Looks like investors are coming out of the woodwork lately…

Again, how could of all these investors been defrauded by Wall Street, SHOULDN’T THEY OF KNOWN BETTER?

How could of all these investors been defrauded by Wall Street without the homeowners being defrauded as well?

Everything that was misrepresented to the investor was also misrepresented to the borrower. It was all a lie. It couldn’t of worked any other way!

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The International Bank Activities Reform Commission is charging Wells Fargo, partly owned by Warren Buffet and the Gates Foundation with fraud in their global involvement with the mortgage morass which continues impacting the global economy.

In a complaint filed with the European Monetary Commission and the World Court in the Hague, Gabor S.Acs. one of the founders of IBARC stated, “Wells should get a Wells Notice from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission soon if they are on top of this investigation at the Justice Department.”

The complaint alleges that Wells Fargo, their Directors, Officers and Major Institutional Stockholders including Goldman Sachs knew or should have known that billions of dollars in first and second mortgages originated, packaged and sold as securities by Wells contained false financial information provided by real estate brokers. mortgage brokers and borrowers, making it impossible for the borrowers to pay back the loans or to be qualified to even make the monthly payments without refinancing over and over during a 30 year period that falsely inflated the cost of housing in the United States and the world over as a result, causing serious economic damage to hundreds of millions of humans around the world.

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