Yesterday’s Rally in Tally- the Rally in Support of Homeowner’s Rights was both a terrifying and inspiring event.  The inspiring part was that homeowners and attorneys from across the took time away from their lives to be part of this hastily-planned event.

The terrifying part is finding out just how ill-informed are legislators are and hearing directly from them just how hard the bankers are working to pass anti-consumer foreclosure legislation.  While we may have beaten back this bad, bad legislation that was about pass for now, the Bankers are Coming Back harder than ever and no-one but the bankers is going to like what comes from it.  I particularly urge you to watch the second video…at the end Bradenton Senator Michael Bennett vows that they are coming back with this bad legislation.

Our media coverage of this event was good and we did have success in spreading our message to legislators, but now the real work begins.  We have a very limited window of opportunity to work on creating solutions to the foreclosure problemIf YOU-YES YOU! And I mean every one of you reading this blog does not get involved in this fight, the Fat Cat Bankers are going to find a way to end foreclosure litigation…THEY ARE DETERMINED TO SLAM THE COURTHO– USE DOOR SHUT and they’re going to do it…IF YOU DON’T GET INVOLVED.  Every legislator we spoke with is unhappy with the current situation and many are


What can you do?  Very soon the lawyers reading this blog will be asked to contribute funds to this effort.  Putting this effort together took time, but importantly it cost money….lots of money.  I’m happy to say that the lawyers involved in spearheading this effort that supports EVERY LAWYER IN THIS STATE AND EVERY CONSUMER IN THIS STATE, immediately reached into their pockets and wrote checks to pay for buses, logistics and importantly to pay for a lobbing team that worked on our behalf.

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