The Palm Beach Post
by Kim Miller

It’s a true sign of the times that one lucky winner in a newly announced contest will win free legal counsel to fight their foreclosure.


That’s right, no cash prize, no European vacation, no lifetime supply of Twinkies. Nope, foreclosure defense.

The consumer Web site Avvo is sponsoring the contest, which begins today.

Florida homeowners are being asked to submit their story of woe and how they are in need of legal help to the Save My House contest at

The story can be submitted via e-mail, snail mail or even video. The deadline for submissions is June 29, 2010.

“We see the pain people are going through every day, whether they’ve lost their job, fell behind in monthly payments, or have been victim of a mortgage scam,” said Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo. “The goal of the Save My House contest is to not only save someone’s house, but also raise awareness of the options people have by understanding their legal right as a homeowner and how to find a good lawyer to fight for their case.”

Avvo will review the submissions, choosing the top five semifinalists. Those will be featured on line where the public will be invited to vote for who they believe to be the most deserving of free foreclosure legal services.


Not quite sure it should be for the Saddest Story.

How about a contest for the most Fraudulent Foreclosure Action filed by any one of the Foreclosure Mills here in Florida?

Would you be interested to participate in a contest to expose the most Fraudulent Foreclosure Action filed by the mills?

If there is enough interest, I will see what can be done to make it happen.