Yesterday, May 18, 2010 Foreclosure Hamlet and 4closureFraud had a wonderful opportunity to have lunch with Palm Beach County Bar Association Professional Committee to discuss some of our concerns over what is happening in our courtrooms statewide.

How did we earn such an honor?

We simply asked…

I am pleased to announce that the members of the committee were very open minded and politely listened to all of our valid concerns. Not only did the listen, they engaged in open dialog and even offered suggestions.

For that reason, this is a public thank you to all the committee members in attendance.

Since we were on a limited time frame, we provided an outline packet for the committee members with links for further information on our topics of discussion.

The Co-Chairs, allowed us a full 10 minutes of their precious 60 minute meeting time. They tend to hold these meetings on their “lunch hour” since everyone’s schedule is so busy.

To our surprise, we were informed upon our arrival that Judge Meenu Sasser, Circuit 15’s Foreclosure Judge, also sat on the committee and that one of the Co-Chairs made an extra effort to email her that morning to inform her that today’s meeting was going to have a “Special Guest” speaker on the foreclosure crisis, as you can see from the Committees Agenda below, and encouraged her to attend. Understandably, Judge Sasser was unable to make it to the meeting due to her case load of over 50,000 Foreclosures. Her colleague, Judge Cox, was very interested in our presentation and graciously offered to personally hand deliver a hard copy of our outline (see below) to Judge Sasser.  Thank you Judge Cox!

So, we decided to focus on two issues, 1) Verification of Foreclosure Complaints per Amended Rule of Civil Procedure, and 2) Employees of Foreclosure Firms and or Servicers signing on Mortgage Assignments as Grantor when they clearly work for the Grantee.

The reason we wanted to bring up the first issue of the Verification of Foreclosure Complaint is because it is, for the most part, being ignored by the Foreclosure Mills. Now when I thought the Highest Court in our State issues an Order, that the lower courts and the attorneys would have to follow that order. Maybe in other law, but I guess not in “Foreclosure Law”. In the rare cases they are attaching a “Verification” they are deficient. Not only are they deficient, word on the street is the people that are signing them not only do not have any knowledge of what the verification states “under penalty of perjury”, the people that are signing them DO NOT EVEN READ THEM!

We also presented the revenue earning bonanza instituted by Florida’s 12th Circuit as they require a brand new refiling fee to open a new case because they are NOW DISMISSING FORECLOSURE COMPLAINTS SUE SPONTE THAT ARE NOT COMPLETELY VERIFIED!

Second, we covered the issues of employees of the plaintiff or the plaintiffs firm creating the documents they need in order to process the foreclosure. Feel free to search this blog site and others on these issues. A good place to start would be here – Foreclosure Fraud – Guide to Looking Up Public Records for Fraud.

Anyway, it all went well.

One of the most important things I took away from that meeting was one of the things that one of the committee members said, “it is all about awareness and then hopefully sanctions can and should be applied.”

Hopefully we brought just enough awareness to this committee meeting to make a difference.

If not, there is always another “committee”, another “event”, another “opportunity”.

We will not stop in our efforts of educating the People of this Nation until all of the fraud is exposed and the criminal parties are prosecuted.


Professional Committee Meeting Outline

Professional Committee Meeting Agenda