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Earlier this year (2008), FDLG was sanctioned with their client, “jointly and severally, to pay a monetary fine in the amount of $95,130.45”, to pay for Negligent Practice and False Representations for filing false affidavits, by Judge John K. Olson, Judge US Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Florida Ft Lauderdale Division, Case No. 08-14257-BKR-JKO Doc #58 (See Below). In that order, attorney for FDLG admitted to “less than 50” false stay relief affidavits were filed, and furthermore asserted that “at no point in State Court” would affidavits with egregious falsifications be filed because an “attorney would review the state of the case” prior to filing. Judge Olson’s opinion offers a scathing condemnation of FDLG practice of “filing any old pleading without undertaking any investigation into its accuracy.” Judge Olson continues, “FLDG parties have engage in the systemic process of churning out unrefined and unexamined form pleadings, instead of producing and filing carefully considered legal papers. This has resulted in an abuse of the system and sanctions to deter continued recklessness are warranted.” Revealed from even the briefest of investigations, FDLG continues this practice unchecked, and despite their protestations otherwise, State Court is ground zero for the filing of these false documents.


FDLG Judge Olson Order of Sanctions of $95,130.45 CA 08-14257-BKR-JKO