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Selecting the Foreclosure Counsel or Trustee

  • Designated Counsel/Trustee
  • Non-designated Counsel/Trustee

Benefits of Using Designated Counsel

  • Loans in the Designated Counsel program receive foreclosure timeline benefits in the Servicer Performance Profile
  • Foreclosure and bankruptcy fees and costs are managed directly between Freddie Mac and Designated Counsel
  • Counsel will order the BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion), and prepare the bidding instructions for the foreclosure sale
  • Form 104DC (hard copy or online) is the only documentation required for reimbursement of foreclosure and bankruptcy costs

Documentation -Best Practices

  • When acquiring new servicing portfolios address missing mortgage assignment problems and other loan documentation deficiencies through due diligence reviews
  • Maintain a database of information. Include contact names and telephone numbers to help you locate representatives of prior Servicers who may need to sign missing assignments
  • Provide all reinstatement and payoff figures within 24 hours after you receive the request

Manage the Foreclosure, cont’d

  • Process the foreclosure in your institution’s name name, or MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System), if applicable
  • Refer to section 66.17 of the Guide

Conducting the Foreclosure Sale

Bidding Instructions for Conventional Mortgages

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Freddie Mac Foreclosure Fraud Timeline Management