TALLAHASSEE – A groundswell has emerged in support of a group of consumer attorneys who are making their voices heard in Tallahassee on Wednesday on issues impacting homeowners across the state.  Literally hundreds of homeowners are expected to show legislators they reject any law that threatens to take away valuable consumer rights.

The attorneys, informally known as Lawyers  for Homeowner Rights (LHR) has sharpened their message into five main points that focus  the issues legislators and the judiciary must weigh in considering actions impacting homeowners facing foreclosure.  (see attached paper for these main points).

LHR urges that these issues have huge potential consequences for Floridians now and for years to come. The attorneys and other advocates will be meeting with a select number of lawmakers on Wednesday to voice the concerns.  Advocate groups independent of LHR have organized and are bringing their own message to Tallahassee in ways reminiscent of the civil rights freedom bus rides.  At least four busses and  dozens of cars are set to carry voters from different parts of the state for this event.   The rally is scheduled to begin at 9:00am in Tallahassee at the steps of the Capitol and is open to attendance by all.


Lawyers for Homeowner Rights
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