This is a HUGE update to the MERS® Servicer Identification System. It now identifies the INVESTOR on your loan.

How much do you want to bet that in almost all foreclosure cases the Plaintiff is not the Investor…

Just a random sampling of cases will reveal that the Plaintiff is not the Investor.

We are going to use it in a case this afternoon where the Plaintiff says it is the owner and holder of the note but the investor on the MERS InvestorID system says otherwise.

How to look up your loan

1. First check your mortgage documents online in the public records or from your court file.

2. Locate the MIN number in the top right hand corner of the document.

3. Go to

4. Search by MIN, or if you do not have your MIN number, Search by Property Address/Borrower Details (not as accurate)

5. And there you have it. It should list your servicer and your investor.