Well if you were following this case and tried to view it this morning you would of missed it. The site got hammered and they couldn’t get the stream up and were flooded with calls. Amazing how this internet thing works about getting the word out.

They had no idea that this was a “High Profile Case”.

Anyway, according to the 5th DCA, they will have the 35 min video up around 3pm today July,15th 2010. It can be viewed here once it is up…

Archived Video Oral Arguments

Some background info on the case from Weidner’s Blog…

Too many practitioners lose site of the fact that a foreclosure case is based on two separate and distinct documents, the Promissory Note or the agreement to repay an amount borrowed and the Mortgage which secures that promise against the piece of property.  Both documents are separate and each has its own distinct set of rules that govern how they are exchanged between parties from closing of the  loan transaction until a foreclosure is filed.  These same distinct set of rules govern how the documents are presented and entered into evidence in the actual foreclosure case.

Quite simply, one set of rules applies to the Note part of the foreclosure equation and an entirely different set applies to the mortgage component.  Understanding these rules is a key component in drafting Motions to Dismiss and fighting Summary Judgment.  Thanks to Foreclosure Fraud Fighter George Gingo for “sharing with the class”.  For an excellent foreclosure defense attorney in the Brevard/321 area, contact George directly at ggingo@yahoo.com.

You can also read the Appellate Brief below…




Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust