This one comes from J in CO over at The NATIONAL WAMU HOMEOWNERS SUPPORT GROUP


This is my attempt to ask the Chair of the FDIC why they tout to be attentive to consumer protection and integrity and yet fund a bank to take homes in an unconstitutional manner.

They know the truth. My question is why is she more important than me, a consumer. It is a call to action to see the true allegiance she has and whether she can uphold the mission statement for the agency she is in control of.

If she gets her actions vindicated why do I have to lose unfairly to a bank that paid nothing for the loan and is clearly in violation of the law and regulations they are in charge of enforcing?

I plan on this becoming a media circus if she takes no action. I suggest you all do something similar. We know the truth and we can make a stand on this issue without the corrupt courts.


An Open Letter to Sheila Bair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC