with appellate case law in Florida.

THE COURT: Okay. I’m just making some notes here. So are you canceling the hearing at this time? What do you —

MR Osborne: Yes, Your Honor. It appears that there are — the plaintiff cannot — it appears — I’m sorry. Let me rephrase, Your Honor. Because we have not attached the business records to these affidavits of the amounts due and owing, I believe that defense has raised at least a reasonable argument as to why this should not go forward.

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