From the Hamlet

Again, let’s revisit that “deadbeat borrower” stigma again. The pervasive yet hollow-toned propaganda aimed at diverting attention from the real perpetrators of the biggest scam in the history of the world by blaming the family whose scheming ways had them planning and executing the downfall of the global economy (and even worse, the downfall of Wall Street). These families plotted themselves right out of their homes, out on the street after hitting the jackpot grand finale of their scheme, livin’ large in foreclosure.

Now Now Lehman. Naughty, naughty.

Attn: U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee! Possible discovery of hundreds of millions in hidden Lehman Assets!

See first you package manure in a “mortgage backed security” and sell it as
a safe investment with good regular returns, sure that the gift wrap and ribbons would somehow hide the stench.

Then you scam a lot of us out of an estimated collective billions as you hold your orgies of buying and selling mortgage backed securities. Ah, it’s a profit taking bacchanilia!

Then, you finagle your books to prop up a financial fairy tale born from your wild imagination.

Then you end up penniless, bankrupt, ruined when the truth comes out.

Then you sue a big national bank because they purposefully put you into default. You actually are proving our point, that we too were forced into a manufactured default and then wiped out by a bank. Kicked when we were down, one might say.

And, now, American Hero Fraud Investigator Extraordinaire Lynn Szymoniak, Esq shines her intense light of truth upon your present activities.

Lehman! Naughty, naughty!

And, here’s another assignment of a Lehman Trust: Cottrell US Bank NA atF Lehman 7-1-09.pdf

(Signed by one of our favorite robo-signors Beth Cottrell)


Re: Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.
Bankruptcy Petition #:08-13555-jmp, filed September 15, 2008